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  1. 4 of 7 ints were dropped passes last season.
  2. I think that this may be part of the problem. We need to get out of that nice $1.6 Billion house. Those 3 road games will be very helpful.
  3. I said it during the game. I also said that Matthews was pulled on the play where he was called for holding.
  4. My thing is this. Why can't you lose easy games vs hard games? A loss is a loss, regardless of how you see it. If you win the tough games, then what's the problem? Besides, the Saints and Panthers were gonna be tough anyway.
  5. ZBS helped.
  6. It seems like almost every game we've played this season either us, or the other team has scored 17 or 23.
  7. Yep. I think that this is probably what the OP was getting at. If you have a rookie linebacker that is undersized (for the position he was playing, which was Beasley's Position and Reynolds') why keep letting him get abused?
  8. Well, the offense looked better last season, and the defense has this season.
  9. Everybody is injury prone, with the exception of Matt Ryan.
  10. Jones did take a nasty stiff arm from Landry, I think.
  11. Deion Jones is not 6'2". That 220 should be in question as well. I think he, and Duke are about the same size, but Jones is probably about Keanu Neal's size.
  12. I think it's about Duke Riley, but is really questioning Quinn. I personally think that Duke has looked decent, but has looked like a rookie. However, that's not our problem. The other guys that have not looked great.
  13. Especially since the run defense has been solid. We didn't lose that game because Jay Ajayi got over 100 yards rushing. His weak *** zone coverage killed us. Just like in the SB
  14. No different than Ryan getting hit late on almost every pass play. The refs know exactly what they are doing. No need to talk down on any player that is doing what he's supposed to do
  15. Not to mention that 9 minute drive