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  1. When I said we really never got anything, I was referring to compensation . We have the tendency to do things like allow a team to move up 15-20 spots, and only get 2 3rds for it. Cleveland made us pay them well to get Julio. That's how you stockpile picks.
  2. Twice the TDs as Julio Jones? Part of the reason is Julio Jones. Nobody is double teaming Hurst. I will give him this. He started out playing well. Matt missed him on a lot of passes he should have hit him on. At the same time, he hurt Matt at times.
  3. New GM, and we're already asking him to spend money on Hooker.
  4. The hate is unreal. Fields or Lance aren't any good, but the good ole QB Whisperer can help Darnold, Trubisky, Franks, etc? Atlanta is in Georgia.
  5. The problem is, were rarely load up on picks. We usually let others take advantage of us. People forget that prior to Dimitroff, we did trade high picks. We just never really got anything from them. Through all of the mediocre seasons, we only helped other teams get better.
  6. So now it's Dirk's Fault again? Unless he's a Gonzalez Type Threat, we seriously need a TE.
  7. Well, maybe you should agree with the OP. Nothing about Hurst showed me that we were secure at TE .
  8. That's just a way of dictating the pay scale. Not knock on Ryan. It's just another version of the American Way. I've said in the past that Ryan has earned his money, but every QB shouldn't be paid like that. Most that are have one thing in common, and it's not their playing capabilities.
  9. Look bro, you guys got it twisted. Nobody thinks a rookies will come in, and automatically take us to a Super Bowl. Matt is making a killing, and right now, it's killing us. If someone is willing to make a trade for him and Julio, we would be stupid not to do it. It takes a lot more than bad play calling to make you finish 4-12, and to have 3 straight losing seasons.
  10. That could happen, but those are the expectations anyway. I just don't get the logic that Dirk was the only reason we were not successful on offense.
  11. We will be footing most of the money anyway. The key is to get them off of the books, and get as many draft picks as you can.
  12. In a perfect world, those players would be nice. The only problem with this one is the Washington Trade. If that's all they're giving up to move up 13 spots, it's robbery.
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