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  1. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29267531/bills-rookie-qb-jake-fromm-apologizes-elite-white-people-text
  2. Can't wait for the VolunTears when Mondon commits
  3. Rusty is never going to live down hyping up that punter commit back in the day, lol
  4. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29213984/college-football-strange-true-historical-facts-top-25-team 4. Georgia The "Bulldogs" nickname isn't uncommon. You probably had a high school in the area where you grew up that had this nickname, and can name plenty of college teams with it as well. But the way Georgia took on the name is uncommon. The university's first president, Abraham Baldwin, was a Yale grad. You would think that might have been the inspiration (many do), but it wasn't. The name came from the work of the Atlanta Constitution and a couple of writers. Morgan Blake wrote on Nov. 3, 1920, that "The Georgia Bulldogs" would sound good, and three days later, after a 0-0 tie with Virginia, Cliff Wheatley used Bulldogs in his story five times. It stuck, and somewhere down the line we got "Dawgs," which is great.
  5. I absolutely hate losing top in-state targets to those rock jumpers...sigh.
  6. @Knight of God I rarely post on TATF much anymore, but just had to give you a shoutout for keeping up the good fight in my absence regarding Rico and the FS spot!
  7. I think Mims is just trolling Bama.
  8. So no draft pick for Tyler Clark, JR Reed, Rodrigo, Cager, or Herrien.
  9. Did it have anything to do with Swift being unable to stay healthy? Because honestly, as much as I love Swift and he's clearly the most talented RB in the draft, if I was the GM of an NFL team I'm thinking I would probably steer clear of him. He's been dinged up every season he was at UGA.
  10. I'd imagine the Covid quarantine has a lot to do with making this a unique situation. Probably for more players that just Carroll this year.
  11. Sounds like UGA gave him the go ahead to publicly "soft-commit" with the mutual understanding that we are still recruiting some bigger fish also.
  12. I know a lot of people don't like these, hate them actually, but to me these are BY FAR the best uniforms we've ever worn and it's not even close. I would always change to this combo back on Madden. Looking forward to seeing how the gradient uni's look on the field.
  13. Keep in mind this year we're probably going to take around 15 defensive players and only 10 offensive. I also want to add, don't take this list is gospel at this time of the year. Recruiting is fluid, things can change over time. I have no doubt that SoFL has reliable intel and is relaying what he is hearing at this current time. But a lot of us have learned over the years that what could be true today might not necessarily stay true months from now when signing day approaches. You only have to look at last year when both Bresee and Sewell confirmed after they eventually signed with other programs, that they were going to be Dawgs at one point deep into the recruiting process only for a few months to cause that to change. So while I have little doubt that this is what our staff is currently hearing and feeling, I also have little doubt that things will still stand this way with all of these players 9 months from now on ESD.
  14. We'll see how great that LSU offense is going to be when they don't have a QB who can spend a boatload more hours focusing on football than his peers.
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