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  1. Man I thought we had some sort of Kamara freak show again. You yo yo’s are reaching Man... or jealous or something lmao.
  2. I see what you're saying but I wasn't even referring to any behavioral issues and all that, I just think this has zero chance of ever happening & we'd have no interest anyways. But go for it I guess... It does go along with your title get me a db td...!
  3. Dude, I really just don't want to spend time over something that has no possibility of happening. It's not mean, just being honest. It's nonsense to me. I see no reason to make up pretend scenarios over someone's fantasy. I don't get it do you? Let me add, I should have said I meant no disrespect to OP whatsoever. I am referring to the idea of Peters playing for Atlanta only.
  4. Keep him this year & draft Martez Carter late. We'd have an instant threat return man for this year, then have two Freemans instead of one after Teco leaves.
  5. I really am sick of worrying about the G position. We saw what happened when we didn't have a C one year. There are plenty who would rather have a root canal than draft a G in the early rounds I think but that's ok. I get it, it's not a glamorous position. But if there are any concerns whatsoever that our G spots are not solid, or if one goes down, we could potentially ruin a season where this team is in contention. I don't want chitty Guards dictating that we have to get rid of the ball in less than 2 seconds all season. I don't want to wish we could run both inside & outside. I want holes to run through & time to strike deep on pass plays. I want successful running to set up play action too. There are some who hate the thought of drafting a G early. I am open to one early, semi early, mid round or late, but what I don't want is to guess or have to worry if our guards will hold up. It's time we got fkg serious about this. If our personnel guys & scouts can't find a good guard by now, then fire them. Everyone agrees, this is getting old. There are some really good C/G prospects this year too. If we get a nice Center & play him at G until Mack retires, then do it. But then the G position comes up again the following season. We need an infusion of youth there. The coaches better have a good, safe idea whether our drafted G product will be good enough to be formidable inside. If they don't then get some quickly.
  6. More nonsense. Next.
  7. It’s quite difficult to look at I must admit.
  8. I think Kamara’s woman booties & parka are slightly more frightening however.
  9. Love Flowers in the 6th! Flyer was the wrong choice of words however. These are draft picks in which we invest our money & future.
  10. Every time I watch a player who has multi dimensional talent, It intrigues me. Why would anyone draft a RB in today's NFL who isn't a receiving threat? For me, a RB w/ no hands doesn't even make it to my war room board. I love Christian Kirk as you know. Samuels can be used in a variety of formations/roles too & I like his size ine 220's but there are a few legit questions in the following scouting report: OVERVIEW Some NFL scouts will have a tough time finding a spot for Samuels, as he's not a typical fullback, is shorter than teams like their tight ends to be, and is heavier than most receivers. NC State coaches call him an H-back, but he's really just an offensive weapon. Samuels was a first-team all-conference selection as a senior, ending up the Wolfpack's leading receiver (76 receptions, 597 yards, four TDs) while being a major threat in the red zone (76 receptions, 404 yards, 12 TDs). He was named third-team All-ACC pick in 2016, leading his team with 55 catches (for 565 yards, seven scores) and finishing third on the squad in rushing (33 rush, 189 yards, six TDs). He was named the Offensive MVP in the Independence Bowl win over Vanderbilt (six receptions, 104 yards, three TDs). Samuels started 10 of 13 games played for the second straight year in 2016, one year after winning All-American, first-team All-ACC, and Pack Offensive MVP honors by leading all tight ends nationally in receptions (65 receptions, 597 yards, seven TDs) and running for 368 yards and nine touchdowns on 56 attempts. In limited touches as a freshman, Samuels showed glimpses of his talent (15 rush, 143 yards, TD; six receptions, 96 yards, one TD). This versatility was not a surprise, as Samuels was the top prospect in North Carolina in high school after putting up 2,300 yards of total offense and 55 touchdowns as a senior. