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  1. Nothing! Our Falcons Win big! Can't start talking about what caused Our team to lose until they do and I Always predict a win! so.. Falcons Win 24-13 GO FALCONS!
  2. The new App works great! Try it! https://www.atlantafalcons.com/mobile-apps/
  3. The new app is great! thanks for the heads up on the update! Commercials don't bother me at all! GO FALCONS!
  4. At this point the "rest" of the team does not need an evaluation. They need to make it to the regular season without being gimped! I could care less for pre season once the rooks are evaluated. we know what we got at this point and those needing reps are doing it for another team at this point. LOL. Falcons gonna roll this year!!
  5. It is a Common thing to share ourselves with others each and every day. This we take for granite as our right as human beings even though it is not a right anyone of us holds. It is given, to a degree on trust and the hopes that it will not be abused or misunderstood. What is uncommon is what Tandy and her husband Continually chose to do in their happiest and toughest of moments.. Share with us here.. I will forever be gracefully appreciative and understanding of those naked truths and most importantly I will not forget when Tandy first arrived on this boards.. Many years have passed, just as in her marriage with Nito, yet here we all are.. All the wiser. I guess what I am trying to say is this. You have, from day one, shared.. yourself and your family with us all. Your thoughts. Your fears. Your frustrations and excitements. I just wanted to take a moment to say "thank you" It was all worth it no matter where we all end up.. maybe, just maybe by having shared these moments with us all you have left upon us an unyielding reminder of your husband and you. That in and of itself can never die. To many have been touched for it to vanish and that is all that matters.. Thank you again. rest. reflect and collect your thoughts.. Hold on and know because you made those choices you are not alone.
  6. I have never met Tandy or her husband but I have been following her and his fight.. I am sad to see him pass but I know that with Tandy's passion for life and love she will get through. I can only empathize at the moment since me and my spouse are still hanging in there after 33 years. but Once a good character always a good character and Tandy you are that for sure.. Time will weaken the pain ya just gotta make it through.. Some how.. I wish you the best sweetheart. you deserve it!! Just Know that by sharing you and your husbands Journey with a bunch of strangers that you let us all look in upon our own lives more deeply and we understand through your life's struggles more greatly of our own.. I know perspective is in the eye of the beholder and perception is king but I for one appreciate you sharing the greater part of you with us all!! thank you so very very much Tandy,. You did not have to.. but you did..
  7. Adios Falcon Brother. We will miss your strength and dedication. You gave it your all... Take a breather man..Be proud and smile knowing your in overtime now and in this period you can play by your own rules! Passing on is like Getting to Overtime. We get to sit and reflect on our life once and for all. Subjectively. Collect our thoughts and re-lace our Cleats! What we've Learned about ourselves and others is that ultimately we all are the same. Although we all are different we share the same dreams, hopes and cares. We form friendships, enemies and re-imagine ourselves almost daily. One thing through it all remains true.. WE LOVE FOOTBALL and our FALCONS! Enjoy talking with Bum Phillips, Bill Walsh. ****, toss a ball with Sammy Baugh and chill. The aroma of freshly cut grass in the air. Cool beer in hand. The game you are probably watching Includes Keion, Carpenter snagging an interception while laughing at Todd Christension. Al Davis staring down at that moment shaking his head as he always seemed to do. Ask Dwight Clark if he was at all nervous on his famous fingertip grab and game winning touchdown that help build a 49er dynasty! Frank Gifford is calling the game! Dennis Green stomping around with that mean look on his face but a smile boiling underneath...Watching "the Worlds Fastest Human" Bob Hayes eat up the yards while Craig"IronHead" Heyward Smashes into the end zone.. Speechless... ENJOY THE EPIC GAME man.. You have earned it.. Farewell.....
  8. i Don;t get around these parts as much now that I am out in the sticks!! Keep on fighting man! That is the Falcon way!! Go Falcons!! THIS IS THE YEAR~~~ HANG IN THERE!!!!!! I've been around these boards since 2007.. Seen a lot come and go.. HATE LOSING the good ones so You are not allowed to go!! It's not in your cards..
  9. Well this was the first real disappointment of FA for me :-) And yeah those red contacts are stupid as crap. I guess he feels like if he can't get to the QB he might scare him to fall down... Maybe his wife can act as if he was hired by Miami and go hang out with Grimes wife! Those two would make a great pair!! argh..
  10. Agree +1000000!! Lofton never balled out with the Saints. Lofton was always over rated.
  11. I am sure that Quinn and staff have a plan. At this point It is still early in the game. So far I believe that all those who were let go needed to be and when you look at it closely it does not leave any holes that can not be filled rather easily. Time will tell though.
  12. Nothing quite like a nice RESET! I am feeling all warm and fuzzy now for sure.. Man this year is gonna be exciting!! Love the house cleaning!! It's Just like when our Mods took out the trash a few months back!! I am getting all teary eyed now..