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  1. I’m a reasonable man. I defend from haters but call the dude out when I need to 👍
  2. Nah, he ain’t a bad dude bro. Sounds more like you’re into soap opera nonsense dude. I hear story after story about players & teammates who say great things about him. I mean the Bucs team raves about his genuine care & respect for them. Here’s just one small example of the real Brady from James Harrison. Tom Brady’s Former Teammate Wanted to Hate Him When He Joined the Patriots: ‘He’s Feeding Me Some BS’ by David Wysong on August 19, 2021 Tom Brady and the New England Patriotshad significant success together, but all of their winning gave them quite a few haters. That hatred wasn’t just exclusive to fans, though, as some players who New England often beat also had disdain for Brady and his team. In fact, James Harrison, the Pittsburgh Steelers legend, who eventually became TB12’s teammate in New England in 2017, recently admitted he wanted to hate Brady when he joined the Pats. But the GOAT made it hard for him to do that. James Harrison played Tom Brady and the Patriots quite a bit Other than the AFC North teams that James Harrison played twice a year while on the Steelers, he went up against Tom Brady and the Patriots more than any other team in the NFL, facing them eight times throughout the regular season in his career. However, the linebacker only went 3-5 in those games and had three sacks. Harrison also had two postseason matchups against the Patriots, one coming in the AFC Championship Game during the 2004 season, and the other in the same spot but during the 2016 campaign. New England won both games, though, and Harrison only had seven combined tackles and no sacks. Those obviously weren’t the only times Brady and the Pats were the rulers of the AFC. Although Harrison played in three Super Bowls with the Steelers, the Patriots were likely in the big game all of the other seasons, as the Pats reached the Super Bowl nine times between 2001 and 2018 and seven times during Harrison’s career. Seeing that same team — and that same quarterback — at the top for so long would make anyone develop a dislike for them. So, when Harrison joined the Patriots in 2017, he wanted to hate his new QB. He wanted to hate Tom Brady when he joined the Patriots The 2017 campaign was the final year of Harrison’s career, and when the Steelers cut him late in the season, he signed with that team everyone hated: the Patriots. The 2008 Defensive Player of the Year only played in one regular-season game with the Pats and racked up two sacks before playing in all three postseason games, including the Super Bowl, and recording seven total tackles. New England lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl that year, 41-33. However, when Harrison first joined the Patriots during the regular season, Tom Brady was not how he expected him to be. “The first person I met was Tom, and he just introduced himself as if I didn’t know who the **** he was,” Harrison said on the Aug. 18 episode of The Pat McAfee Show. “But he does that with everybody. He’s just a genuinely good person. I wanted to hate him when I got there, so I’m like, ‘He’s feeding me some BS. He’s just being a good guy in front of me.’” He continued: “So, I’m sitting back, watching him for like a week or two, and finally I had to tell him, ‘Dude, I wanted to come here and hate you.’ … That’s why everybody [likes] him, man; he’s a good dude. From the practice squad guy that comes in the first day, he’s like, ‘Hey, how you doing, I’m Tom Brady,’ like they don’t know who the **** he is; that’s just him. That’s his personality. He’s just a good dude.” It sounds like despite Brady being the greatest football player to ever play, he’s still a humble guy who treats his teammates well. But he may have just revealed why he was so nice to Harrison. TB12 responded to James Harrison’s comments Tom Brady of the New England Patriots before a game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Nov. 17, 2019. | Mitchell Leff/Getty Images Once Pat McAfee tweeted out the clip of his interview with Harrison, Brady quote-tweeted it and said, “I mean…why would anyone ever not be nice to [James Harrison]?!” with a laughing emoji. Given that Harrison is 6 feet tall and 242 pounds of pure muscle, Brady probably has a point. Quarterbacks feared him throughout his career, so why would anyone want to make a guy like that mad? The former Steelers star, though, said the QB had plenty of reasons to not be nice to him. “If you only knew the names I called you before I met you, you wouldn’t have been,” Harrison replied with eyes and laughing emojis. It’s safe to say that Brady and Harrison became frenemies real quick once the linebacker joined the Pats.
