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  1. When it all boils down to gravy, just the simple fact that he’s already talking about our newly drafted rookie is a great sign of things to come! Outside of Cam making himself look dumb again, it shouldn’t bother any of us in the very least. If Cam gets under your skin, you’re probably in rough shape lol.
  2. It'd help drive the point home, but beating them or not doesn't do anything to disprove my opinion of the guy. He does make himself look foolish & he clearly doesn't see it. I don't hate the guy, I just think it makes him look really stupid sometimes. I sort of like his personality sometimes too. Weird. Maybe he does it to earn dirt bag aint fan points. IDK.
  3. Praying for a God's healing power to be upon Gregg & that he would restore him back to health.
  4. This dude loses more respect each & every time he feels it necessary to talk about other people’s business. I’m beginning to notice that maybe he’s just too stupid to understand these things. Please zip it up Cam, you’re embarrassing yourself & your team. Have a clue bro.
  5. And lose your soul & never know what life can can be when your spirit is alive with passion. I was talking with a buddy who built a home about the same time I did atop the Tennessee mountain range. He comes from a dirt poor, no name town in TN & joined the Air force to do things that still amaze me when I listen to his stories. This guy rolled up in my driveway tonight after a week on the road. 62 years old, he & his wife on a bike traveling thousands of miles seeing the breathtaking sights & only stopping when they were exhausted. You can’t put a price on these things. I just happened to watch an old clip of Bob Segar singing a song about one of his experiences that burned into his very soul. It made me think of all the amazing experiences I’ve had in life because I could & I did. Thinking to myself how tragic & sad it is that there are young men who won’t ever experience life in any real way. Just quit everything you’re doing while your young & sell out everything to live out dreams that you have. This country is vast & great & will never let you down if you just go do it. Go talk to people across the country that you’d never ever get the chance to meet otherwise. Stop sitting in bondage & stuck in a life that’s never going to make you feel alive. Just go & let God lead you. You’ll know when it’s time to settle. Get away from those who’ll never know life in a more meaningful way. LOL, go!!!
  6. I think because it is lost behind all the other chaos going on in this country. It’s becoming unsafe. Just be sure to arm yourself, that is all a man can do.
  7. That’s wild man. I can’t help but feel like there’s no real protection anymore & an unwillingness to expend the resources to track down these folks. So sad for your work mates.
  8. I long for the day I personally catch someone breaking into my car. I’ve had things stolen from my vehicle in my own driveway. Talk about feeling personally violated & disrespected. All I could think of was they were almost in my home where my family lay asleep & I wasn’t able to protect them or my property. It eats at the very soul of who you are as a man. I’m struggling trying to find any light side or humor in this story. There aren’t too many things worse than a thief. Hope they find these losers & put em away. Maybe they’ll find some surveillance tape or something geesh.
  9. Haha, nice song. then the piano had me nostalgic for another
  10. It is indeed how I feel personally. In this forum it can be a place where we roll around in the slop of the past & allow our personal connection to a player to prevent us from connecting with the possibilities of our future without that player. Some here, use the player, by elevating him above the team as a whole, as a means of venting personal issues and/or trash talking the team in general. Julio, as awesome as he is as a player, is not above the team or the overall welfare of the team. He was a part of the team up until his presence became disadvantageous to it’s continued welfare. To continue to live in the past only serves people’s personal agendas. If a team is to remain a healthy entity, it needs to make difficult decisions. The staff made critical, well thought out decisions regarding who would stay & who would go. I agree with those decisions as they were based upon sound logic. Those that may not agree, are more apt to backbite & continue living in the past & dwell on it as a means of exorcising their personal demons so to speak …lol. Oftentimes those personal perspectives reflect unresolved problems they choose to continue laundering on the forum. When that becomes clear to me, I choose to vocalize my preference to move on. & just let go of a guy whose no longer part of our future plans.
  11. You mean keep the offense guessing I think. I mean the problem with our old regime was our defense WAS guessing LOL!
  12. Dude, we hashed through this so many times predraft that it’s as old as the crust on your underwear. You know this had little to do with Sewell & much more about your poor position regarding Pitts. So please stop playing the scatterbrained angle man. We all laid out our reasoning ad nauseam back then. No way am I going to go redredge all of our winning positions on the matter again. But since it’s probably still available to read, please feel free to go educate yourself again. Seems like you learned very little since then.
  13. I don’t agree with those rankings either but BLM was just being antagonist about the TE position in general & the extra attention he needed about Pitts specifically lmao. There’s a lot to be said about offensive linemen in general tasked with blocking defenders without holding so I am in agreement there. The QB position is by far the most difficult for a plethora of combined reasons. CB easily falls into the second slot.
