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  1. Btw im sure that pass to gonzo vs the saints was like 34 yards.... just sayin
  2. My opinions based off my thoughts please correct me if im wrong since i didnt look up any stats for this. 1. our HoF TE got 2 catches in week 1 and we put up 9 points.... (@jedi) 2.Our offense didnt have anyone to spread that ball to in 09 douglas was out and i think fin was hurt at some point... marty booker was old and maybe untrusted by Ryan. weems wasnt really used as a receiver back then just a returner. no norwood to throw to. That leaves gonzo white jenkins and limited fin and old booker (no longer with team). now douglas is back there is more to spread to just like in 08 when he and no
  3. if Peyton Manning read that he would probly find u and punch u in the mouth
  4. LMAO thieves are getting cocky these days.... makin threads before they actually do the crime
  5. o well tht makes sense. btw if he does get cut dinah i doubt he will be available for long after espn gave him a monday night highlight
  6. lol i thought of him the instant i saw undrafted beside Cruz's name
  7. still wish we had got to him first true idk where he got 31
  8. .... im guessin u only read the first post :mellow:
  9. LMAO i highly doubt any1 on the giants staff is considering Cruz as the first receiver cut for now.... unless he drops 6 passes next game he should be on tht 53 man roster
  10. o no srry.... i meant how did we pass on him during the free agency period we noticed how awesome kerry M. was
  11. the guy was undrafted ..... and no im not saying he is the next big thing or tht he is a emerging starter.... im just saying the guy looks like he could make a rlly good 4th or 5th reciever. (maybe he has an attitude type problem that we tend to avoid?)btw im clueless on him so dont throw stats and facts all in my face and call my post a fail :unsure: (if u missed the game heres a vid of his highlights... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYNNn4mV1xs&feature=related )
  12. dont ruin the chemistry of this thread and start defending the guy every1 else disagrees with
  13. LMAO, PRACTICE??? not the game.... but practice
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