  3. Ok so fine, we got Tommy boy on a no-no in an otherwise great career. Who gives a crap? I don’t. Then again I’m not looking for anything I can find to rub on Brady boy either. So now we’re all worried about a guy’s wife who loves her hubby going solo to scold some folks lol. Imagine having a wife like that lunatic witch Grimes has 😄 OK so maybe pretty boy Tommy ain’t such a saint after all. Dude is probably got more of a “I’ll do anything I can to rip your heart out & show it to you before you die”, but also knows how to milk that all American boy crap like a champ, and that has you coming unglued hahaha. You see, it doesn’t even register on my Richter scale. As far as football goes, his legacy will never be touched. A 6th freaking rounder that got in as a backup after an injury & proceeded to slay the NFL beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. I don’t care about all that other crap. It pales in comparison to some clown beating his old lady or other nonsense. C’mon man. I just notice the hate that’s all.
  4. Frame that reply. We’re on the same page. You don’t play fearful in this league & you must attack. Roll the dude out on PA & use your weapons!! You’re going to get me riled up again.
  5. Agreed. I mean at the very least fake it to him up the middle to release into the EZ into a zone gap. I mean it draws bodies away from Gage & Ridley at the very least.
  6. Let’s suffice it to say there was enough screw ups on our team including coaching to share with everyone. A true crap fest. Penalties, missed assignments, crappy plays, no Pitts, a dumpster fire.
  7. So he’s not a fkg Boy Scout. I still don’t hate the guy. I really still don’t get all that. You got to be kidding on calling his teammates out. Countless times I’ve seen him literally unloading on his dudes. This is what I’m talking about, you’ll say anything cuz your blind wit dat hate man. C’mon mang! The deflate gate bull crap was a fkg joke to hammer Brady. They destroyed that team & the ball had nothing to do with it. Go ahead ‘ buy into the cheater crap I really don’t care man. If we k ew what teams did across the league we’d probably **** ourselves. It’s just hate bro. It’s a free country dude, have at it. I said my piece.
  8. I’m just unloading steam. The throw to Davis was off. Maybe he was half watching Henn two feet in his face bending backwards who knows, still not a good throw. The end zone throw was just an entire disaster unfolding in front of him. I don’t see why the WR didn’t just settle in that gap. So who knows on that throw but Ryan coulda made a better throw. He’s seeing it in fast motion too so I’ll keep that in mind. Whatever. 14 pts up in smoke.
  9. Where’s the killer instinct by the whole lot of em? Last Sunday I was just discouraged, now I’m pi-zzed!! 😡
  10. WHERE THE FK IS KYLE PITTS??? AS needs to wake the fk up. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now but wow Baldy calls it dead balls on accurately man.
  11. Amen bro. He was battling a much bigger & stronger man too. The rest of his team mates were standing around with their thumbs up their *****!
  12. AS I hope you’re watching. I know the guy is a rookie but to be this clueless is scary. MR you fkg chicken **** panzy! You should be ashamed of yourself I don’t care what Cox was doing in front of you bro, those two throws were cowardly & well below the standards of any QB in the league who at least has one nut in his sack. Man! That just pizzed me off watching that **** show from any perspective. Block someone & throw the dam ball in there you clownshow idiot! If this crap keeps up, I’m all for blowing it up. Do your jobs you bunch of fairies! Where’s the courage? This was even before Ryan began getting hit in the mouth! Baldy didn’t even get into the penaltidown there in the RZ either. AS you best get your guys in line bro cuz this town has had it with the sub standard product that get trotted out on Sundays. I wish I didn’t have to see that. That’s just weak & shouldn’t have to even be coached.
