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  1. True. The hate for the man is real. I can understand the dissatisfaction of his poor play, but he's not a bad person.
  2. WTH do you mean "The Racism at Georgia"? Like it's an excuse term. All you had to do was look at the racist B's people (Georgia Fans) were saying and posting about him online.
  3. This. He has no reason to play. He's also a high draft pick coming into the season.
  4. They didn't even attempt to resign him. No need to start an argument. We have some $hitty people in the FO.
  5. I didn't read what Alford and Hooper said, but you really can't blame them for beef. Alford was cut, and Trufant was garbage. Hooper was Matt's best target aside from Julio, and they treated him like garbage.
  6. Cam Jordan, Demario Davis or Alvin Kamara from the Saints. Mike Evans, Gronk, and Bruce Arians from the Bucs.
  7. We could have unloaded those guys when people offered compensation for them, but no. They thought that we would win it all for some reason last season.
  8. It used to piss me off that we had a 6'8" TE, and most of the passes to him we in his chest area.
  9. But isn't the point of this thread about Freeman not willing to play for less?
  10. May be a huge difference, but as a person (athlete or normal blur collar) you have a right to choose.
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