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  1. watching all the bandwagoner's jumpin off is making me laugh. Good riddance.
  2. Being a Nebraska fan i'd love to have Crick. But. He's been projected as a late first/high second everywhere I've seen. ALso he's returning to Nebraska for another year. Also no way we sign Edwards. He doesn't pass the filter.
  3. In Korea so couldn't make it. I'll be sitting in the middle of a bunch of cheeseheads hopefully talkin alot of crap to them.
  4. I'll be yelling and screaming over here in Korea. Hopefully it will help
  5. hates it in Korea.

  6. Balad. I was just there. Jan-Jun '10. Went home and 2 weeks later had orders to come to Korea for year. Doing my time, can't wait to get home and be with the family for a while. Thanks to the OP. Be safe in Balad, Hart.
  7. Grimes didnt just mis-time his jump. He guessed and had no idea where the ball was. Angry
  8. I ******* love Brent Grimes. Serious Man Crush going on over here.
  9. meant the announcers, i got the refs that was fine. These announcers are ****
  10. Crap that **** pissed me off Everyone knew what happened and the announcers had no idea
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