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  1. How the **** you gone fine somebody for a facemask?
  2. I understand that you've gone through something Duke, but you're supposed to use that speech after having a good game, not a bad one. Before poor tink tink killed his girlfriend. He ran in the Olympics with two artificial metal legs.
  3. Browns have great fans. Believeland.
  4. True. People just gotta respect them. Things are coming together for them. I'm glad they won, because I didn't want to them to be without a win when we play them.
  5. Please explain this more?
  6. Especially if the refs start calling holding. Peters held Takk, and dominated Beasley.
  7. The new Mike Smith.
  8. You do realize that depth means we have an adequate amount of players at that position. Whether the generate pressure or not isn't a depth issue.
  9. Even if they're celibate.
  10. We have depth on the DL. MLB is an issue.
  11. Family time. Has a young son.
  12. Taveze fo sheezy
  13. Why is anything past #1 posted?
  14. He does fumble a lot. Great receiver though. He's not the problem. The MF throwing the ball to him is.