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  1. You don’t need to blitz when your 3-4 down linemen crash the pocket relentlessly. This is actually worse than blitzes because all of your back end remains in place to defend the pass. So exposed gaps in coverage left by a blitzing LB or CB or S.
  2. He must still be around to keep your drivel in check I guess.
  3. So is Watson a victim here? I have no clue whether there is fire in all that ugly smoke. Sounds like Watson still has tons of legal issues at best & potential character problems or jail time at the worst. I have no idea. That’s why I asked. I don’t follow that side show. Then again if teams are actually pursuing him maybe they know more about the situation. But how much can one actually truly know about his personal/legal life? Clearly there must be contention in Houston because they’re sitting on him & benching him at least until the November 2nd trade deadline. You’re right, Houston wants big compensation with a mix of players & picks it looks like. But there must be some contention if they’re sitting him until November. They’re pulling their leverage power on the guy. So it must be ugly. No way a team would give that much only to risk him being guilty of this stuff. That wouldn’t be a good look for a franchise. Houston has been a Royal mess man. But they did win their 1st game.
  4. Don’t cry to me about it, take your big red nose & floppy shoes & march on down to TF’s office & throw your fit with him. It’s his way of thinking you stooge! We’re all fresh out of patience with all the MR blaming my man. You don’t need to be a Rhodes Scholar to figure out it that it ain’t his fault. It makes no difference what you feel is the right time to rebuild. The decision has Ben made. We all know Ryan needs some protection. Amazingly he wasn’t a runner in the past or now. We knew this coming in even before the Oline injuries. He’s like Brady, Brees, & others. But we’ve failed our QB in Atlanta. Rarely providing adequate linemen & seldom an average D. If you’re living in the past with QB4 butt hurt, that’s not helping you with reality. Trashing Ryan changes nothing. I posted earlier that some of you chumps should get a grip if you don’t think we’ll all be ready for a change when it happens & be excited about it, then you’re not only a hater but a delusional hater. Nobody has an issue with criticism because he deserves it oftentimes. But he’s way way down on the list of the team’s problems. He’s always been one of the team’s strengths. If you want to moan, moan about the Oline. The mistakes. The 12 penalties & missed tackles. Quit clowning around with the bs Ryan distractions. honk honk 🤡
  5. I invite them all to begin punching themselves in the face repeatedly until they pass out. Then upon waking up resume punching until they realize just how insignificant they truly are. Why? Just for entertainment!
  6. LOL, we deserve it if he is. What will we do about it?
  7. Obviously my point was anyone who can run away from the onslaught! I like what Rosen did though. I would love to see him turn his career around. In the ATL. It would be quite a story line. Got to like his arm.
  8. AS can make that call man. All I know is whomever gives us the best chance to win. Heck even Franks might have a better chance running for his fkg life bro!
  9. All I know is we might want to get him some throws down field. AS I’m talking to you sir!
  10. You’re smoking some bad **** man. Paranoid & delusional. Sober up hombre.
  11. I don’t care what they say about Taysom Hill. The dude wouldn’t even be in the league if it weren’t for the Saints Oline & Payton’s scheme. Jameis was a no brainer starter with arm talent & a nice deep ball. He will have a big year on that team & lots of drives with that defense getting the ball back consistently.
  12. I’m watching Jackson right now & he has plays where he stands there untouched for 6, 7 seconds. We’d fkg kill for half of that time. 😳
  13. That sounds logical. You have to remember the media tries to be PC or even take positions to get attention & clicks & audience. We went our own route & it is what it is. I just love Pitts & hope AS uses him more. Anything less is not cool. Eisen isn’t happy cuz he drafted Pitts in FF LOL!
  14. It’s hard to watch man. Lol, an absolutely brutal day.
  15. Romero. Not sure man. There are plenty of guys on the board who are just straight trolls & who have only a one track mind of how they would ever be happy. One is win a SB. How fkg brilliant is that logic? The other is that MR is the scapegoat for all things Falcons & they’ll never pull their heads out of their *** until he’s retired or traded. That’s how much they’re blinded by hate. MR drives us all crazy sometimes. If the coach didn’t roll him out then he should have just done so but I mean at the same time you’d think we’d be able to get him another second or two. The guy will read defenses & carve your *** up with even just a small window of time. Look at Winston & Hurts yesterday. Rogers was freaking out under pressure & Winston & Hurts both had time to see the field & let patterns develop. Even Ryan can actually run for a first if it’s clear there’s a huge lane in front of him. But he was surrounded most every second with no escape routes whatsoever lmao. I know you personally don’t care for MR now either but I don’t think you’re filled with hatred line some of these other winners.
  16. Eisen is spot on. But I couldn’t tell if he was feeling sorry for MR & with this team we just should have drafted a QB because MR would simply spend his life in his back or if he was somehow blaming Ryan for the thrashing?? In either case no QB either veterans or rookies was going to do anything in that environment lmao.
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