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  1. I agree completely. Beasley sucks. always has! I never understood any of the hype myself.. I liked to think as most did that he would pan out but sadly between the coaches inability too fill holes on D and his own inability to grow he is a wash.. The only reason he still draws a pay check IMO is his speed.. Sure do miss Abraham in his prime
  2. I kept screaming when Coleman would not make the edge and just run out of bounds.. it was painful to watch over and over again. ugh
  3. yes they do. i agree completely
  4. i think freeman is suffering from "little big man syndrome" he does what he can but he does not have the size or power he needs and he dang sure does not have any top end speed.. I personally think he should be let go after the season. Should have happened already.. We need a big back like The Burner to play along side Coleman's speed. would be nice.. both our undersized backs get thrown around like rag dolls
  5. i watched it fifteen times. he has to make the jump to get over the defender.. he caught it.. gave up himself to a hard *** hit when he landed and made the catch.. just not the best placement.. it is what it is.
  6. yes. I agree with this. I normally don't rant negatives but YES i am sick of it.. it gets old. Watching the same ole same ole.. being a fan sucks most of the time if your from the atl area.. it simply does.. but hey at least we have football to watch!
  7. Gotta disagree completely on this. He did what he could with a pass out of bounds. no freaking way anyone could have brought that in bounds.. just could not happen due to ball placement.. Julio is not rubber man! I am sure we saw the same play did we not? Not even a chance.
  8. all of it? come on now. let's don't murder each other after a loss.. wait.. we normally do so have at it:-)
  9. I agree completely with him. I have no idea what he is saying either. Just saying... English is helpful. :-)
  10. oh yeah. that last pass was never going to be a td no matter who was receiving it. Ryan put it out of bounds period.. Floated it ....ugh
  11. I can agree that it freaking sucks watching that piss poor eagles offense get a win! I agree as well that something has to give.. it was a sad display tonight.. but then again we are getting pretty accustomed to it around here i suppose.. The one common variable I see is another ******* loss.. same ole Falcons.. I love them but it sucks.. I will keep the faith that it all can get ironed out though... what choice do we have?
  12. The most productive player on the field tonight is to blame for the loss.. Yeah that sounds about right... UGH. Ridiculous Freeman can't block to save his *** and he reminds me a lot of some back we used to have not too long ago.. Watching The Eagles stupid RPO tonight was mind numbing. Crappiest offense I've seen in a long while.. The D will hold that unit up as it did last year.. It is painful to watch our Falcons lose to that caliber of offense. Speaks volumes to the inability of our own.. Just sad really.. but it can't be blamed on one player.. that's just dumb
  13. you started by pointing fingers at Julio and Ryan now on to the OC. keep going!! before you know it you will cover the entire team!! :-) **** happens! The Falcons lost. it sucks but it is what it is!
  14. WTF? Julio balled out as usual.. He is the best WR in the game..
  15. Philly is fresh out of good luck.. RPO can suck it! GO FALCONS!!