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  1. I haven't heard the Atlanta Falcons Front Office say anything about being mad. I assume if he was hanging with Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, you would say that he doesn't like Matt Ryan. Automatically assuming that Terrell Owens is influencing him to skip OTAs is a bit premature.
  2. I think that first round picks have to wait, bit other picks can negotiate earlier.
  3. Well Jerry Lewis. If you look at Julio's Fan Base, what they do in ticket sales, merchandise, etc. He's making billions for them. Quit pretending that the salary cap is the only money circulating.
  4. Good thing that you don't hold our Give A **** Cards. Everything that goes on in the NFL is a business decision. There is so much BS going on in the world to make people say that they're not worthy of being paid. Keep letting the corporate world fool you. Julio is making billions for Atlanta, and has a right to ask for more money. After the BS that Dallas pulled on Dez Bryant, I couldn't blame him or any other player.
  5. Tacos and Nachos. The same meats used in the other recipes.
  6. Well, if Julio is influenced by T.O., then it's a good thing. T.O. didn't make the best decisions with his money, and no. I do not want to hear any of the average Joe's on here talking about they could have done better with less. Football is a business. If you're making them money, you have the right to ask for a raise.
  7. Because he comes in and performs as if he doesn't.
  8. I apologize for my thread. I didn't see this one.
  9. No more drama than the people that snubbed him.
  10. Jake isn't on a rookie contact. You guys may be thinking of Beasley.
  11. True
  12. 4 of his 7 from 2016 were off of Julio's Hands. He was received by Hardy in that Raiders Game, but overall we need some hand glue.
  13. I'm sure there will be Ubers going in and out of Athens. If not, just rent to car. They will eventually have transit to Athens, but not currently. It's a good thing that it's MTSU, because traffic in Athens is horrendous on gameday.
  14. She's telling him to work on his accuracy.
  15. They have jokes, but still no back to back winning seasons?