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  1. Opposing D coordinator might lose his job if he doesn't double Jones. I mean the guy has had db's cut after trying to cover him.
  2. Wilkins. He is an athlete in a big man's body. Good use of hands and leverage, great balance.
  3. Because winning a superbowl during the year you host means absolutely nothing at all? I'll gladly take a win in Miami next year or Tampa the year after. I certainly would never "go all in" simply because the Superbowl was in our hometown.
  4. Who got Tony a playoff win?
  5. They just need to blame the one who cast their voodoo spell late in the 3rd quarter of our Superbowl. If the rules of three hold true expect one more heartbreak next year.
  6. Beasley has a quick first step. That is the end of the book on Beasley. He has zero pass rush moves and since everyone knows he's a one trick pony most NFL Tackles easily take him out of the play.
  7. Well except for the fact that the non-call against us was on the last play of the game which actually affected the outcome.
  8. I remember telling you folks how bad Armstrong was and I kept hearing he's head coaching material.
  9. Brandt looks like a real-life Halloween mask.
  10. It's super easy and its a win win for the team. You play your backups and they will get real game time experience while at the same time hopefully losing. There is no such thing as "momentum" from one season to the next. Each season is their own season and winning games that hurt not only your 1st round pick but you lose spots in every round there after. Some of the players on this team this year won't even be here for the "momentum" to carry over into. It's not a loser's mentality, it's a logic over emotion mentality. I wouldn't even care if people around the NFL thought we were tanking because we put in our backups. You get game time experience for those that wouldn't have seen the field much, you get a more in depth evaluation on those back ups AND you have a deeper pool of talent to pick from every time you pick in a round. When you finally get the trophy, no one cares about how you got there. A 7-9 season sure isn't something to be proud of or bragging about.
  11. They wouldn't have called that on Levitre. That's more incidental contact. It wasn't sustained.
  12. If you are going to say that the saints got legitimately jobbed, then you also have to say the Ram's got legitimately jobbed on the no-calls that should have been called on the saints. Just because one happened at the end of the game doesn't make the other's any less significant.
  13. I know these are highlights and I still have not watched any full-length film on this guy but.........thumbs up.
  14. Man....... I was at that Monday night football game in New Orleans that Brees broke the TD record. I remember a ref making up a rule. He said " There's no holding on the play because the saints were running a screen". That play happened in the endzone and should have been a safety.