  14. LOL, no doubt. You mean the same guy who pretended not to see the obvious advantages of drafting a freak TE in today’s NFL? You remember, the fake position of why a WR was the best option since Pitts is just a glorified WR playing TE. In his typical troll fashion he took his anti-Pitts (schtick/act/rhetoric) to standup comedian show levels. Then pretended we couldn’t see what he was doing. Why? LOL, who knows. The track record indicates a passive aggressive spirit of purposeful agitation imo though. LOL, the guy who always takes that abrasive, killjoy position. Oh look the board is excited about the next possible great TE prospect…akin to a Waller, a Kittle, or a Kelce… oh, naw, we need the WR. I’ll just pretend that I can’t see all the crazy play disguises we can do with him, or the fact that AS is a masterful user of TE sets with a proven track record. and so on & so on…
  15. You can forget about covering this man with a LBer. The play op refers to shows him destroying Christian Harris, #8 a Bama LBer. @FalconFanSince1970stole my thunder when he mentioned that ridiculous stiff arm at the 2:50 mark. Holy cow. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of that sick stiff arm in future falcon highlights. There is nothing you can do about it. Nobody can outreach this man. “One of the stats that has shocked scouts and NFL organizations alike is Kyle Pitts' wingspan. Pitts, the twenty-year-old tight end, has a 83 3/8" length. It is the longest wingspan measured by any wide receiver or tight end in the last twenty years”. I think my favorite (he he he ) & you all have to admit that it’s a classic that never gets old, is that awesome strut walk he does in the end zone against A&M LOLOL!! Watch him go for a stroll at the 1:15 mark! It cracks me up every time . I hope that becomes his trademark. Back to that stiff arm though, we all saw how well Hooper used that stiff arm, but he wasn’t anywhere near an 83” wingspan. AS is a great play caller. And Sean McVay even told him he steals his plays. They all do. Hopefully, AS gets even more ideas from Andy Reid using Travis Kelce in KC & Shanny using George Kittle in SF. Even watch what Darren Waller is capable of doing in Las Vegas. Feed this man & it’ll open all kinds of other play options. We need to establish Pitts as a beast early & often. Ridley will thrive, our other WR’s will thrive & even our RB’s (Mike Davis, Cordarrelle Patterson & Javian Hawkins) will find themselves with lots of real estate in front of them after catching passes out of the backfield.
  16. Y’all are fkg nauseating man. Why can’t some of you just forget about this dude???????? I don’t give 3 fks about this dude anymore. It’s so obvious why we got rid of the guy & yet babies here need to get all in their feelings about the reasoning or how we could have been & how we’re gonna be. I swear man. Seriously, who gives a flying fk, the dude is long gone. We’ll be how we’ll be, he’ll be who he’ll be & you’ll still be sucking your thumb under your bed in the fetal position because you’re all worried about it. So caught up in your own ego that you just have to be right about it or you’ll just die. Lmao, get some help. Let it go. Sure would be nice if we could move these JJ threads outta here again.
  17. Someone put this up already. it was a good mix of hate & blame & a bunch of guys who are still not free & need a scapegoat. Many are incapable of just realizing that sometimes it just doesn’t matter what ya do, life & crap will happen anyways. I choose to look forward & not backwards. You can hate Shanahan all you want and all it’ll do is eat you up, not him. He’s a winner. He explains his thought process & I’m fine with that. His brilliance & dedication to his craft over the years is what helped our team get that chance. It also showed what MR looks like with a brilliant coach at the helm. An MVP in no time. That’s what a scheme can do for a player/team. Look at guys who have these things in place for most of their careers year in & year out. Brees, Brady & Mahomes… Defenses too. Hating Shanahan is sort of like carrying around unforgiveness in your heart. It will destroy you like poison & never have a remote effect on the person you hate. Its a free choice we have to make. I hurt for a while over a dam big game but decided to laugh it off rather than let it bother me any longer. Sure it was painful but it ain’t gonna defeat me or dictate how I feel long term. Hating Shanahan is really shallow if you think about it. LOL there were so many moments in that game that could have changed the outcome man. We literally couldn’t make a stop in the end & they caught every break imaginable. Oh well that thing is over. Let’s tee it up & turn this thing around.
  18. Where silky smooth, sweet honey meets up with F22 Raptor lethal stealth 😎
  19. Another reality is that he’s been one of our main stabilizing factors his entire career! MR is without a doubt a large part of what has been right about our club his entire career. We’ve been unable to get a top D around him & the staff have fallen short in other areas that we all know too well. He might be one of the top 5 most underrated players in this league his entire career. We’ve been blessed by his presence on this team. A guy can’t determine his own circumstances like playing for one HC, one system, great play callers, string defenses etc etc etc. But what he’s accomplished in light of what he’s been surrounded with, the guy doesn’t get near the amount of credit he truly deserves. And yet we have some mealy mouth pin heads who try to their best to fake-n-bake a bunch of nonsense about all of this. Lmbo.
  20. If they can all learn our system & Grant can get up to speed relatively quickly, we’re in good shape. Dean Pees pressure will force QB’s into making mistakes with unexpected blitz’s from all angles & position groups. What I liked as much as Grant’s college film, was his eye opening Senior Bowl reps. In coverage drills he was one of the players whose name kept coming up. What’s more is the fact that in those coverage drills he was a safety that was outshining most all the Corners. He kept finding ways to stay with his man & make a play on the ball. But his college tape also reflects his ability to get RB’s on the ground coming down hill with authority & timelines. I too am encouraged about it. Anything can happen since we have an all new regime, but I ain’t skeered to be positive.
  21. Awesome. Love this guy. Been pulling for him to be our COP back / scat back or even be on the field alongside Davis at the time. And yet we have folks who prefer to be negative on one or both of these guys. I think they can both be good backs for this team.
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