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  1. well the punter got planted on his ***. great the good ole off setting penalties.
  2. wow. not a single yard!! Come on Bears! Dayum.. No offensive push at all
  3. LOl announcer said "great job for the saints" then penalty was on Taints! Love it!
  4. The swamp rats must lose!!! Anyone but those taints! GO FALCONS!
  5. Wilson says the problem is not due to anything in Bieniemy’s past or something unknown to fans; it’s just been a matter of teams not being interested. “He’s a good family man; he’s a good guy,” Wilson said. “He’s a good coach, but the teams have a right to hire whoever they want.” Wilson followed by saying he has heard a lot about Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith in connection to the Falcons. Wilson said San Francisco 49ersdefensive coordinator Robert Saleh, a candidate for the Falcons, did not interview well with the Detroit Lions. While Wilson is
  6. I completely agree with your belief that a good coach trumps all other concerns but why not have both? We got a good pick and one thing the Falcons FO has taught us all over the years is planning for the future seems to elude them year after year. Get a good QB prospect. groom him under Matt Ryan for the next two to three years. Truth is this Team is pretty much in rebuild mode. Lets for once do it right! GO FALCONS!
  7. Way to survive one of the worst years Eva!!! GO FALCONS!
  8. Here is my vote for Song that best describes the plight of long time Falcons Fans! When I became a fan i was so young and wide eyed!! 12 years old. GO FALCONS!! now I am turning 52 in two weeks and I am too old to die young but every freaking year I feel a little more closer to death.. WIN THE **** LOMBARDI ALREADY DAMMIT! JUST ONCE BEFORE US OLD FANS CROAK! LMFAO
  9. Yeah! Perfect fit for sure! Always up beat enough to hold on to a little hope yet tossed into the dark abyss year after year! As we once heard our Coach exclaim "EMBRACE THE SUCK!" Yeah we all are. year after stinking year!! WAY DOWN WE GO! Gotta laugh with the ulcer!! GO FALCONS!
  10. Just noticed this and thought it was cool. Sorry if it has been posted already.. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30588259/how-younghoe-koo-career-went-nfl-nightmare-pro-bowl IN SEPTEMBER 2017, 23-year-old Younghoe Koo was living the life he dreamed up for himself way back in middle school. A few months after graduating from Georgia Southern as a first-team all-conference kicker, Koo signed with the Los Angeles Chargers as an undrafted free agent. He beat out the incumbent, Josh Lambo, in training camp and was about to become the fourth player born in South K
  11. What sucks bad is there is currently nothing of any real value to talk about in terms of this season.. Same ole Falcons.. Maybe next year? GO FALCONS!
  12. Dan Marino: Retired as the NFL’s All-Time Leading Passer. MVP & AFC Champion in 1984 If Dan made it in Ryan will. Your cutting Ryan's career short and acting as if your crystal ball is accurate.. At this point If we predict Ryan to continue on at his current clip of yardage alone he has Dan Marino's simplified line.. "Assuming" he can play another 5 or so years.. His NFL accomplishments will exceed Dan Marino in roughly 2 years as long as he stays healthy.
  13. I am enjoying it as well! Would have been sweeter if Brady was still there....Scam Blowington is stinking it up and I am loving both that and the fact that the patriots are hot garbage this year.. It has been a joy watching them fall on their face.. Yup very fun to watch. Nothing lasts forever as the Pat's are finally proving.. I also love the fact that Brady left and now their big bad GOAT coach is suffering.. Football is about the players talent more than the coaching and always has been.. about time we all get reminded of that.. GO FALCONS!
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