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  1. Making Grandma proud.
  2. Look man this is what's going to happen. The offense is still going to ball out. They are going to continue to get better and continually score a lot of points. Our suck *** defense is going to be a suck *** defense but they will get better. It is going to take time and evaluation and scheme to get these guys playing as good as they're going to get. If they can keep opponents under 21 points a game, we're going to win a lot more than we're going to lose and the blessing in this is that all of those starters we lost we lost super early and this group of defenders will get to grow together. Is it ideal? Heck no! but that's how it's going to shake out. Our offense is going to keep it moving and our defense will tighten up just enough for us to win. With Jones coming back and Kazee filling in ok at FS soon SS will be our only major loss on D. The last two years our defense seemed to save their very best for the end of the season and postseason, maybe that happens again.
  3. Julio out here breakin ref's ankles.
  4. If this is dirty than all defenders that hit players below the waist in the knee/ankle area are also dirty. It'd be interesting to see 190 DB's have to tackle 230lb backs or TE's and not be able to tackle them low.
  5. The thing is though, these players have to deliver enough force to grown *** men (especially guys like Newton) to take them to the ground. It is just not possible to hit a man with that needed force and somehow change your body positioning,.03 seconds after contact. Other than that, a player can hesitate to think how they'd tackle the QB but then there's the possibility of getting Brian Poole'd.
  6. We've had plenty of flash in the pan seasons. Did it bring us a Lombardi? You could even consider our 2016 as a flash in the pan season. We had 4 rookies start on defense and after 2015 no one thought we'd make it to the superbowl and then 28-3.
  7. It's week 3 of the season. A lot can happen between now and the end of the season. We will be getting Jones back at some point. We scored 37 freaking points, and normally that will be enough to win a game. I want our team to have the best chance to win every year, not go all in one year with no guarantee's that going all in wins us a Lombardi. I'm not ok with not seeing a Lombardi in Atlanta, I do though want a team that is contention every year and not a flash in the pan once every decade.
  8. HMM, and who do you imagine trading for that GUARANTEE's a Superbowl title this year? Because if you're willing to mortgage the future to win right now, we better win right now.
  9. No, and I seriously don't understand this " OMG the superbowl is in Atlanta this year we have to win it all this year".... come off the BS. There will be 2019 season a 2020 season etc etc.
  10. I think it may have to do with him looking like he's 15 with the braces and all. He doesn't look scared to me though.
  11. Na..... Riley is garbage. I'd like to see him play at a starters level. Bring back Worrilow. Yeah I'd rather have Paul Worrilow than Duke always in the wrong place Riley. "All gas no breaks" more like "all gas no plays"
  12. I rewatched the game and solely watched Riley. Booty cheeks. He doesn't know how to take angles, his tackling is atrocious, and there were countless times when he ran himself out of the play allowing a big gain. He doesn't have instincts, even with our defense being so "read and react" you have to have some idea where a pass or run might go and he just doesn't see it till it happens and by then it's too late. He needs to STFU and go play football.
  13. You know, you're right. I have never seen such a lucky CB in my life. I can't really even remember times when he jumped a route or was step for step with a receiver for a pick. I remember one INT of his where the WR had completely gotten wide open on Hall but the QB threw the ball way behind the receiver. A one cleat missing, slow *** Hines Ward ate Hall's lunch on one TD play at the Dome. He had a billion dollar mouthpiece though, I'll give him that.
  14. I know, but its a terrible penalty. What are defenders supposed to do?
  15. As much as I hate the saints, this roughing the passer by landing on the QB is straight bulllllshhhhhh