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  1. Exit Stage Right.. Get outta here!! Adios birth mark! Saints suck! Hope the NFL retires the swamp rat team all together! 🙂
  2. Could not agree with you more.. All we ever hear most NFL franchises these days say is "it's a business" well that stuff in an open forum simply is not good business practice. Better ways to go about it.. We all obviously know this approach is not working around falcon land! That speaks for itself..
  3. Nope. I would have said absolutely nothing.. I always let my football do the talking. I played in an era where this was common place so I get it. I had plenty of foul mouth coaches and not a single one of them was worth the crap they spewed. I never respected a loud mouth player or coach.. Pretty simple. Sets a bad example. It has never been about the roosters feathers and squawking. It's about results. Shut up and put up.. Least that was the world i played ball in. Last thing I am is "New World" I am old school. through and through.. GO FALCONS!
  4. Maybe Brown was onto something.. hmmm.. LOL Maybe he is the greatest receiver ever?
  5. So now BUTT is now a measured Intangible? haha well. This settles it! just find the biggest butt Player we can and the Lombardi is ours!
  6. Anyone who sits in a room with grown men and talks to them that way needs an *** kicking. It shows a total lack of character and intelligence.. I was not attempting to make a point about anything actually. just stating the obvious. And yeah. In my day you shut your **** mouth and through the Physical abuse that is "The Game Of Football", you made your point. Anyone who screamed abusive language like an idiot was never really heard any way. Say what ya will it was not a personal attack on the OP just an observation. I loved smacking the talkers in the mouth every play and went ou
  7. I have always thought of this example as one of the dumbest ways to try and motivate for success.. I mean WTH is he doing? Just arrogant stupid YADA YADA.. Lead by example you tool! Just pointless blather.. I know my opinion won't be a favorite here but this teaching method should have died in the 80's. I saw my fair share of coaches like this and it never drove me or any other player to success.. Pretty much had the opposite effect.. He is playing it up for the camera. someone should have knocked him over the head with that same camera.. Now that's a "HARD KNOCKS" episode I'd watch.
  8. Feels so helpless not knowing where a loved one is much less their well being.. I have been there myself. But that is for another story-thread.. Was so relived to hear he was found and okay. How or why he ended up in Alabama is really secondary. Most important thing is he is HOME! And yeah it is nice as always to see everyone come together.. we all spend so much time arguing "At times", I often forget we are all family. GO FALCONS!
  9. I am out in booneville sticks now about 70 miles from That Area but would help In any search if needed. I was waiting to post here since most times missing persons turn up within the first 24 hours I thought he would as well. .. Just know we are thinking of him out here and hoping for the best case scenario! Keep us all posted and think positive! Like BORAT "FINGERS CROSSED"
  10. PARTY TIME! The end Of BLAND scripted predictability!! GOOD TIMES! Bye Bye..
  11. And for the bloody record New Orleans! This is how you right a wrong on the fly!
  12. Hey maybe now that I am retiring I can appear on dancing with the stars and showcase my one and only dance move?
  13. What just happened? Drew Just retired our entire team! Meanwhile.. This lucky gentleman is grateful his new room mate will soon be joining him at the nursing home!
  14. Now we know why they named him breeze! I mean COME ON MAN!! USE the porta potty!
  15. Just gotta see the bucs get beat by GB then we are right as rain. Been fun laughing at the taints misfortune.. Always a joy!
  16. Drew, After your terrible game tonight do you think maybe you should retire??
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