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  1. Right where he has been since he came into the League.. With the best ******* team in the NFL! GO FALCONS!
  2. Karl Mecklenberg "Defensively," Mecklenburg said, "I think it is important to tackle." GO FALCONS!
  3. "We Did not lose the game we just ran out of time." Vince Lombardi GO FALCONS!
  4. Houston Oilers Head Coach Bill Peterson "You guys line up alphabetically by height." Bill also gets extra credit for these inspirational words: "Men, I want you just thinking of one word all season. One word and one word only: Super Bowl." ROLLED! GO FALCONS!
  5. I think I would celebrate a Falcons Super Bowl win FOR LIFE! Been A fan since around 1982! Yeah It feels like a life time now so yeah. for life.. :-) GO FALCONS!
  6. I Think the Stadium is Awesome but for what ever reason I can not get used to that name!! It's just not right! Does not fit the style of the dome at all but i know .. Money talks.. "Whats in a Name?" Everything. :-) Should replace that terrible name with "The Nest" and be done with it! GO FALCONS!
  7. He is where he should be.. Gone! Lets hope the new guy is better! LOL GO FALCONS!
  8. No thanks. gotta keep it real without handicap.. :-) I am good. Lots of extra time on my hands.. Work shut down.. aint sniffed a paycheck in weeks and wife is about to lose her job as well. gonna be tough road ahead.. Just the way it is.. Much easier to put things into perspective when ya got nothing but time and pocket lint. thankfully we put back a bunch over the years so we just might make it.. GO FALCONS!
  9. lol just calling it as I see it as always! No worries. carry on man.. We hopefully all want the same thing.. A LOMBARDI! Off season is always tough!! This year worst than most obviously.. Hopefully we all live to see a trophy.. I know ultimately that's all anyone wants.. anything to bring this full circle FINALLY! I am getting long in the tooth as a lot are around here so it is easy to get a bit frustrated. GO FALCONS!
  10. And I Never remotely said we could not win a super bowl because of Julio or draft picks.. that was some one else all together :-)
  11. yeah I despise how it is always brought up that he does not get many TD's. I never see that as meaning that much. Obviously it is important but Julio's overall stats and game play has very much been at the top of the heap every year he has played besides the year he missed all those games from injury.. GO FALCONS!
  12. your right about that! We have not won one yet so whats the point? Just keep on trying GO FALCONS!
  13. and for the **** record. I do not enjoy the fact that Julio very well may have his best years behind him and there is no telling if he or any of us will get to see the Falcons in another Super bowl in the near future if at all. So many windows have shut on this team over the last 15 years or so it is amazing we still even have a ******* franchise in this city.. I love the Falcons and Always hope for the best for the TEAM. The **** with individuals! Deion's super bowl wins did nothing for us here just like Brett Favre and his success..Means Squat.. Just made our plight harder to swallow.. Every time I see a great player we have leave here and be successful elsewhere I am reminded how that has just become the norm for our franchise.Us fans can squabble with each other till we puke every year. it changes nothing. History will continue to repeat itself until **** is fixed. This thread is just bait to stir **** up and watch the hornets buzz.. so bzzzzzzzzz!!! :-) GO FALCONS!
  14. i am not in any "boat" with anyone. I speak my own opinion at all times.. I was talking about getting to the super bowl and not how Julio played in general getting there or in it. He played great all year as usual.. I was just stating that IMO even without him that year we would probably have still "Sniffed" the super bowl. That offense was coached up hard that year. As you stated "TEAM" sport. not one man show. That is what i was eluding to. Kinda silly Pointing out that there is no "I" in team then turning around and saying the "I" would have gotten a ring by now if it were not for the "Team" It's just silly. GO FALCONS!
  15. Julio Is awesome but that year the offense was just clicking.. I truly believe even without Julio we would have made the SB that year.. Julio had 6 td's and roughly1,400 yards that year on a team that saw 13 different players score a passing TD! Yeah I am quite confident we could have called Roddy white back and he would have put up a thousand yards and 6 touchdowns with the way shanny was running the offense that year.. just so diverse Not saying **** can Julio! no way.. Just can't say without him we did not make the SB.. GO FALCONS!
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