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  1. Brown to Caroline for me.... he gonna be a handful for the next few years .
  2. What’s a Mel Kiper? I’ve always wondered who made him the draft god ....he don’t have a clue
  3. Alford 2.0. Always has tight coverage but can’t keep his hands off the WR ... gonna draw a lot of flags
  4. Atlanta was basically the last stop for AS and SJ. i wouldn't consider either a ringing endorsement.
  5. its pretty common to let free agents test the market, see what their worth is to other teams before making offers to match or beat, sometime they stay for less, just so they dont have to pick up roots. pretty sure falcons did Abe the same way a few times. if we loose them all, its not the end of the world, though falcons have to add somebody to the RB group before the draft, even if hes a scrub. i hope Lowery resigns, very servicable safety.
  6. i have watched the dalton play e few time, i honestly dont see anything dirty, he had a qb in his grasp, and slung him down, only reason it looks bad is he had him high, and daltons helmet comes off.
  7. the scarry thing is now, Fairley will be right beside him. now talk about a dirty player, driving QB's into the ground. i mean you can tackle w/o picking a dude off his feet, and pile driving him WWE style.i was so glad to hear he got hurt
  8. because suh is a beast, and plays old school hard football. there is a difference between hurting and injuring, his job is to smash whoever has the ball, hit them so hard they will not want the ball in thier hands anymore.
  9. but norwood didnt have an injury plagued year, he had an injury plagued career, i think rodgers will make you forget norwood
  10. he was a good guy, but he was almost a wasted roster spot. maybe a couple games in november in 3 or 4 years, but man was he fun to watch in the open field, he could run sideways faster than most could run forward, wish you luck JN
  11. doesnt the player get to choose who he goes in as? i seem to remember Gonzales promising KC he would go in as a Chief.
  12. have to admit, i was on Moore to. wondering why they didnt cut his often injured butt. what good was carring his tail if he couldnt get on the field, then, he got on the field, and the carnage started, followed by "oooohs" and "oh man" . ok Mr Moore i was wrong, you are worth the wait. no wonder he was nicked up so much, he was out there killing people. by the way, does he have a nick name yet?
  13. Don you hit the nail on the head with the third down, falcons got so predictable on third downs, T-GO was always swamped with double or triple coverage, even friday night, the first throw his way, he had three guys on him.
  14. that was jacq's first attempt to block a pro, he tried to run up and just put a shoulder in the defender, he'll learn he needs to bring some more lumber for those big guys, he got rolled but at least he didnt wiff, and what about the Philip sylvester, did he see any playing time, one thing i saw about smith, on a little drag or screen, he caught the ball and immediatly turned up field.
  15. my problem with the gay community is they want to force me to be ok with thier lifestyle, but rob me of the right to use the word "gay".
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