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  1. A lot of minorities have been the right person for a lot of jobs here in the past, and we're overlooked for a Bart Simpson looking dude that was supposed turn us into the Patriots.
  2. Don't laugh yet. They're not playing the greatest OL in the NFL.
  3. And Arch was right on point. All three of Jordan's Sacks were Ryan's Fault. Matthews and Carpenter were as good as cheap paper plates. Couldn't hold anything.
  4. The reality of it is that Kaleb was holding his own. Cam Jordan seem to get sacks when Matt becomes the Statue of SackMe. Matthews on the other hand was beat right at the snap.
  5. I'm guessing you guys haven't noticed that we have not ran the ball really successful since Turner. Yeah, Freeman and Coleman have some decent years, but that was complimentary to the passing game. It's not Gurley, it Atlanta.
  6. They studied us. We are playing a RB the same as we play Brees.
  7. Cam Jordan always sack Matt Ryan at least 3 times. Like I said earlier, Matt Ryan alone will get him into the HOF.
  8. I really hate the media coverage of NFL Football. These MFs got every excuse in the world for Taysom Hill, but wanna talk down on a guy like Lamar Jackson. Reggie Bush punk *** giving him a C.
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