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  1. Old timers owe Mazzetti a big thanks too
  2. Yup.... probably around 72. When I was 6 and old enough to really watch... I will never forget that hit case put on the punter. About started a brawl, but all the punter had to do was take one step back ,,, guess he thought Scott was gonna two hand touch him . He had a 10 yard running start and freaking drilled him ... in on my opinion ,, Pridemore , pound for pouned was one of the hardest hitters to play.... right up there with Atwater
  3. Loved Scott case. Can’t believe this didn’t have the clip of him destroying the Dallas punter in the back of the end zone...need a Pridemore video too.... he taught case how to hit
  4. For every Brady..... there has probably been 2 dozen Ryan leafs . Half in Cleveland
  5. Kick him inside and tell him to play his butt off
  6. Always heard about “lil Jon” tail gate spreads id like to go check one out
  7. HOF is a freaking joke
  8. Guys it’s a trick...he’s a Panty fan and . he’s gonna be waiting outside the training facility with a crow bar
  9. Miss understood me. As long as he isn’t doing something stupid or illegal. He should be entitled to have a social media page just like everyone else
  10. Guy is passionate about his basketball team. I’m cool with that . He still has a personal life . As long as he isn’t beating women , kids or dogs on cam .... go for it
  11. I’d say Alford to the slot
  12. Guy led the league in sacks when he played his natural position,only reason those numbers went down was the team bet on Riley to step up .
  13. You keep showing the same couple throws .
  14. I’m no troll . Life long falcon fan . I love everything about Ryan except his deep ball .. just my opinion . Year or so ago Matt even admitted the one thing he worked on all off season was his arm strength and his deep ball . some folks just watch football with rose colored glasses on