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  2. Over the summer, I tried to tell y'all to pump the breaks on anointing AS as a super coach because we haven't seen anything of him as a HC. So far, he's looking to be pathetic.
  3. Good thing his day job is an NFL quarterback, because he can't act for isht.
  4. On his highlights it says "Projected 1st - 2nd rd". WHO the F made that projection?
  5. It has always been my idea that the players picked in the first three rounds should be able to start without looking like a liability and you take projects rounds 4-7.
  6. https://dailysnark.com/2021/09/13/falcons-fan-was-so-stressed-watching-her-team-she-lit-up-a-blunt-in-the-stadium/
  7. Not once in the last two years did Koetter score 6 or fewer points.
  8. Arthur Smith hasn't called as good of a game as Koetter's worst game over the last 2 seasons. Six points? GTFOH
  9. Awesome after week 1 we're going to be 32nd in points scored. Gotta love that offensive genius in Smith.
  10. I'm confused, I heard all summer long that because Smith wasn't playing rap music at practice and he was all super tough and made players run laps we were going to be a great team. I don't think I've ever seen as many penalties called on the Falcons ever.
  11. He's done it enough times he probably has the process down to a science by now
  12. I expect them to not look like they're ready and have a ton of miscues.
  13. Ridley's route on the 2nd vid at 1:05 is sick.
  14. Roddy White was great but Roddy White will never ever come up in a greatest receiver of all time conversation like Julio will. People are down on Julio's TD? White played 35 more games as a Falcon and only has 3 more TD's than Jones 63/60 while having almost 2000 less receiving yards. Roddy never averaged over 90 yards a game per season and Jones has five years over 100 with two over 116. Roddy is great, Jones is generational.
  15. If the Falcons retired numbers, 11 FO SHO should be retired.
  16. Ryan's ability to throw the ball "deep" is fine as long as the receiver isn't Julio Jones. For whatever oddity, he hits most of the other receivers in stride on their routes.
  17. I'm going to chalk this up to optimism in a new regime because this board was saying that Mike Smith was too hard on his players and that they were scared to make a mistake and were praising Quinn for having a more loose coaching style. Now, the board is saying the team needs more discipline.
  18. Yes Magic. He called the defense at the end of the 2016 season that was a beast that lead us to a Superbowl and should be win with a 3-2 playoff record. The comments on this thread made it seem like he couldn't get players to even line up correctly and even though I seriously thought he should be fired when he was, he doesn't deserve the disrespect especially with folks automatically thinking Smith is going to be the savior of our team without having ever notched a single head coaching game under his belt.
  19. Quinn deserved to be fired but not these ridiculous statements. Arthur Smith hasn't coached a single down as an NFL head coach but TAFT is blowing smoke up his *** like his methods are taking us to the promised lands. I've been a Falcon's fan way to long to not temper my expectations of new hires.
  20. I don't know why everyone here is ****ting on Quinn. He took us to a Superbowl and the very next year was the only team from the NFC to be in the playoffs and was one Julio (ball went through his hands) catch from being in the NFC Championship game. I think he tried to do to much to find that magic he had but lets not act like we didn't have any good teams/years under Quinn. AS hasn't done a single thing yet with the Falcons to make me think he's the right man for the job of head coach.
  21. I don't really pay a lot of attention to college football and so I had no idea who Calvin Ridley was until we drafted him. After the draft, I started to watch his tape and came to the conclusion that he'd be often wide open in the NFL. So wide open that it would look like busted coverage and I was right.
  22. I've been saying for years that this is how we've operated for a long time. **** near every game we played could have been up for "Game of the Week". Yep, even when we've had great records, our games were nail biters.
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