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  1. And of course he still in the game & we’re throwing to him for the pick. That makes me so angry. 😡
  2. Our fans are meant to just suffer lol. Just unlucky too! Blocked pass at the LOS for the gift interception. It’s hard to even fathom just how unbearable it is to be a fan of this team!
  3. I know buddy, two of the best Dlines so we need to push ourselves.
  4. You. An say that about any rookie. But Pitts is going to awesome bro. If we can just block better, he’ll have a good year.
  5. Feed Pitts & get Ridley involved too. It’s tough to get the ball downfield with no time.
  6. So MR 16/20 151 yards with zero blocking. At least we’re fighting. Pitts with 66 yards. I guess we’ll need some big breaks/turnovers to have a chance. Got to keep getting better & not give up.
  7. 21 pts first half No coverage No rush blown off the ball on both sides. Gage injured as usual 2-3 yard pass plays Ryan literally running for his life every single time. Brady sits there scanning the field not even worried a bit.
  8. No he wouldn’t. He would have watched the blitzed fall on the ground & hit the same open guy Brady hit.
  9. Yup just keep forging & refining. Do the best you can to encourage your weakest players so they can improve. Eventually replace them via the draft unless they develop into strengths. These games will expose weaknesses. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Keep working AS. Keep working team. We’ll come around.
  10. Well at least we beat them on total penalties 12-11.
  11. McLaurin had a good night. Got to give it to him but the Giants sort of let it happen I guess.
  12. I hate to say it but it sort of makes you feel bad for Jones but at the same time makes you feel like our own misery has company. Hahaha.
  13. Just goes to show you that our team isn’t the only club making big dummy mistakes lmao!
  14. Chip shot no good, and Giants implode. How fkg stupid can a man possibly be? 🤣
  15. Pass rush not the most daunting tonight. Both sides.
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