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  1. Another annoying, embarrassing piece of poop performance against our arch enemy rival. The entire organization needs to be fired including that fkg idiot McKay. AB needs to wise up. Now these clowns are rumored to be considering the man who hired that idiot Obrien to ruin Houston’s dreams? I hope AB won’t let captain Tampa set this franchise back another 10 years. Time to get out of this old fashioned cesspool & start thinking cutting edge but not sure if AB is coherent enough. If y’all didn’t get really angry watching those scum bags in Nawlins whip our axxes today then
  2. It all depends on the messenger & the track record from that messenger. You included. The small mind part & the inability to see the past track record of unfair hatred & unfairness by he, you & others, belongs mostly to you guys. Stop pretending you don’t know WTH I’m talking about. I was as pissed as anyone at MR today. You clowns, you know, have a real, you know... history, of this cheap hogwash.
  3. So for all the countless times you’ve blamed MR, today you’re all creamy because finally you can wag ur finger at Ryan. I guess even a blind pig will eventually stumble upon an acorn. So this brilliant revelation of yours does absolutely nothing to disprove that you’re still a clown. Derp.
  4. So basically the refs won’t have to ignore PI muggings against Julio today.
  5. The NFL is nothing but a PC load of crap. This video of guys celebrating is nothing but that. Nothing to see here man.
  6. Wow, no ****, just checked it out. Didn't seem like he flung it that far. He didn't really show that much effort so that's probably why I didn't realize it. Thanks for pointing it out.
  7. LOL, The MR haters soiling themselves yet again...
  8. It sure has been tough man. My sincere hope, having gone through so much frustration & heartbreak, is that there probably is only one way to go now...UP!
  9. And yet we’re 24th is sacks per game. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/sacks-per-game
  10. Dadgummit! How dare that man try to be right! My gosh, the nerve of that mother forker! I say we hunt that joker down right now!
  11. LOL the MR haters all just soiled themselves
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