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  1. FWIW it's been mentioned on a few other sites that it was in fact Sandidge that was asking if we still had a spot on Wednesday. But I guess we may never know for sure.
  2. Sounds like Sandidge. Dang
  3. So it's looking like we currently are going to be at 89 scholarship players, which means we need to clear 4 of those players off the books before spring. Let the speculation begin, haha.
  4. From another board:
  5. Alright friends, and conservatives, heading back on the road for work today after being out for two months with a broken toe. Doubtful I'll be able to keep up with this thread very often now since it moves so fast, so hold it down and don't give the idiot brigade an inch.
  6. NICE! Love the GIF.
  7. Georgia: In addition to Scott Fountain as we reported this morning, source tells FootballScoop Vanderbilt receivers coach Cortez Hankton is joining Kirby Smart’s staff as well. Hankton, a New Orleans native, coached three seasons at Dartmouth before joining the staff at Vanderbilt before the 2015 season.
  8. Bush is ALL DAWG!
  9. Aight, now just waiting on finding out if we are going to be able to shoehorn Bush into this class too.