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  1. Unreal. That was CRAZY! Two double digit comeback wins in a row. These are the anti-Atlanta Hawks.
  2. Might want to turn it back on. 6 point game with over 3 minutes left.
  3. And now I can't unsee Cruz as a plastic faced cheapo Wolverine knock off. 😅
  4. Was expected for the last few days. He's mad he isn't a starter coming out of spring ball. The portal giveth, in the name of Tykee Smith, and then the portal taketh away in a resulting player getting knocked down in the pecking order. It's a mistake because he would be in line for extensive playing time anyway most likely, and definitely next year. But it is what it is. Daran Branch probably won't be far behind him too. He was already talked out of leaving the team last year, so obviously he's never been that bought in at Athens.
  5. What in the actual F? How? How? How? 🤦‍♂️
  6. Daniel Corrolla has a nice porn name ring to it.
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