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  1. Sorry dude, I’ve seen him moss way too many deep balls... most of his deep balls have WAY too micb air under them. Most of his “yards” come on YAC. Short passes In the slot, and throws to Freeman . I can’t help what stats say .... I watch the game. Dont get me wrong ... I love our QB. Best I’ve seen in Atlanta since I started watching around 72, when I was 6, but if it wasn’t for the strength of Julio, he wouldn’t have a deep ball at all
  2. Receivers are never”open”. as much as I like Ryan he struggles hitting a man in stride. Quick slant is about it. He can’t throw a man open. If he throws a ball anywhere near Hardy he will grab it. I personally like Hardy’s game
  3. Man catches everything thrown his way.... he can’t catch balls if their not thrown his way ....
  4. They should tear the HOF and turn it into a parking lot for not putting Tommy in ....
  5. Even after shoulder surgery. You can still eat right a get on a tread mill.... with that said ..... the greatest pass rusher ever always looked out of shape..... Reggie white could never be accused of having a great physique , but he was always fast and got the job done.... don’t care what he looks like, only how he plays
  6. Ito, gage, and Foye
  7. How many TD catches did JJ have last year?? It would be a bad year to hold out.... I can see him being a little pizzed about the lack of production and getting disconnected to concentrate on training
  8. Not thrilled about the pick right now , but I give DQ the benefit of the doubt. I'm guessing he sees the talent in the bottom of the first and in the middle rounds as pretty even.
  9. Bob Christian
  10. What’s a Mel kiper ?
  11. I’d rather have Roqon
  12. To me he looks soft even at his playing weight last year, But he doesn’t play soft
  13. Yup forgot the “IF all goes perfect “ and id love the watts and Kirk picks
  14. I’m not sure Sanders won’t be drafted. Guy is always around the ball. Didn’t he break Smarts INT record? Someone may give him a shot in the late rounds