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  1. Unless Arians changes his offense to fit Brady, I hope they sign him.
  2. The thing that bothers me is that typically the TE for running QB's are a safety valve target for them and put up numbers. Crumpler for Vick, Olsen for Newton, Kelce for Mahomes ect.
  3. I believe it is supposed to be a non conference team but I'm not sure how they select that team.
  4. NO! You don't go on a winning streak, F'n yourself out of having the chance to naturally pick Young. I would be beyond pissed off if our FO wasted picks (when we potentially didn't need to or at least as much) to draft Young. There would be no way I wouldn't be on the FIRE TD/QUINN TODAY train.
  5. Also a good indicator of stamina.
  6. The NFL needs better qb play, I think most people expect the QB's in the XFL to not be that hot or they'd be at least a back up in the NFL. Other position groups are looking decent.
  7. I hope he saved up some dough cause his time in the NFL is no mo.
  8. I love Hoop. I think he's an above-average chain mover with big ol mitts that snares in most everything. That being said, and I've said this in the last few years, us Falcons fans are typically not used to being in this situation with our FA's. For the longest time, our roster has been garbage and often players didn't even see the end of their contract and were cut. We can't pay all of our talent It's just not possible. If the going rate for above-average TE's is 10 mil, he's worth every penny but tough decisions have to be made and I really liked what I saw out of Jaeden Graham last year and is the drop off from Hooper to Graham worth 10 mil? I dunno.
  9. Another similarity between the two games. After both games, I said " FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU KYLE SHANAHAN!!!!!!!"
  10. F every bit of that sentence you typed out.
  11. No, just no. If we were a 1-7 team and in the Chase Young sweepstakes, end up 7-9 AND give up all of whatever amount of picks, I'm not exactly sure the level of pisstivity I'd be at.
  12. I think asking if a DE can get to 10 sacks in a year is a bit strange. I want my DE to be an all-around menace in the passing and run game. Ten sacks in a year is less than 1 per game and often times when there are high sack totals is because they went against a subpar line. As far as I know, I don't believe people put as much emphasis in say a CB making X amount of INT's(even with TRU), we typically want to see solid coverage and an ability to want to make a tackle. I believe a DE's ability to diagnose a play, set the edge, not over pursue, recognize screens, etc are more important than just getting X amount of sacks.
  13. He had an ankle injury and missed six games.
  14. He got us to the Superbowl and blew the Superbowl when we got there. Not too crazy of a concept.