  13. Just how hard is it to figure out that you might want to block the only guy in the fkg vicinity?
  14. I truly do not understand all the Brady hatred? What’s the matter with you guys? To let this guy be in your head so badly is sort of sad. It’s telling & actually speaks more about just how great the guy is. The guy is basically a fkg competitive freak. All that bs about deflated footballs is horse manure. All that crap about cheating is horse manure. He’s lost more SB’s than most have been in. The dude is a legend man. There are now infomercials out about how he’s the luckiest guy in the world. Lmao! You can say that about almost anyone. Luck is where preparation meets up with hard work. If you’re mind is so filled with hate that you refuse to acknowledge his accomplishments for what they are, then you need help. You’ll walk 10 miles around the truth to avoid the fact that everywhere & everyone he’s worked with says the complete opposite. Great QB, great competitor, great worker, great leader, great communicator, great ambition, great heart, great student of the game, great encourager, great finisher, great family man, great generosity, great locker room presence, great teacher, great motivator, and a fkg legendary winner whose feats on the football field will never be matched. Ever. You can cuss at him, demean his accomplishments & scream at the sky & refuse to acknowledge it, but that doesn’t change a thing. We actually have some fools here who’ll fall all over themselves defending players with 1/100th of these traits/accomplishments who get in trouble with the law, beat their old ladies, have drug issues, drive drunk, get caught with weapons, chase ho’s in nightclubs & can’t hold Brady’s jock. It’s simply justification that the greater the man the greater the number of liars & enemies. Count em, 7 fkg world championships. The last of which on a team who had about the same chance as the Falcons at being in the big show. He brought the entire team & franchise together in Tampa after leaving his old team behind & learning a new offense. The odds of that happening were probably ridiculously low and lucky Tom did the unthinkable again. You piece of poop lucky *******!! Y’all crack me up man.
  15. Marlon needs to step it up. Cominsky was on skates too. When is the team going to start getting some real strong men on the inside or outside? I’m not giving up on them but how long has it been & how long will it be before we have some fkg real men on our lines? I mean the league is filled with guys on many teams & we seem to miss on every single one. Just pull up all the teams across the league & look along the Dline. It’s littered with these guys but our team hasn’t found one fkg answer in years to help Grady out on the edge or inside. It’s an epic failure of talent evaluation or having a model of what works. Heck most of us fans could have had better luck using the eenie meenie minie mo methodology. Have mercy!
  16. Because he’s 6’6” tall, 245lbs and has the longest wingspan in the nfl in ages? I dunno, yeah he also did it in college and all day long in camp?? Please spare me.
  17. Bull crap. Dude is a RZ threat period. There is no excuse to not get him balls all over the field & especially in the RZ. Fk the rookie crap, he’s the 4th overall pick. AS needs to get him involved like right away man. My gosh!
  18. We have to hit the guy. But he also has a way of burning blitzes too. So if Grady can pull off a game like he did in the SB that would be helpful. I hate the idea of Cominski in the inside. He got blown out too last week. Put him on the outside to set a freaking edge. He was way more effective there anyways.
  19. Then why do so many guys dread him quizzing them on their individual responsibilities? Weird.
  20. How can you possibly say that knowing we have two critical injuries & our coach had basically no choices left! You cannot possibly be this unaware.
  21. Great information to digest man, thanks for sharing. When I see your passion for your team it makes me happy. That’s the way it should be. I so wish our team would come back to the days where all of us us can be proud. The MR era will close, an unfortunate failure of our org to put a team good enough to compete around him in place. Lord knows it happened frequently around the league. But ultimately a new day will dawn & I still like our staff & trust that they’ll overcome! Meantime, we’ll persevere my brother! Go Falcs, go UAB!
  22. You have to be fair BLM. If I’m not mistaken both Gossett & Dalman played sparingly? You watched it. Did you feel that at every crucial point in the game when we dug a hole with penalties etc, that MR had even a prayer when they teed off? They didn’t even have to blitz to my amazement which only compounded the problem. I’m not a fan of MR not just saying fk it I’m gonna roll on out of this freaking kill zone just so I can scan the field, but there’s no way we could all get our heads around that push we witnessed. So if two of your 5 Olinemen lose their matchup on critical downs consistently, are you suggesting the pressure just wasn’t there? You watched the game. I was covering my face in exasperation. Its all fine, we have work to do & I know you ‘ I both want to win.
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