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  1. OK, some more info from other parts of the interwebs:
  2. Welp, since everyone is already pissed off, might as well get this outta the way too. A reliable poster on DawgNation is saying he's hearing Luke Ford actually is looking to transfer after all. Supposedly to Illinois to be closer to home. Can't blame a kid for that. And no, this is not confirmed yet, but the poster is usually pretty plugged in.
  3. Can we get the justin fields garbage out of the recruiting thread please? It doesn't belong in here, thank you.
  4. Currently sitting in Baton Rouge at a crowded sports bar watching the Taints vs Panthers while rocking my UGA gear. I'm sure this is going to end well...
  5. This is from one of the two or three decently plugged in posters over on the DawgNation forums, posted this morning:
  6. Sounds like good news for UGA to me.
  7. Miami isn't going to do anything until they fire Searels and bring in someone who can actually recruit some decent OL's. And it's too late for that to happen this year. Would be surprised if Kirby and staff aren't able to close on Stevenson.
  8. Andrew Booth? It would make sense I guess. Remember what LG1 said a few pages back about the "DawgChat" group trying to flip another high ranking recruit to UGA. Booth could be that guy.
  9. And hopefully its just the holiday season blues away from family. He would likely be in our 2 deep if he stays. I wonder if he just doesn't like Chaneys coaching.
  10. This might explain why we would be looking to give that JUCO TE a spot if Nauta goes pro. Or why we are looking at that grad transfer from Auburn. Well, that sucks...
  11. I see nobody else has pointed out and discussed this blurb yet. It got me to wondering...I wonder if it's just Nester who we already know about, or if it's another 5 star that we don't. It made me go check out the rankings and see who might be an unexpected darkhorse. Yes, I know most of these are very longshots, just throwing names out for discussion that we have been involved in at one point, no matter how trivial. John Emory Wanya Morris Pappoe Andrew Booth Antonio Alfano Harry Miller Akeem Dent George Pickens Chris Hinton Nathan Pickering Justin Eboigbe That's pretty much everyone, I think, from the composite top 100. Hinton and Pickens are my choices for most likely targets. Maybe Akeem Dent.