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  1. Someone posted that interview segment not long ago. It was pretty good listening to it.
  2. They’re all very smart men mostly. I think they all now working each other’s stuff & still find a way to implement it with their own twists to fit their own personnel & play design. Save for guys like DK & DQ of course.
  3. Well, on a positive note, lot's of room for outperforming our low expectations. I'd much rather have others viewing us with all kinds of questions & areas of concern & lower expectations while exceeding those projections, than visa versa I guess. I think if we can win 9 games it would really bode well considering all the incredible change. I'll be tuned in for sure.
  4. You nailed it. Freaking 18 & 26 pt comebacks & Trae Young crickets from these sleaze bags. It’s so typical with all things Atlanta. It’s why I get so programmed to despise most of these clowns. I try to put it into perspective but find myself asking if the media is concerned about perspective & the answer is NO. It’s all about their own self gratification & it chaps my *** to no end lol! I sure hope we can close it out man.
  5. Pretty much I went back & checked it out. So my comment fit to a degree. Which mostly shows how mundane & predictable the media bozos are. But I must say, I was just sick of media when I posted up & after I listened to him, he was actually more refreshing than I thought. For some reason I had Pauline pegged as one of our haters but he did seem objective.
  6. Just me getting tired of these drones that’s all. No worries.
  7. And yet he failed that too. He’s soundly defeated. I submit myself to God. I resist the devil and he must flee from me. I draw near to God and He draws near to me. (Jas 4:7 NKJV) www.shutupdevil.org I’m not afraid of what Satan throws at me, because I overcome him by the blood of Jesus and the word of my testimony. (Rev 12:11 KJV) www.shutupdevil.org No weapon formed against me will prosper; and every accusation of judgement is condemned. As a servant of the Lord, this is my heritage, and God is my vindicator. (Isa 54:17 NASB) www.shutupdevil.org 😊
  8. Didn’t listen. Just another clown’s worthless opinion. I couldn’t care less what Tony Pauline thinks about anything. I imagine he spoke in generalities while saying Pitts is good but they should have considered a QB or whatever so that he had a way out & didn’t offend anyone about anything. The media geek’s opinions are no better than anyone else’s opinions. We basically had 3 options. Pitts, QB or trade back.
  9. You’re the curse. You curse yourself while most of the rest of us will roll on without the bad attitude.
  10. Another upside player with great length at 6’4” 254 & 34” arms. Needs to work on his hand usage but his film shows some promise.
  11. He got better every year & his length is unmatched! Great upside off the edge if he works hard & adds a few more pounds.
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