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  1. He's a one cut guy too. He's essentially Tevin Coleman with better vision, and power.
  2. He did it in college. Wasn't in Cleveland long enough, and we didn't give him the opportunity to do it. If he goes to another team, they will put him back there.
  3. What will tear me up is his returning the opening kickoff for a TD for his new team.
  4. I doubt it. I'm sure he was well compensated for his intentional screw up.
  5. Nobody listens when people says the NFL is rigged. Dynasties are created. If you keep going with the myth that New England never pays stars, you'll always miss it.
  6. And you should be roasted again. Ryan is a big part of our success. A franchise QB is not a football position to get a discount on.
  7. Maybe he wants to be back in Texas. We don't have a glaring need at his position. We need to fill those positions that will immediately make us better. TE, G, WR, FB.
  8. We need this. Everybody else is criticized, Sark should be too.
  10. That the Eagles used the same play that we tried against then on their 2-Point Conversion Attempt? They almost converted. The difference was they fooled NE with a normal formation, and changed. Jeffrey didn't slip, but he was interfered with.
  11. A big fit too.
  12. ***** please!!!
  13. I'm cool. When you stop giving a **** about the past, and the fake mfs that keeps bringing it up. You're cool.
  14. Ok
  15. You're joking, right?