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  1. I'm waiting until all 4 episodes air so I can binge watch it, but I'm fully expecting to be outraged. I was around for all of it, but was young and didn't care about politics at the time. Speaking of Reagan, if you haven't played Wasteland 3 (you should remedy that error if so) in this post apocalyptic world there is a faction called the Gippers that worship an A.I. statue of Reagan as a living god. Makes for some hilarious interactions.
  2. Are Baby Boomers the worst generation in modern history?
  3. The only Robinson meme that has actually made me laugh out loud. I'm dead now.
  4. With the passion of a thousand burning suns I despise Trump and every GOPer who is responsible for this.
  5. This whole tweet thread is a gut punch. It's obviously not a direct comparison and the poster likely gets a bit too far over their skis, but just thinking about the probable similarities makes me sick. It's a long thread if interested.
  6. Tyson's mentality has changed SO much over the years.
  7. Looks like he wanted a whole lot of turkey legs though.
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