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  1. How can you possibly say that knowing we have two critical injuries & our coach had basically no choices left! You cannot possibly be this unaware.
  2. Great information to digest man, thanks for sharing. When I see your passion for your team it makes me happy. That’s the way it should be. I so wish our team would come back to the days where all of us us can be proud. The MR era will close, an unfortunate failure of our org to put a team good enough to compete around him in place. Lord knows it happened frequently around the league. But ultimately a new day will dawn & I still like our staff & trust that they’ll overcome! Meantime, we’ll persevere my brother! Go Falcs, go UAB!
  3. You have to be fair BLM. If I’m not mistaken both Gossett & Dalman played sparingly? You watched it. Did you feel that at every crucial point in the game when we dug a hole with penalties etc, that MR had even a prayer when they teed off? They didn’t even have to blitz to my amazement which only compounded the problem. I’m not a fan of MR not just saying fk it I’m gonna roll on out of this freaking kill zone just so I can scan the field, but there’s no way we could all get our heads around that push we witnessed. So if two of your 5 Olinemen lose their matchup on critical downs consistently, are you suggesting the pressure just wasn’t there? You watched the game. I was covering my face in exasperation. Its all fine, we have work to do & I know you ‘ I both want to win.
  4. Roddy White’s Alma Mater bro! I hear they have a decent team man so keep the faith. The Dawgs are for real bud! Nothing to be ashamed of considering how well that run D looked. We’re talking huge difference in recruiting here buddy. Lots of these men will be pros.
  5. Awesome! Their run actually hung in there but dogs hit like six straight long scoring TD’s.
  6. Niece plays soccer for UAB lol. I told my brother she needed to get suited up at halftime 😜
  7. You & me both!! We deserve utter humiliation right now. That’s sort of why I posted this. It shows the glaring difference between what a team can suddenly become & what a team can continually sink to! Hello!
  8. That’s what I was thinking. I guess they didn’t base it all off of our lame 1 horror show.
  9. I really don’t. I was sort of amused at the width of the spectrum. You know, morbid curiosity. I was actually hoping we’d be even further down
  10. Rank 28 2Atlanta Falcons 0-1 Previous rank: No. 26 The Falcons entered Week 1 with sky-high expectations for their offense. Julio Jones was gone, sure, but the arrival of No. 4 overall pick Kyle Pittsand a gifted play-caller in new head coach Arthur Smith seemed to be a recipe for fireworks. On Sunday, Atlanta fired off a bunch of duds. The Falcons managed just two field goals and didn't have a play from scrimmage that went beyond 18 yards in a 32-6 loss to the Eagles. Struggles on defense are expected in Atlanta this season, but Sunday's putrid performance by the offense needs to be an aberration ... or else. "I feel awful for our fans and everybody who showed up today," Smith said. "We'll do a better job. That game is not going to define us." Rank 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-0 Previous rank: No. 1 The Bucs committed four turnovers and surrendered 451 total yards against the Cowboys, but they found a way thanks to that little bit of magic Tom Bradyseems to bring to every team he plays for. The ageless G.O.A.T. picked apart the Dallas secondary with surgical precision and got fountain of youth-level performances from Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski, who accounted for more than 200 yards and three TDs. Brown looks primed for an All-Pro season, while Gronk was rampaging around the field like he was 27 again. Brady's talented group of pass catchers run so deep that a perennial Pro Bowl talent like Mike Evans can disappear from the game plan and the unit doesn't miss a beat. Scary stuff. OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM LINE EM UP & LET EM PLAY!!
  11. I meant mostly blaming AS. I went back & clarified. No way AS thought he’d have to throw the guy in there. But he really didn’t have much choice. I hope Mayfield will not allow the *** beating to affect his mental stability. I worry about his confidence as well amigo.
  12. Dude you’ve got to recognize the two injuries to be fair. I’m not busting you but it really sucks for the O, our coach & the team. We can only see how it plays out. I mean coach doesn’t have much of a choice after the injuries. I hope Mayfield doesn’t get permanently damaged mentally man.
  13. LOL joeyg2033 came out of the gate swinging ready to **** all over Ryan & this thread, then he’s like…oh wait!
  14. Yeah that’s funny as ****! But in all fairness… The guy was never supposed to man starting LG for us to begin with let alone against a top 3 Dline. I’ve resigned myself to moving on & just letting the guy get a baptism by fire. If that means lining him up 1on1 at practice with Jarret until he slowly improves then so be it That coupled with lining up against NFL teams like the Bucs & Saints will be a ridiculously brutal undertaking sure to forge him into a better player.
  15. We must fix it, but the original plan didn’t include being down two linemen to injuries. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss Gono. He’s a tough, more refined product & would have faired much better against the Eagles. But here we are. Like AS said, we have a problem & it needs to get better. If it doesn’t we can’t continue doing the same thing. It’s his responsibility to fix it & he said he knew what he was signing up for when he took the job. Right now the main areas of concern are: LG (C/RT but to a lesser degree) Mental errors & penalties on O Red zone efficiency (also refer to item2) Pass rush & Dline (pressure, containment & getting pushed off the LOS) Utilizing Pitts (lack thereof)
  16. Yes you are. Looks like most people here have you figured out pretty well mister lame. Lmao.
  17. I couldn’t get to a TV til late 2nd Qtr. So I missed the food drives when we moved the ball well. I checked it out last night on the recording. It gave me a glimmer of hope. Whatever happens, we’ll just grit our teeth & try to endure the baby mouth breathing trolls.
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