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  1. Is that the best you can come up with? A QB who didn't even start an entire season. And even then Dilfer actually played pretty well. Something Ryan can't say.
  2. So stats are everything than? I bet Dan Marino would trade those stats any day for at least 1 SB title. Same fan base who bashed Romo until he won a playoff for being a choker. Is that what Ryan is then? A choker because he lays an egg every playoff game.
  3. And I'll take my chances on a QB with 1 year less experience and way more playoff wins
  4. Why Matty Ice is a better QB than Sanchez? You say Ryan is elite, yet Sanchez sucks and only wins because of his D. But don't Elite QBs win without a D? Manning, Brady the 2 QBs you put him up there with. Have all won playoff games with lack luster Defensive player. Its quite obvious your blinded by homerism. Ryan is not at the elite level and never will be until he starts winning games on his own.
  5. It should, he got bitched by Rodgers numerous times.
  6. Matt Ryan thoughts on having to play in the playoffs
  7. McDermott took over one of the best Ds in the league and lead them into the ground. Thank god for that hire.
  8. Excuses excuses. Ryan isn't a big boy QB, get over it.
  9. Mike Smith can't draft D for crap give up. Peria Jerry?
  10. Sanchez is a far better QB than Ryan? Tonight speaks for itself. I've seen a lot of Sanchez hate here and its quite funny.
  11. Sanchez has playoff wins. Something that scrub Ryan can't say. O did I mention Sanchez has 1 less year in the NFL too!
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