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  1. I find hilarious this new narrative that LSU is going to overtake Bama in the west. How quick some seem to forget last year's score in their game, much less the recent history. And while we're at it, **** that! I want to go through both Bama and Clemson on the way to our hard earned and well deserved championship.
  2. They look like the best team? WTH? They played Texas...severely overrated Texas. I don't think they are in the same ballpark of the big 3 of us, Bama, and Clemson. The good thing is, it will all be decided on the field.
  3. This is one of the most savage things I've ever seen.
  4. An update from the resident plugged in Clemson fan over at DawgNation:
  5. This was some of you early in this game. You know who you are. Take a long look in the mirror and try not to let it become a habit...
  6. Bring Your Underachievers?
  7. SoFL has mentioned numerous times over the last few months about being fed up with Stackhouse's antics and continued flirtations with other schools, even after agreeing to "shut things down."
  8. As a 10 year old kid with no interest in girls at the time, sneaking up late one night and watching Skinemax (Cinemax) with Brooke Shields in the Blue Lagoon was an eye opener. I guess she was only 15 or 16 at the time which was 5 or 6 years older than me, but I was instantly smitten and thought there could never be anyone more beautiful. But my first crush on a grown up was a few years later with Kelly LeBrock in The Woman in Red, and Weird Science.
  9. Surprised there is no talk of Classic WoW in here since it seems to be the biggest gaming phenomenon at the moment.
  10. Some interesting takes on the Matrix 2 in here. It got a rotten tomatoes score of 73%, with an audience score of 72. And I thoroughly enjoyed it in it's era. Now part 3, that was definitely - meh.
  11. Been expected for a while. That will just turn into a spot for one of Dexter or Burch.
  12. Made it into a ThreadReader link: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1169233541714141185.html?refreshed=yes