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  1. The first rule of spring football games is we don't put much stock in performances in spring football games.
  2. Usually right doesn't mean always right. This is one he's off on big time, and it's blatantly obvious.
  3. I love Mayock, but omitting Wynn from the clear cut #2 OG is about as drastic a mistake as he could have made, much less placing him all the way down at 5th. Big time miss from Mayock there.
  4. Regarding Pappoe, don't sweat it, he'll be a DAWG in the end. And don't get too unsettled about where we might supposedly stand with some of these in-state kids. I have every confidence we'll end up with the #1 overall class again when it's all said and done. We're slow playing a lot of the in-state kids trying to catch some bigger fish right now. And a lot of these in-state kids aren't going to end up high on our priority list anyway.
  5. In the twitter thread he points out that Ryan threw 12 INTs in 2017, but only 6 of them were his fault.
  6. What kind of world are we living in where Tray ******* Gowdy is the voice of reason on an important matter?
  7. Because he's Married to the Mob.
  8. Not really. For example, the most snaps any D-Lineman has gotten in ATL under Quinn was both Jarrett and Poe last year -- at a clip of 75% for each. The most snaps Beasley has played in a season was 61%, and that was two seasons ago. In his role last year he was down closer to 46% snaps played. Granted that should go back up now with the move back to full-time edge rusher, but still it's not like he's going to jump over 70% most likely. And probably not even that high. Takk only played 38% last year, granted it was as a rookie and that will surely increase in his 2nd season and with Clayborn moving on. But again, I'd expect the highwater mark to be around 60% at most for him. Reed played 39% last year, will probably be around the same again this year. Shelby played 38%, some of that at 5T in base D but also some at DT in nickel. Crawford isn't a 5T DE for us, he's a nickel DT and his absence is one of the reasons Jarrett and Poe had to play so much last year compared to how much more Quinn usually prefers to rotate. We play about a 70/30 split of nickel/base defense. Our best case scenario is likely Beasley and Takk take most of the snaps we play in nickel at DE, swapping out with Shelby and Reed at DE in our base defense. And that is assuming both Beasley and Takk can play over 60% snaps. It's also making a huge assumption that we have no injuries out of that group of four players, which we all know isn't likely to happen. In this scenario Carter would already be taking about 30% of snaps as the base defense SAM LB. Takk only played 38% as a rookie, so we're already in the same ballpark of snap counts. Beasley played 51% as a rookie. So add another 10 to 20% of snaps as a rotational nickel DE for Carter and we are right in the typical playtime for a rookie DL/Edge player under Quinn.
  9. About the only thing I would change would be to add Lorenzo Carter on that list. He's a guy that could do what they tried to do with Beasley last year -- play SAM LB in base and get some snaps at nickel edge rusher in the rotation behind Beasley and Takk, alongside Brooks Reed. We need 4 outside edge rushers for rotational and depth purposes; we currently only have 3, and Reed is almost definitely in his last season with us.
  10. You realize that this is the guy who puts out his annual QB catalogue where he charts every throw for every NFL QB, correct? He watched and charted every single throw from every QB in the league, including Matt Ryan. So I'd say he watched every single game of Ryan's in full... He's also the guy who drew the ire of quite a few Falcons fans during Ryan's 2016 MVP season for not being nearly as high on Matt as most other people were; so it's not like he's a Ryan apologist.
  11. According to Cian Fahey. https://twitter.com/i/moments/984908042050285568 https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/984883900668231680.html?refreshed=yes
  12. It could also be the new Secret Service code name for our current POTUS.
  13. It's supposedly gotten as close as a 50/50 toss up now between the good guys and the Barn. Pappoe is rumored to be really torn at this time. I still think the good guys win out in the end, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it go either way at this point. The good news is between Bertrand, T. Marshall, Nakobe Dean, and Pappoe, we're going to come out of that situation with at least two and probably three very good ILB's for 2019. If we lose out on Pappoe, Dean is a pretty darn good consolation prize if we can land him.