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  1. What about the 2 last week and the other 2 today.... but I will say Matt wants to win . He is playing with heart I just wish he’d give up on throwing deep
  2. I can remember a day when Julio would have shanked a defender and went and caught those balls ... I think he is as sick of Matt’s deep ball as I am
  3. Of seeing those lame duck deep throws too..... he isn’t even trying to go catch one .... just watched one get intercepted then trots to the bench and had a good laugh
  4. And send him to deep ball school.... his deep ball is butt ugly ... looks like a freaking punt
  5. Or hand the ball off to Grady, Senat or a big body and run it !!!!!!! I see zero reason to throw the ball from the freaking 1-2 yard line
  6. Side note .... Brandy’s closes at 3 sharp . They are open from like 10:00 to 3:00 .
  7. The one on 16 has a Krispy Kreme basically in the same parking lot .its the first exit down 16 off 75 .... not out of the way at all they may use the same brand but I don’t think it is the same wiener, Brandy’s is spicy little heat to it . I don’t recall nuways being spicy
  8. I’ve had them both brother ..... Brandy’s is hands down the best but the cool thing about nuway is Krispy Kreme just next door
  9. I should be pulling into PCB about game time so hopefully I can slide into shuckers for some oysters on the half shell and hope they have the game on
  10. Chops, Marietta diner, the vortex, and if you venture a little outside Atlanta to Douglasville the best Cajun west of New Orleans is found at Gumbeaux and brandys hot dogs in Marietta .... best dogs in the state .... sorry varsity
  11. Keep beastly and our pick
  12. I’d be like the Baltimore dude back in the day what’s a Jalen Ramsey ? Who does he play for ?
  13. And Poole tackles anything that moves not in red and black
  14. Some one slipped a mickie in the coaches punch ...
  15. I’ve been saying that for a few years... Tru only looks good when they don’t throw his way .