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  1. You harpooned it! I wouldn't change a word of this statement. It is the sad truth, through and through. At some point, Brees will not be able to overcome so much that is average about this team. Rise up!!
  2. If Harry comes back strong, falcons have 2 number two wideouts in my opinion. Just look at what he did when he was a rookie. Opposing teams won't know how to stop the leaks because Ryan will be like a kid in a candy shop baby!!
  3. RISE ON UP!!! Lets take it on into the dome and live it!!!
  4. Spoken the way only Samuel L Jackson can bring it!!! How can you not get wired for sound fellas?? I love that bone jarring hit w/ helmet flying!!!! Suddenly I have an urge for a Royale w/ Cheese... i think I may just have to look at this video JUST ONE MORE TIME....
  5. Man, I just love this kid. I hope Harry comes back with a vengeance, quicker, smarter, faster, and even more explosive.
  6. Its not a stretch to suggest that most of us on these boards have some healthy reservations about our D-line situation. Seems like if everyone was healthy at one time and babs was cleared, then we could potentially refer to this position as loaded. The most painful part for all of our mutual concern is the guesswork here. This "wait & see" thing is going to drive us all insane. Isn't it nice knowing that our Dline talent this year may fall anywhere along the full spectrum from "weak" to "strong" as a collective unit?? Another few months of this and just look for the guy who wanders the neighborhood mumbling to himself... that'll be me... bring on the 2010 season already!!
  7. who is this turkey anyways. no way i am reading this scroll of nonsense. this guy must be the people magazine of football and trust me I don't read that either. Sorry, I have to draw the line here and move on... have fun gents...
  8. End of story... I cant believe it even got off the ground! Id rather chew glass than have the TO soap opera continue in Atlanta... over and out....
  9. Regarding HD's injury, it still bothers me to this day. He looked unreal early on and I pray that he will come back 100%. It was a real gut-punch to the falcons offense and to Matt Ryan. All the best to you Harry!! Show us what U got my man!!
  10. Let me summarize what Roddy is really saying here... "ewwweee...My pu$$y hurts" Go ahead rodlick, just throw up all over yourself and call it a post... us falcons fans will all pause for moment while you pull your head out of your a$$... thanks for playing tho...
  11. for most of us this is a no brainer. Swift hitter just swang and missed again. Wifffff. But of course we respect his decision to disagree... again! One thing I will say about ol' swifty though is this... you don't back down from an argument and thats all good. I just think sometimes you have to concede the point sometimes bruh... I think he is a lawyer by trade personally... just a hunch! Take care gents...
  12. Best ever front office. No denying it. I ain't much on second guessing moves. It's too easy to do and hind- sight is always 20-20. Turn around a club that had sunk to an all time low with the Petrino/Vick situations, our front office was put together to completely restore our club and it happened!!! They completely retrofitted a team by losing and adding players in RECORD time and put up RESULTS immediately. Not unheard of, but rare indeed. All I know is we are winners now and the fans are proud. They deserve our admiration. We should always continue to hold them to high standards though. It's ok to have a problem or two with some picks. Afterall, i bet even TD is hard on himself when 100% accuracy is not achieved. The tools are in place and this is a long, continuous process. So far, I like the process and we are headed in the right direction!!!! Amen
  13. I agree with most of what you say. The key will be how well and how soon Jerry gets back to full tilt. Remember, his playing time and playing experience is still at rookie levels. If he is full strength, we could do something. Same goes for Moore. I love these guys and hope they can unleash!!!
  14. I hate to speculate on anything nfl... what i do like is that our staff takes em' one at a time! It's time we begin to take it to the next level. I want the rest of the nfl to fear playing the falcons in a very real way!!!
  15. I saw that. Wow, terrible blow to Pitt. I wish him a speedy recovery and hopes he can get back on the field in a year.
  16. Great fans all of you. Thanks for sharing your stories! For me, my father was career army. and we moved to Georgia for the second time in the 6th grade. We spent quite few years in Ga. and lived in about 4 places including Fort McPherson which was US Armys Forces Command. He retired in Georgia and I graduated from Saint Pius X Catholic HS & then got my degree from Ga Southern. I have since lived in Mandeville, La and now in Houston, TX. I played football, baseball, and basketball in HS and lived for sports. I became a huge fan of the Falcons, Braves, and Hawks and I remain a HUGE fan. It is an ingrained love that will never die out! It just kills me not being able to share my love of the falcons with others here in Houston as it is difficult to even find a game being covered here. I am the lone ranger during the draft too! Go Falcons!!!!
  17. which guy atlmycity or zigg zagg?
  18. Well hello, thats because the falcons never even entered his mind... what else is new with these media types. I mean if a falcon thought actually crossed one of his nerve synapses in his pea brain, he surely would have had to select a name or two from our club. Eh, who cares. We have a team first appoach anyways...
  19. Hey zigg zagg, why all the negativism & hate? Are u and atlmycity hangin out together? Poor little, attention seeking atlmycity, he just keeps trying soooo hard to be relevant but remains a weak troll who has to eat his lunch all by his lonesome. As a matter of fact, he doesn't even register as a blip on the falcons radar. You both are about as significant as an undigested bit of beef in the belly of real atlanta fans. Ha ha ha! He is suffering from childhood memories of not ever being selected during pick up games. Ok fellas, the short bus just pulled up and its time to run home to mama... have a clue!!!
  20. Look... pics of you at work trollin' w/ this weak post...
  21. Here are a couple of your troll friends that were found under a carolina bridge... they sprayed them w/ Raid.
  22. Me likey mikey... in a manly way of course...
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