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  1. Was speaking about the 2016 season of course and the Super bowl for that season. the 2017 season Our Falcons were beat by the eagles in the divisional round yes.
  2. for what it is worth. I do not care what you think..
  3. regardless.. you get the point..if you do not then stay outta the thread..
  4. Flashback- 1998 In Our 33rd season in the National Football League Our Atlanta Falcons Under the coaching of our Second year coach Dan Reeves won the last 9 games of the regular season In route to the #2 seed in the NFC, After a first week bye The Falcons went on to beat the San Fransisco 49'ers during their 49th Season in the league" In the divisional round and then upset the heavily favored Minnesota Viking's during their 38th season campaign in the NFC championship game. The 1998 NFC Championship Game has been viewed by the Viking Team and it's fan base as one of the most devastating losses in NFL history Our falcons Arrived at the Super Bowl on the wings of the dirty bird to battle the aging and future Hall of Fame QB -John Elway and the Denver Broncos who were in their 39th season. The Falcons fell to the Broncos 34 to19 and At 38 years old, Elway became the oldest player, at the time, to be named Super Bowl MVP a record that stood until Tom Brady surpassed it in 2017 at the age of 39, strangely enough, also against Atlanta. The reason the 1998 Season is Highlighted is because it marked the first time the Atlanta Falcons had ever made it to the Super Bowl and that came "roughly" 33 years after they were introduced into the league 4 years ahead of the official AFL NFL merger in 1970 18 years later.... Flash forward "or back" to the Super bowl The Atlanta Falcons Soared into the SB on the Arm of League MVP Matt Ryan and company. After beating the Seattle Sea Hawks and then The Green bay Packers in the NFC championship game our team Seemed destined to be crowned SB champions! us Homers thought so any way. Finally! After three quarters of kicking Patriot tail it seemed possible, well the rest is history and painful to recall. All I need to say is 34-28 " 31 unanswered points and the ******* Patriots winning another Super Bowl " It was New England's ninth Super Bowl appearance in team history, and the seventh in the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era. Two times this team has made it to the big game since we stumbled into the league in 1966. There are 32 teams in the NFL today and two conferences with 16 teams in each set up over 4 divisions with 4 teams per division. Yeah we all know this.. But..... Did we all know that LUCK is obviously whats controlling our Falcons and Pushing them to constantly break our hearts? Take a look at this..https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/ranking/luck-by-other I do not believe in LUCK but at this point who gives a ****. Here is our ALL TIME Info for reference. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/atl/index.htm All time win loss records https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_all-time_NFL_win–loss_records The above list highlights how dreadful this team has truly been over all since it came into the league. Just no denying how bad it has been. Ranked at or near the bottom in ever category pretty much. Just sad. I am the first one to say GO FALCONS! but how the **** can a franchise expect to keep a fan base with this ****? I have been following this team since 1982 when I began playing football. Loved this ******* team with all of my heart and soul but it is obvious that for the most part our fan base is local.and suffering and will continue to suffer.. A team is not built on "One year contracts" and brotherhood. or RISE UP or what ever stupid media or PR cool aid that is forced down our throats. You want real results? I say give us all a real stake in this team.. A voice for our all mighty Dollar! Invest in us because we **** sure have invested in you! I can not say what that will take.. Only that it will take something radical.. Watching Ryan waste away along side Julio Jones and the rest here just like the generations that came before just sickens me. It is obvious to me more now than ever that US fans are more like a "MEMBER" of the Power Company we pay our utilities bill to each month.. Always cracks me up when they send me a "MEMBERSHIP" letter and a 12 dollar check for being a valuable member for the year.. Like I had a **** choice when I bought my property as to who serviced my electrical needs!! Comical.. it is the same thing with our team and the way we are treated.. I read the same ole thing year after year and get the same old tired product.. since my interest in the Falcons since 1982 I have seen 5 generations of athletes come and go here.. Watched countless dismal seasons go by with nothing more than promises! The sum of unequal parts that we have here is telling.. Like History it just repeats itself every year with no end in sight.. Just on this MB we have seen folks come and go. Live and die.. We plot on believing in ghosts.. This team. this franchise breaks our collective hearts as we fight amongst ourselves every ******** year. I Am not jumping ship. I will be here even if my thoughts are not shared by the masses. I love football. I love our Home team.. it is my home.. my passion but this trend needs to end.. Sooner rather than later.. The bottom feeding **** has to stop!! every year same ole thing.. you know it. I know it.. it is about time this franchise knew it.. GO FALCONS!
  5. That should be "par for the course" not "PART" and calling someone a hypocrite based on loose interpretation of opinions is pointless. but have at it
  6. Burrow? who the heck is Burrow? All his NFL stats are a big fat "0" This is is like comparing a concrete structure to a Blueprint of a prototype that is not in production.. Not a comparison that could logically be made. GO FALCONS!
  7. We can only hope! GO FALCONS!
  8. Signed Sealed Delivered.. Nothing else needs to be said! Breaking football hearts since June 30th1965! I joined the Parade in 1982.. Some where or another I got stuck on the "THIS YEAR IS THE YEAR!" Float and never got off.. It's like a fungus you cant get rid of yet everyone knows it's there.. Well as always, "Maybe this year will be different?" GO FALCONS!
  9. The **** with Tampon Bay! GO FALCONS!
  10. Also, why are my posts being deleted? WOW.. GO FALCONS!
  11. Yeah Ryan's better at this point. Yep. Can't argue that. I think Brady has this year to enjoy and prosper. much after that is probably not gonna happen. But then again he has been proving people wrong for a long time.. we will see.. Calling Brady Garbage even at this point in his career is silly. GO FALCONS!
  12. he is not done yet. Maybe another year or two. but not yet..
  13. well, least the age ole discussion about "IS it Brady or Belichick ?" will be put to rest.. We should very well give a ****! This Division is what matters first and foremost to this team.. Gotta get thru it to get to the Glory! GO FALCONS!
  14. Or two!! Oddly enough finding a good edge rusher has been a huge issue for years. Brady with time to throw.. oh yeah. at 60 he'd tear us apart currently. GO FALCONS!