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  1. It sure was. It was beyond frustrating! We seem to have teams in 3rd and long frequently and manage to give up that first way too often. Russell Wilson was a one man wrecking ball with the number of 1st down runs. So darn frustrating!! Huge win!!!!!
  2. It's simply execution. You're going to get pinned if the D only tightens once the opponent crosses our 50 yard line. Special teams is also not playing well but it screams execution again... penalties etc. Execution is hurting both sides of the ball. The stupid penalties and missed assignments have affected both sides. But to your point, we've also witnessed at least 3 or 4 turnovers nullified due to penalties. Dam penalties are killing this team among other things.
  3. It's a darn shame really. So frustrating!
  4. LOL, Zeke again??? Just messin Fuego!
  5. We're 7-2 easily if you simply have better execution. Penalties, dropped balls, tipped pics, missed tackles, blown assignments... It's all mental discipline & I have to put part of that on the coaches as well. The deep ball connections will begin to come around too. JJ didn't help our cause the other day either. The fact that the WR's couldn't work with Ryan in preseason due to injuries etc & the fact that we're forced yet again to synch up with a new OC with timing is not helping either. I sure hope we can block well enough in Seattle to show more progression this season.
  6. Nope, nothing like the Burner. But all he does is keep other people under him who try to replace him. He's better than Hill.
  7. It’s easy to disagree with Da Lies. Doing so is just natural. You’re having a hard time convincing anyone here that Beasley is a liability. Actually he’s a huge asset to our team. Good luck with that Vic negativity though bro
  8. I don’t feel Vic needs me or anyone to defend his play. Especially from comments made by Da Bozo. Add that to my post count too thanks.
  9. I like Ward. Always have. McGee won't threaten Wards spot either... But we need depth right now and thus the move. McGee is about 5' 8", 215 OVERVIEW 2014: Played in all 13 games, starting one. Finished second on team in rushing yards. Team's primary backup playing behind Leonard Fournette. 2013: Played in all 13 games as the primary backup RB. 2012: Switched positions to WR during spring practices and played in nine games as a reserve WR. 2011: Played in five games as a reserve RB. Missed the final three games of the season with an undisclosed knee injury that required surgery. PRO DAY RESULTS 40-yard dashL 4.65 and 4.66 seconds ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Has more than enough competitiveness and toughness. Sees the holes and makes good decisions when the ball is in his hands. Has decent strength and falls forward to finish runs. Courageous pass protector. Understands protection schemes -- who to block and when to release. Works his feet to stay in front of blitzers and is technically sound. WEAKNESSES Below-average athlete. Dull runner lacking improvisation. Shake and acceleration are missing from his game. What you see is what you get. Can break tackles here and there but isn't a punisher. Can catch throws to him but must improve at adjusting to poor throws out of backfield. Didn't impress enough to get a bigger piece of the pie among LSU running backs. DRAFT PROJECTION Round 7 or priority free agent SOURCES TELL US "He doesn't really do any one thing all that great, but he's solid at everything you ask him to do. He's not special, but I would draft him down the line." -- NFC area scout BOTTOM LINE Limited, dime-a-dozen running back who will get some attention from teams for his willingness to stick his nose into blitzers and protect the quarterback on third downs. Has just three kickoff returns over last two seasons, so he's likely a camp body who must find a way to shine with limited reps.