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  1. That's some boss ****.
  2. He made a tackle. It's week 2, not a season-saving play.
  3. He made a tackle. Crown him if you want to.
  4. Gave up what should have been a TD a play before.
  5. He made a tackle, he had been roasted all night and was roasted on what should have been a TD drop.
  6. Vision somehow vanished. He's not seeing holes like he did.
  7. This is what I'm going to say about this injury. I can not be unconvinced that some voodoo princess down in New Orleans put some kind of Voodoo BS on us during the superbowl to make us lose. Supposedly, they are supposed to get back what they give 3 times. 1. Year after our Superbowl was the Minnesota Miracle 2. The following year, the absolute worst non call on pass interference I've ever seen in the NFC Championship game 3. This third year Brees might have a significant injury.
  8. The crazy thing is that it goes both ways. Had we molly whopped the Vikings, everyone on this board would have their chest poked out talking mess about the Eagles. It's wayyyy to early to tell anything about any team right now.
  9. Y'all are seriously tripping about the Vikings. Week 1 means absolutely nothing. Rogers wasn't tearing up the Bears last week. **** happens week to week especially week 1 when no one knows for sure what a team is going to be doing since there isn't any tape. Plus Aaron has gone up against this defense many many times and has looked like *** against them as well. Y'all can't compare any performance from any team in week 1 to what happens later on in the year.
  10. Oliver is going to have to get his hands on receivers. So far from what I've seen from him is not being able to handle receivers when they make their cuts in their routes. He's not anticipating routes and is too late to react to receivers moves so as long as the QB is somewhat accurate he's going to be toast.
  11. Neals hit against Reed should not have been flagged or fined, he clearly lead with his shoulder and helmets came into contact, it was just a big hit. Ricardo does deserve this fine, his head was completely down with his arms wide to make a tackle but was completely straight on leading with his head and it wasn't even a hard hit.
  12. None of that matters period. Do you think that if they start doing player profiles that all of a sudden the players on the field will get the feels and play better? GTFOHWTBS. You're really complaining about the "hype" videos? You have high blood pressure or something? F's wrong with you?
  13. If we miss the playoffs, I do Believe Quinn is gone, I don't know so much about TD since he has always given the coach the players he wants. Also, y'all are trippin on Matt's abilities. No, he will never have a designed run but he's plenty fast enough and elusive enough in the pocket to avoid sacks and make positive yards on broken plays.