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  1. I don't understand this trade. The skins didn't get any better at QB and they lost a player and a mid round draft pick.
  2. That's interesting to know. I wouldn't have thought that the scout team would tell Quinn who they think he should focus on.
  3. Just like I have no idea who you are. LOL
  4. Keith Armstrong had one badazz unit oh about 5 years ago. **** IT, please just leave us alone Keith. Your special teams units are a fk'n joke. I hate you.
  5. Knapp gets a bad rap around here but he had pre prison Mike Vick to work with. Mike Vick was just an athlete then, he didn't evolve into a QB until he went to Philly after his rude awakening at Leavansworth. Then the poor guy was saddled with Jamarcus Russell. Dang.....
  6. All of that trolling the saints did to us when we went down there a few weeks ago with them covering up our players running out with a bus covering them up and then forming a 28-3 on the field at half time.... EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF THEM....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  7. I can not wait for the saints memes
  8. wow....just wow....
  9. Antonio Brown is the best receiver in football. He just separated from Julio today.
  10. Are you referencing your own stupidity? I'm cool calm and collected. Julio let the game winning TD slip right between his hands.
  11. Yeah, that irks me a bit. Makes the catch of the superbowl and we lose, and we lose because he doesn't make an easy catch to win the game.
  12. Maybe not, but that wouldn't have mattered because he still didn't catch a very catchable ball.
  13. Sark didn't let the game winning TD go right through his hands like Jones did.
  14. The ball went straight through Julio's hands. Should have been a TD.