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  1. I'm sure that WAS a strike, but not at all surprised this ump screwed us.
  2. OK, Minter did what he was supposed to do. Unfortunately he's most likely burned until game 3. Would love to tack on some more runs if this ump will stop giving them free outs.
  3. This ump is all over the place with his consistency. Just fuked Duvall on a called 3rd strike that wasn't even close.
  4. They can get that high strike but we can't? OK...
  5. It's from when he took that line drive to his right ankle in the 2nd inning. Hopefully it's just bruised and he can pitch again this series. Doubtful it's any ligament or serious long term injury. If we are incredibly lucky perhaps he can be ready to go for the projected bullpen game in game 4 instead.
  6. So Morton is already done for the night? Weird. Wonder if it's the ball he took to the ankle? Hopefully it's nothing that will keep him out of his next start. EDIT: nevermind. The broadcast I'm watching was spending a lot of time on Minter warming up in the pen and showing Morton getting handshakes like he was done for the night, taking his glove down the tunnel. Who knows what that was about, meh.
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