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  1. I've been saying for years that this is how we've operated for a long time. **** near every game we played could have been up for "Game of the Week". Yep, even when we've had great records, our games were nail biters.
  2. Any and all references to the Superbowl loss makes me sooooooooooooooo sad. I was watching them count down from 5-1 and was hoping " Please....please don't let #1 be his performance in the Superbowl."😢
  3. I'm really glad to hear about Oliver hooking up with Ridley because Ridley is a monster to have to cover especially if he's trying to cover Calvin 1on1.
  4. I don't get bogged down into researching into a huge list of players. I typically just start watching someone closely whenever we draft them. I had no idea who Calvin Ridley was when we drafted him. After watching college tape on him, I knew there would be instances in the NFL as a rookie that he would be absolutely wide open. He was. He came into the league with elite level route running skills, now year three of him honing his craft....AND with a dude in Julio that HAS to be respected whenever he's on the field.....Good luck.
  5. I like them all except for that big *** ATL above the numbers.
  6. Unless Arians changes his offense to fit Brady, I hope they sign him.
  7. The thing that bothers me is that typically the TE for running QB's are a safety valve target for them and put up numbers. Crumpler for Vick, Olsen for Newton, Kelce for Mahomes ect.
  8. I believe it is supposed to be a non conference team but I'm not sure how they select that team.
  9. NO! You don't go on a winning streak, F'n yourself out of having the chance to naturally pick Young. I would be beyond pissed off if our FO wasted picks (when we potentially didn't need to or at least as much) to draft Young. There would be no way I wouldn't be on the FIRE TD/QUINN TODAY train.
  10. Also a good indicator of stamina.
  11. The NFL needs better qb play, I think most people expect the QB's in the XFL to not be that hot or they'd be at least a back up in the NFL. Other position groups are looking decent.
  12. I hope he saved up some dough cause his time in the NFL is no mo.
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