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  1. I guess the only time we see this weak zone is in practice. We are not as fortunate to meet teams doing this.
  2. Eric Berry playing slow @ss Gronk.
  3. Will Andy Reid put Hill back there for the return?
  4. Dumb @ss Auburn Tiger Move.
  5. Lol!!!
  6. Kill that BS CNN tell lies noise. Send that punk to the Southside of Chicago, and tell him to pull that stunt.
  7. I thought you were talking about that punk that was talking ish to the Native Americans.
  8. Saints Fans said that they were gonna own our new Benz, but their credit was denied.
  9. That facemask would have gave the Rams 1st and goal.
  10. OT should just be an extra period. That other BS can go.
  11. Which would be dumb as h3ll. He was in coverage, so he saw Ginn. If he's waiting on the ball, he wouldn't have jumped.
  12. God does not run the NFL.
  13. T-Rex h3ll. He didn't even try to extend his arms. That wasn't a coincidence.