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  1. I don't really care too much about this issue but I have to throw this in. Jones has never ever been a touchdown threat and that's partially because he's not a diva (throw me the ball) type receiver. He doesn't mind having a 150 yr 0 TD game as long as someone scores the TD's and we win. He averages 6 TD's a year.
  2. Freeman carries the ball like its 4th and goal of the Superbowl and gives 115% on every play.
  3. How does this even happen?
  4. I feel that you type very well for someone who is using crack.
  5. This is why we are where we are as a team. This is the C-T scale our staff uses which should be considered the new Falcons Filter. Not choir boy, senior captains, but players that want to play and have love for the game.
  6. Much respect for anyone going back to school to get their degree.
  7. Yeah, he came back but was basically on life support. Crazy thing is, he almost freakin caught a TD pass a play or two after meeting the Grim Reaper. He was done after that.
  8. Interesting that you mentioned that play. It worked.
  9. We were pretty good on 3rd down last year, I think that number improves even more and this guy is going to be difficult to cover.
  10. Last year I didn't understand the hype with Hill. Even in college, he looked slow and stiff. Translated directly to the NFL. I see a poor man's freeman in this guy. Looks to have great vision, very good stop and go and his balance looks to be really nice.
  11. And the yang to that. Matt Prater
  12. If you could have put Worrilow's heart and passion into just a tiny bit more athletic body he'd have been a boss. Dude was giving 110% effort but it just wasn't enough.
  13. Because outside of one year where Armstrong's unit was the absolute bomb, every other unit has been dumpster juice bad.
  14. I believe many of y'all are not thinking about the future and are only thinking about the present. Yes, it sucks that we lost the players that we lost, but you can't pay everyone and that's something that most Falcons fans are just not used to. Our rosters in decades past had been so bad that no one wanted our sorry butt players, we just cut them over time and replaced them with more sorry butt players, times have changed though and we have a roster full of talent that will have to be paid or let go. Now, back to my original thought about thinking in the present and not the future, what if the plan is to draft 2 DL this year with the plan of them getting better in year 2 and 3? I'd rather have two Grady Jarrett's on cheap rookie deals than one Poe on his contract. I know everyone is in win now mode, but I believe these moves are being made to be able to keep our window open longer instead of having it slam shut within 2-3 years.
  15. I don't understand this trade. The skins didn't get any better at QB and they lost a player and a mid round draft pick.