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  1. I’ll be honest that’s a good question & the players were were horrid too. If we don’t see some sort of execution I’m open to start a rebuild. I’ll give it until mid season or so.
  2. Ya know, sometimes it’s actually good to be unmercifully humbled especially when it’s an all new staff. We know where we stand & it’s up to them to begin the turnaround. Some say a full rebuild. I think I’ll wait a good ways into the season whether we need to rebuild. But this was one embarrassing way to begin a new era. Like I said sometimes a game like this can actually spark your pride & manhood. Was this team that much worse than Philly? That’s tough to say right now. Right now they are.
  3. Fk it. I’m gonna just watch with neutral eyes & hope we progress. I mean after that horrendous display, up is the only way to go.
  4. At home. That’s the toughest part. Bucs have a nasty Dline too. Gonna be an interesting year LOL!
  5. We def look defeated. We don’t look like we’ve even practiced. So many mistakes & penalties & drops & not winning the LOS. I’d give Philly credit but our team is simply making them look better than they are.
  6. I have no idea why we won’t throw down field? If you’re worried about a sack roll him out. Right now we’re doing nothing to press these guys
  7. It doesn’t make one iota of a difference what a couple of posters consider to be “their standards for success”. Do you trust people who fought against drafting our #1 pick to set the benchmarks & conditions of his success. LOL of course not. Go back to the draft & pre-draft. Read the positions of those who are now setting up the benchmarks of success for those they did not want to be drafted by our team. Then ask yourself if you trust their “opinions” about a player they did not want our team to draft. Hmmm, this is so easy to decipher. Could it be that they’re still trying to force the WR vs TE agenda on everyone in order to reframe an already collapsed house of cards? It’s so obvious. Weren’t they calling for drafting the LSU WR because after all KP is just a glorified WR who can’t block? Yes yes yes, the butthurt is as strong as ever. They’ll never be honest enough to admit they’re still not happy. When it takes this much time & all these mental gymnastics to assign what their conditions of success might look like, I would simply ask yourself do I trust a poster that has shown pre & post draft reluctance to support our pick? I don’t. I’m on board with the pick & behind what the team decided to do. It was a smart move. KP will do what he does & if it helps our team overcome the loss of a great WR & help us in our quest to win games in a brand new era & a brand new scheme, then that’s all I need. I know one thing for sure, I’m not going to collaborate or listen to people who’ve proven unsupportive to define anything. Clearly they’re disingenuous at best.
  8. Don’t want to put too much pressure on our buddy Kyle. He’s plenty nervous to just get in that field & get his first catch under his belt. If BLM is unhappy that’s a good sign. The rest of us are just excited for the guy.
  9. The power of charm or attraction is only there because the guy’s a beast man. Anyone that’s in his league regardless of position will get paid. He’s WR#1 and as good as any in the league right now pretty much. The love & props for Crid are for his talent level & the fickle fruitcakes that change their attitude due to the size of a guys contract are nothing short of petty & superficial IMO.
  10. Hey MVP are you butt hurt man? So serious question gents… Why are you doing this to yourselves? Is it for therapeutic reasons because you don’t like the Pitts pick? You do your homework leading to the draft. Then you let the draft come to you in all it’s glory. Then you make your selection. Why are you living in the past? Have you not come to grips with the pick we actually made? What benefit is it using a hypothetical about something that didn’t happen, and wouldn’t have happened even in this made up scenario? I guess what I’m trying to find out is what drives you guys to think this way? The entire matter is a fantasy devoid of realism & reality. We’re about to tee it up & there are people still stuck back on draft day. Is this about trying to set yourselves up in the future if our Oline sucks or Pitts flames out or what? Just so you can be right?? 🤣 Pitts by all accounts was a no fkg brainer & was highly regarded as a legit top 3 pick. Knowing teams needed QB’s at the top is a given. Quite possibly the most prolific player in this draft was waiting for us & it was a match made in Heaven. You DON’T fk around. You slay it & pick the guy. The entire fantasy thingy applies to Julio too because they knew dam well that our bad attitude diva boy wanted to leave so it’s all a mute point! I don’t know why this irritates me. It’s just a dumb thread, but I guess I’m programmed differently than y’all. 3 pages of weird **** about puff the magic dragon. So what have we figured out from all of this? 🤓 but I digress… I lost 3 minutes of life oh well.
  11. When I was typing I knew one of you guys would have more info than I. What is the solution? I know one thing for certain, big tech is being protected right now by the government to insulate them from lawsuits by the public. This must change very soon because it’s a matter of free speech. It is not their duty or responsibility to judge what content should or should not be squelched. Ince they lose those protections, people will no longer be silenced. I have no idea how the “Networks” access their info or who they get it from or it they are the ones who actually create it. I like free enterprise. Competition will always breed fairness when people are offered choices.
  12. That’s great but good luck if there’s a storm! Cable & Direct TV rip-off days will soon be a thing of the past. These mongers took advantage of people for a long time because they could. I hope all these cable & dish companies go bankrupt. Think about it. They do nothing except essentially allow you to access data. They package it and manipulate it & then tell you what it’s worth lol. Just look at big tech now.
  13. And to think that CR said he was playing injured last year for a stretch… This dude is a freak & always has been.
  14. Yeah CeeDee needs to toughen up a lot man. Pretty boy works ok in NCAA but guts work better in the NFL. I like the kid but came away disappointed in his toughness & courage. Hope he works through it. Whats up with Evans though? He def didn’t look the same at all.
  15. So no doubt the OP’s question has been convincingly answered. I mean it was a no brainer to begin with anyways.
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