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  1. I hate Texas. Can't we just let them secede and let all the rest of our conservative morons move there? It would be a zombie apocalypse there within two generations.
  2. He's very popular off the court. I actually like the guy a lot myself...of the court. But I think it was definitely time for him to go and see if a new voice can make a difference. BTW, most of the coaching fraternity is speaking up on his behalf, which isn't surprising because that is what they always do for one of their own. But the fanbase, from the Hawks websites I tend to visit and the twitter reactions, are overwhelmingly in favor of this move. I tend to think he would have definitely had a better record if not for the ridiculous amount of injuries this year, but I'm also not
  3. Azeez is going to be great, for sure. I just don't see how we end up with him unless we trade back from #4. He's likely going anywhere from around #15 to #25.
  4. I mean... there are many legitimate criticisms of Cuomo, but not sure I wouldn't have been doing exactly the same thing in this photo 😀 Just hopefully not getting busted.
  5. Pretty sure he thought he was making a clever retort. He just...wasn't.
  6. 6. Georgia Bulldogs 2020 ranking: 11 Returning starter: JT Daniels (partial) Scouting the Bulldogs: Projecting Georgia's quarterback outlook is one of the trickiest and most significant parts of this annual exercise. The Bulldogs clearly haven't made the same jump at quarterback as some of their regional competitors (Alabama, Florida, Clemson, briefly LSU). But there's enough evidence to be genuinely optimistic about the position during the next three seasons. Coordinator Todd Monken has provided an upgrade, and his offense surged once Daniels returned from a knee injury. Daniels pass
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