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  1. Maybe your perception of a rapist, murderer, and thug are black people. If you're surprised by a white male getting away with anyone these crimes. You're either blind or in denial. **** you, and you attempt at an insult.
  2. Nope, it happens. Trust me.
  3. North, South, East, and West.
  4. Actually bro, this stuff still goes on today.
  5. Takk's Granddaddy. J/k
  6. It's called matchups. Minnesota was not gonna man up too much, because Cam is a threat to run. They also took advantage of those coverage, and ran Stewart. Remember Freeman having a decent game vs Minnesota, and we stopped running the ball?
  7. Yep, and not to mention injuries like Shazier's. I remember when Dennis Byrd's Injury spooked me. I think that player never fully recover from these injuries.
  8. Bounty. Just like Dallas did Freeman.
  9. Wes didn't push him. He may have been holding him a little.
  10. An eye for an eye.
  11. The refund signaled timeout before Payton charged him.
  12. Actually, they probably don't recover.
  13. Boneheaded? You guys are funny. Like the dude was carrying the ball around like Shady McCoy or something. Freeman got popped. Coleman got popped. They were seeking revenge for Kamara, who got Debo'd. Ginn got Rico'd. Snead I still afraid of Neal from last season. No boneheaded fumble, he was hit. Play football sometimes.