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  1. I keep hearing Washington come up when people mention the QBs in the drafts. I think the Eagles may still be looking for a QB. TF can play Poker on Draft Night.
  2. Don't you think you're putting too much into trying to make a point? Obviously, you think Ryan is God, because there is no such thing as a successful top 5 pick at QB.
  3. True, but out of those 9 season, only three were winning seasons. Matt doesn't have to be the problem to not be the solution.
  4. This must be a TATF Favorite, because it has nothing to do with the Falcons.
  5. Not saying he should turn down money. Thomas Dimitroff, Arthur Blank, and anyone else involved should have sorted out every possiblity prior to this. This is not for people to get defensive about Ryan either. Keep in mind that Joe Montana and Brett Favre were replaced when they still had years left. Just like him signing the contract is a business decision. The team possibly wanting to get rid of it is one.
  6. I don't think it was so much about what Ryan has left in the tank. It was more about foresight vs hindsight. Ryan's ability to still play has never been the real issue in most of the debates around here. It's his salary vs every other poor decision Thomas Dimitroff has made.
  7. Lawrence, Fields, Wilson, Lance, and Jones will all be more than likely first rounders. I can't see any of the remaining QBs going before Trask. I also can see it being a drought of QBs after the first round.
  8. I do find it funny that Denver is towards the bottom of the list with legal weed and Coors in their backyard.
  9. Unless we rob a team silly, we're just making other teams better.
  10. Amen brother. If treating it doesn't make them a profit, then it's useless in America.
  11. Bingo. People are so quick to bring up what a drafted QB will be paid, instead of what our current QB makes.
  12. I like him. I also like Josh Imatorbhebhe. Cool @ss name. Physical WR, good speed and a 46" Vertical.
  13. Pitts doesn't have to be Kelce. He may not be Kelce blocking, but he will be Kelce Receiving.
  14. I mean, d@mn near everybody is running a 4.3 this year, but they have looked good on the field as well. I believe if Jaylen Waddle was healthy, he probably would have run a 4.1, and I would have honestly believed it.
  15. Funny you say that. I was checky Twitter and looking at tweets about Wilson's Pro Day. Someone tweeted one particular throw by Wilson, and stated that it caused Kyle Shanahan to move up. Another person tweeted Sam Darnold making the same exact throw, while being under pressure.
  16. It looks to me like TF has been playing chess with them. Lawrence is obvious at 1, and the Jets didn't seem to want to deal pick 2. All of the talks about us wanting a QB caused Shanahan and Lynch to pull the trigger.
  17. You're just too blind to see. White people face discrimination, but it's not because of black people. Think what you like, because your true colors are showing up now.
  18. No, you are trying to make it unfair voting. I wouldn't expect everyone in America to understand that. We all didn't have the right to vote. The system was and still is designed to cater to certain people.
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