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  1. I have said for years the HOF is a joke without Nobis included. Especially with some of the clowns that have gone in lately.
  2. corners are corners and not receivers for a reason , most corners have the speed and athletic ability to play receiver, they just have unreliable hands. A lot of corners in college were either scouted as receivers or played both ways in high school. i had high hopes for Godwin , thinking maybe he’d actually catch a few
  3. Um,,, if they can’t start playing like we all know they can, they still have a shot to win the division, hard row to hoe, but it is possible
  4. Duke is nothing but speed, can’t recognize or make plays. Over the duke Riley experiment. Much rather had the kid from Miami. Think it was grace
  5. guys its still early in the season, all our boys have to do is get a little better ever week, clean some stuff up, get some guys back , keep in the hunt and then get hot in December. its a winning formula, just ask Green Bay and the Giants.our boys GOT THIS
  6. Big ben Garland gonna have to step up.
  7. cant we sign someone to our ACTIVE roster from someone else PS..if they are goodenough to stick don't cut them, if we do cut them at least we didn't risk one of our guys.
  8. I'm a homer I love Atlanta, I will say this though... the chiefs thrashed NE and Philly, Falcons have 2 ugly wins out of their three. I think end of the year falcons will be the better team when they get rolling, right now id have to pick whoever had home field advantage.
  9. but.........but......but he's Superman, you the man of steel and crap...
  10. I think (hope) we beat em up, physically and mentally. make em bleed . but yeah I hear what your saying... id rather have the SB win and let them be out for revenge
  11. I remember when Clayborn got hurt last year, everyone thought the sky was falling. he was a terror up to that point...
  12. the first INT ive been waiting on for a long time, think it was the play action where he whips his head and body around a zips a pass almost without looking, go to the well too often and eventually some one is going to read that play and be there, didn't expect it to be a long pick 6, and the other 2 were on the receivers, 99 out of a 100 Sanu makes that catch for a first down.... the bills have been playing really good D , giving up what 37 points in 3 games, but they haven't had to deal with covering as many weapons as MR has, nor have they had to pick their poison.... do they stop the passing game or the run game. if the tackles hold up, we should be good
  13. I was hoping no one would post this, until our boys actually trailed at some point.... knock on wood.
  14. everyone catching that same word... "US" .. a guy that's not on the roster, but he'll stab you in the face with a brick if you hate on our team.