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  1. I tend to think FPI is highly overrated, but there are some good points in this snippet from an article a few weeks ago: Texas isn’t the only hyped team for 2019 that isn’t getting any love from ESPN’s Football Power Index rankings. Ohio State, a likely preseason top five team, is ranked outside of the top 10 in ESPN’s Football Power Index. The Buckeyes come in at No. 13 in the FPI.
  2. Texas is fool's gold. And I agree that Clemson has a lot to replace and should in NO way be preseason rank 1 over UGA or Bama,.they are still in such a weak conference and are defending champs, so I expect them in the playoffs.
  3. For those that are interested in what Americus has to say, from him yesterday regarding "who's next": So if this is true, and if it's also true Marshawn Lloyd is getting close to being wrapped up, then it looks like we have our two RB's for the 2020 cycle. Kind of odd that we would still be recruiting Tank as hard as we are, unless we are just covering our bases with 10 months still to go until ESD. Probably a good idea after what happened with Emery last year.
  4. Surprising, but as others have said I'm glad he stayed -- he's our whipping boy. But it is surprising since NFL coaches make more money and also don't have to worry about recruiting. I'd guess college coaches work just as many hours, if not more, than NFL coaches. Plus in the NFL you actually get to coach professional adults, not kids that often need to be de-recruited.
  5. Let me first state that I'm pretty sure just about every single college coach negative recruits, and I don't really have a problem with it as long as it falls short of bald-faced lying. Sometimes the hard truth needs to be said. That being said... So, let me see if I've understood you correctly here. Showing video evidence of a factual situation is considered negative recruiting? Yeah...not so much.
  6. There is only one person in this thread continually pissin' in the wind and wondering why they are getting wet. While you're still thinking you're on the right side of this argument, this is the actual reality:
  7. Keep telling yourself that. One day you might even believe it.
  8. It's gotten as predictable as death and taxes.
  9. In before the white knight rides to the rescue of poor defenseless Fields...once again.
  10. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football-recruiting/2019/2/7/18214205/georgia-recruiting-rivals-kirby-smart 3-year totals show Georgia’s lapping its division like Alabama never has In the Southeast, it’s Nick Saban and Kirby Smart, and then it’s everybody else.
  11. You seem like a good guy from other posts and all, but I think you're making this more complicated than it has to be. Look at the bolded part that you typed yourself, and then come to a full stop. That's all that needs be said. Anything beyond that is post hoc rationalizing and excuse making. And the fact that some people have to think more about what they say or how they act in fear of offending somebody doesn't mean people weren't offended by those actions in the past, it just means our society is advancing to the point that those offenses don't go unchecked as often -- as should be the case.
  12. From what I've read, not really.
  13. Yeah, I've never really understood this argument. But I've seen it for months on the UF and Vols forums. And then there is this : No idea why the tweet came out looking different than on Twitter, but here's the easier to read version: UF in 2nd place over the last two seasons combined; with Vandy in last place. But in recruiting points UF is closer to Vandy than it is to UGA
  14. http://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/news/auburn-players-georgia-paid-off-5-star-wr-george-pickens-commitment-flip/1sz0ujckrmg9k1pwmfca9844eh
  15. Final SEC 247 Team Composite Rankings by Avg 1. Alabama (94.38) 2. Georgia (93.32) 3. Auburn (91.41) 4. Florida (91.06) 5. Texas A&M (90.99) 6. LSU (90.75) 7. Tennessee (90.46)* 8. South Carolina (89.09) 9. Mississippi State (88.64) 10. Arkansas (88.54) 11. Ole Miss (87.66) 12. Kentucky (86.55) 13. Missouri (86.26) 14. Vanderbilt (84.40)