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  1. That you think privilege has ANYTHING to do with "working hard for it." My dude, privilege is the very definition of having things in your favor by means other than working hard for them. Like being able to drive while white instead of drive while black and have a higher risk of getting arrested/murdered for no good reason. The exact opposite of how you seem to understand it.
  2. This thread keeps giving strong vibes similar to
  3. There you go again missing the point. I was implying your privileged, but you jumped to racism with your assumptions because that is your trigger. Also, I'm a white guy....so.....
  4. I'm former military. But all one needs to recognize the militarization of police in America is more than a few decades of living and a working pair of eyeballs. And it's funny to hear complaints about police budgets in light of
  5. Did anyone have "feminism caused Duane Wright's murder" on their bingo cards? I **** sure didn't.
  6. Protesting isn't worth the white guys time. ::eye roll emoji here:: Go figure. No idea why... Also, a whole lot of boot licking going on up in here.
  7. When people stop being wrongly MURDERED by police over and over again, then rioting will stop. It's not difficult to understand. Don't want people pissed off and rioting, then STOP MURDERING PEOPLE!
  8. I didn't even think about Secret Invasion. I guess that means it's possible this Sharon might actually be a Skrull, which would be interesting. And also make her being the Power Broker not such a drastic break for her character.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed it and had zero problems with Grayson, so to each their own I guess. 🤷‍♂️
  10. I think you are missing a VERY large point in all of this. You're jumping off from a platform of defending these case laws you cited and claiming "justified shoot" or other proper actions based on those. THAT is a large part of the problem to most of us civilians. We do not agree with those case laws, period, the end. You coming in here attempting to justify them just pisses us off even more. If there exists a case law that suggests Philando Castile was a justified shooting, then that case law is broken, and so is anyone else defending it...PERIOD. Police are supposed to serve and
  11. Florida Man attempts to force unvaccinated people into a petri dish... for cash considerations.
  12. This was also a good explainer of how Walker's differences from Steve are why he was destined to fail. This came out weeks ago. https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/falcon-winter-soldier-john-walker-steve-rogers-super-soldier-serum “A strong man who has known power all his life will lose respect for that power.”
  13. I mean, South Park did an episode about pointing out the double standard, so yeah. It just kinda follows in a patriarchal society that views women as conquests and men as the conquerors that there would be a double standard. And subsequently that means there are two different power dynamics at play there; but that is also part of the problem that needs fixing. So yeah, huge problem.
  14. I keep saying the two best games I've played in the last 5 years are: 1. Divinity - Original Sin 2 (definitive edition) 2. XCOM 2. The original and the xpac Wrath of the Chosen that almost makes it a different game.
  15. If it's Swayze, it's gotta be Especially in this era of R's trying desperately to eliminate trans folks.
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