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  1. Hargrave & Cox escalated quickly that’s for dam sure
  2. Those Dlinemen didn’t come through that easy. It’s all doctored video. MR could have easily thrown for 400 yards. Quit making excuses for him he should be forced to sit in a red ant pile for 10 minutes buck *** naked.
  3. I think I’ve heard that in the board
  4. Yeah Fowler got torqued backwards quit a number of times. I will say that he kept fighting hard but he was outmatched unfortunately.
  5. He’s a good pro like Matt with a much bigger arm. I think they’re good friends.
  6. Looking at both Jameis Winston & Matt Stafford, it goes to show you just how much of a blessing it is to have a team & coaches around you! Wowza!
  7. Yeah man, me too. He’s a bad ***. Looks like his team loves him & what he can do with that big arm. Just goes to show you what a blessing it is to have a team & coaching around you.
  8. I’m sort of surprised he took a swing at a guy. He must have been really frustrated to hurt his team like that. Anything to distract us from our own pig slop is probably good right now.
  9. Nice job hoo. Luckily we slayed it over here! No dumb *** penalties or lining up wrong while we poured on the points.
  10. Yeah we coulda placed a frozen TV dinner at LG yesterday & chances are someone would have tripped & stumbled on it for a higher grade. Starting at LG for the Atlanta Falcons… Hungry Man! go for it big fella!!
  11. No prob man. I’m a big believer in fortifying the trenches in both sides. But Pitts & Grant were good picks & Mayfield only saw the field due to a couple of ill timed injuries. We have to see what we have as all of them develop I guess. All these posts just screaming about things is great & all but solve nothing right now. We faced & gonna face a top 3 Dline in games 1 & 2 & that’s the way it goes. The injuries sucked & who knows we may have sucked even if the injuries didn’t happen but it’s gonna take time. I just look at your post as another scream at the sky reaction & I’m willing to admit that I don’t know how it all plays out. we could suck long term this year or not? I just thought I’d fk with you because it’s too early for hindsight. I’ve actually put myself in that “feel nothing” mode. I do that after we proceed to embarrass ourselves at such a prolific level. I’m good for that one game of utter frustration & then I’ll just say to myself, fk it, if it’s another Falcon’s year of stinking dumpster liquid then compartmentalization may be a good strategy to avoid bitter frustration & disappointment. Smiley face. I won’t go into trashing draft picks. It’s premature.
  12. You guys go ahead & pick out our next QB. Keep us posted on who it’ll be or the top candidates. Weekly reports would be great. Right now the next in line if MR goes down is Rosen or Franks. Then they’ll stand back there while 300 pounders pour through directly in front of them. They can run. That’s great & all, but is this how you write up the plan? No, you prefer to actually block guys & occasionally scramble for a first. If they both get plowed then Gage can step in. Then maybe in another year or two you guys will know who our new guy will be. It’s gonna be fun & exciting but we better hope & pray we put a team around him guys. Ain’t no way any team or QB can have success without a little help from his friends. A defense would be good. An Oline would be sweet. It’ll be a blast when it happens but right now we better figure out a way to win & keep our QB’s alive before we’re replacing him with a ghost right now. Why is it that some of you guys think you’re some sort of martyrs or hero figures by popping off about the QB? Do you really think we’re all blind homers who have no clue & we’re somehow miraculously unaware that Ryan is playing in his last few seasons? Or that we’re not considering the next era where we groom or draft another QB? Or that we somehow wouldn’t be extremely excited about the next potential QB of the Atlanta Falcons? I won’t insult your intelligence but have you guys actually considered that most of us are fully aware of MR’s strengths & weaknesses & how close we are to considering the next big changing of the guard…. But whatever you do, stop patronizing us & our current QB as if we’re fkg illiterate & maybe join us in trying to do the best we can with the one who deserves more respect. Some of you guys are incapable of being mature adults & prefer to carry hatred in your hearts. That’s your problem. The rest of you I ask to stop pretending we’re some sort of drooling homers with no idea what’s going on or with no clue about our team. It doesn’t take 3 doctorates in academia to see this team needs one heck of a lot of help right now. If you think it’s the QB position where we fell down yesterday, you didn’t watch the game. Sure MR can’t run around like others but we knew that **** coming into it. There’s a bunch of positions that fell down yesterday & a lot of stupid mistakes made. So please stop patronizing us with your dim witted condescension. Thanks…
  13. Are all his legal issues over with or is it still a fkg bag of poop? Why hasn’t anyone grabbed him up yet? Serious questions…
  14. Well done OP Most all of us feel the same way. Even after a horrific showing, a level headed reaction is always better received. We can all express our disgust, disapproval & disappointment without USING the turmoil to attack or fulfill an agenda. The ones who take this approach are actually more disgusting than the game itself.
  15. So how many starters do you expect out of a draft & what makes you think that Grant won’t be a starter or at least a rotational starter in year 1 playing a very complex nfl position? Grant was an excellent pick by all accounts bro. Getting even a couple of starters out of a draft in year one is quite good I imagine. If you get others contributing also it’s even better. Mayfield was not meant to be thrown to wolves & it dam sure showed yesterday. But two injuries later to Gono etc, & we knew it would be blood bath against that Philly front. Top 3 in the league. Just chill for a year or two & if they all suck you can complain. Why can’t a bunch of you guys just refrain from the explosive diarrhea responses? Just say it was an embarrassing loss & understand that we’ll have a better assessment by mid season on whether the year is wasted or not? It requires some self control however. There are genuine trolls who live for this sort of strife. We are all just disgusted with that horrendous game as we expected not to see what we’ve gotten used to in the past. That’s what’s so disappointing to me. We actually got worse than what once was under DQ.& DK. I’m wide open now to see what AS will do. For the team’s sake it has to get much much better than that last display. I’m disappointed but have to give them time.
  16. We’re all upset about the crap show yesterday. But it wasn’t Rich McKay getting bull rushed into the backfield on every snap. It wasn’t RM lining up in multiple illegal formations. It wasn’t RM dropping balls. It wasn’t RM with b2b offensive PI penalties or him whiffing on sacks & tackles or getting blown off the LOS. I can’t stand the guy either. But he’s AB’s chum & AB is ultimately the figure head behind anything RM is doing. I have no idea what AS was doing yesterday either. Once the run game went south we imploded. The receivers couldn’t get open & 12 penalties sucked the life out of any chance at getting into a rhythm or sustaining momentum. After about the 3rd collapse of the pocket, IDK maybe roll Ryan the fk out of there or something? Not sure but if this will be the norm when our run game stops working, then we better rethink things. Without a doubt this was a top 5 falcon implosion to kick off the TF/AS era & I hope they’re concerned. The players failed to execute at every level.
  17. Just look at Jameis Winston. He can bake a cake with that Oline. It can happen but no way is MR gonna have 1/3 of that time. Philly Dline is tough so we got to give em props on that. Welcome to the NFL coach!
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