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  1. As long as he doesn't get the Gonzo Treatment from the refs. Two or three guys were holding him every time we got in the RedZone. Roddy and Julio both feasted off of that.
  2. All of the Ridley bashing is really not necessary on this play. It wasn't the easiest catch to make, and the defender had the awareness to get the ball. The defender went for the ball the same time as Ridley.
  3. Ryan. Pitts was great too, but Ryan was dropping dimes like he had a hole in his pocket. That INT was an unfortunate, and great play by the defender.
  4. Eric Harris had a thin piece of ice coming his was, and the ice won. Can't say it was Black Ice, because he saw it.
  5. It took the fastest man on the field to prevent that from becoming a pick 6
  6. In my playing days, Holland would be in the locker room by now. He tried to dirty hit Pitts in the first quarter. I would block him, and knock him on his ***.
  7. Grant did what he was supposed to do. Dumbreau could have did more to try and knock the ball loose.
  8. Which is us misusing him. Causing Ryan to force passes to him . The last few games, the recognized their mistakes.
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