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  1. That's not what he said. He said that Knapp helps to see how defenses are playing us in certain looks. Kyle Shanahan had a guy that kept track of down and distance for him while he was calling plays.
  2. Actually, it has a lot to do with speed.
  3. He's playing like a #3 back but far ahead of where Brian Hill was last year.
  4. 23 pages of BULLLLLSHHHHHHH.
  5. He's just trolling y'all and doing an excellent job.
  6. lol at the troll game jedi up in here.
  7. Eh, its a goal but far from the main one especially for defensive players who have not gotten to actually tackle to the ground in camp.
  8. " I was concerned" - Dan Quinn.
  9. Oluokun coming in at the end like "Keep on dancing, I'm taking your job"
  10. Look, I'm a half glass full guy 99% of the time. Our team (the entire team) played like dookey last night. Here is a quote from Dan Quinn about our play last night " We have a lot to work on [but] I’m encouraged by their youth and speed, but I didn’t think we played as well as we can.” Straight from the horse's mouth. No real fan really cares about the score or the record in preseason games but dang as much as our offseason goal was to get better in the red zone, we couldn't freakin get to the red zone and our defense couldn't help but get ran over and thrown on all up and down the field. One team looked like they came to play and the other team looked like they were feeling themselves with all of the offseason hype. I keep reading about what happened in 2016......what happened in 2016? We lost the Superbowl because we played the 2nd half just like we played in the entire game Friday. Am I freaked out? No. Am I concerned? A little bit.
  11. I was totally expecting the thread to say " File not found "
  12. Team is playing like ***......that is an underreaction.
  13. Good gracious. The brotherhood is real. This group of players is so close its just mind-blowing. No camp fights even when players are losing their battles in camp. They all know that iron sharpens iron and its just awesome to see.
  14. Duke Riley and then kick off/ punt return coverage teams. They've been pretty bad the last few years