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  1. Speaking of yourself, I see.
  2. To h3ll with you both. I don't have to explain anything. There's no reason to not think Bridgewater can be the most successful QB in the division for 2020.
  3. Please read someone else's argument again.
  4. You're getting ahead of yourself. I'm not talking about what people have done in the past. I'm speaking on how he may perform this season.
  5. I didn't care about you stating your opinion, that was cool. My hammer was at the 8-8 record in a 17 game season.
  6. So, which do you think has a better chance. Teddy being the best QB in the NFC South, or any one team finishing 8-8?
  7. Now with the other jokes on here, this is the funniest. I'm willing to bet $100 dollars that there won't be one 8-8 team this season, if we play a full season.
  8. I was getting on here trying not to hear about it, because the rest of the social media, and the news speaks on it 24/7. Thanks for making people forget about football again.
  9. I wouldn't count the Panthers out. Bridgewater under Joe Brady may be the best QB in the NFC South. Robby Anderson, Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore, and Curtis Samuel.
  10. I like the video. I wouldn't mind ATL H** being on there. Maybe we'll save that for our team hype video.
  11. I didn't pay attention at all to it. Lol!!!
  12. That's an insult. Cam has been good overall in his career. Taysom Hill has been good on a team full of good players for some plays.
  13. We all know that Ridley an do that. I would like to put him on an island more.
  14. Hopefully he can get 21
  15. Question is, where would we play him? This is what I always questioned about Beasley. He and Matthews are about the same size. Matthews played in the right position most of his career.