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Provides roster flexibility thanks to his unique versatility. True "all-purpose" player. Used as zone-scheme runner, on jet sweeps, bubble screens, at slot receiver, outside receiver, and in "Wildcat" this season. Proved he could handle some running back duties this season. Had success using his size and effort in finding paydirt as goalline running back. Can make first tackler miss in space. Active with off-hand to swipe away arm tackles. Has intelligence to process expansive, individual game plan and take it to the field. Can separate from linebackers looking to cover him from slot. Able to drop low and snare low throws. Has carried more weight in the past and has the frame to do that again if necessary. Provides kick cover talent and has experience returning kickoffs. WEAKNESSES Considered a hybrid player, but lacks a defined position. Tape doesn't show enough tenacity to help running game as an H-back. Play speed and short area quickness are average. Usually gets what is blocked as a running back. Need to see more vertical push into his routes. Tight hips prevent sharp cuts as running back or receiver. Routes lack purpose and route-running is raw. Piled on catch production with bubble screens, shovel passes, and hitch routes. Struggles to pull in throws outside his frame. Focus appears to be an issue. Has too many drops and double-catches as a receiver. DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 4-5 SOURCES TELL US "Here is the problem I'm having in writing my report. Does he have any special talent or is he just a player who is used in a variety of roles? Is he really, really good at any of his roles or just versatile? That can be the difference between going in the third round or the fifth round." -- NFC team area scout BOTTOM LINE Some may see Samuels as a valuable hybrid talent, while others may see a player who offers roster flexibility but lacks a position where he can win consistently. Samuels isn't a tight end and has to prove he can handle blocking duties well enough to be a fullback. He will, however, appeal to teams looking to disguise their attacks with more diversified personnel groupings. Samuels best fit may be with a zone-scheme team as a RB/FB with the ability to play slot receiver and become a core special teamer. -Lance Zierlein ********************************************************************************************************* But for me Kiwi, I prefer Flowers as a good receiving, strong, good blocking FB over Samuels. Plus his ability to pass protect would be much better imo... But I would be happy to see us get either guy later in the draft. And carries 245lbs very nicely indeed. OVERVIEW Flowers Flowers, the son of former NFL pass rusher and first-round pick Erik Flowers, had been a solid fullback for the Sooners for most of his first three years. For one weekend in 2016, however, he was the team's top tailback. Flowers had 22 carries for 115 yards against Iowa State, one of the highlights of a second-team All-Big 12 season where he started 10 of 13 games played and caught 11 passes for 200 yards and four touchdowns. Flowers was an honorable mention All-Big 12 pick as a sophomore, playing in 13 games and starting four (eight receptions, 130 yards, four touchdowns). He played in all 13 games, starting five, as a true freshman and nine receptions for 92 yards. Flowers really impressed with his athleticism and toughness as a receiver and rusher in 2017, garnering first-team all-conference notice with 26 receptions for 464 yards and five scores, as well as four goal-line touchdown runs. Flowers' cousin, Tre, is a senior safety at Oklahoma State.
  11. Someone look up short yardage success rates per RB please. And let us know the correlation to size. As far as FB, yes we need a new one if our O continues to utilize one. Coleman was a liability. I’m growing tired over this “I want a big back” crap. Fine, you prefer a big back, do you get a fkg cookie for saying that or something? Does it make you fit in as being some brilliant thinker or is this simply a personal preference? We have our RB’s & they are one of the top tandems in the nfl. But but but, short yardage? Ok so run the numbers and also look at our decisions to go for it. Also look at run vs pass on 3rd and short conversion. Then run the numbers on whether the Dlines are stacked to stop it and see what the numbers look like. Whose driving all this nonsense on the boards? This is much ado about nothing I think. You can put a fkg Cape buffalo behind the line and slam it into a stacked wall. This really boils down to finding the area along the line where there is space or a crease or some forward movement. So then does this become less about running a big back or a small back into a wall or about a big or small back having vision to find the best path? Is play action better there? Someone run the data? TBH I’d prefer a big back who has all the tools of hands, agility, vision, speed, etc... If we simply want to draft a Big back for the sake of a few short yardage plays during the year I don’t see the value. Just get that FB replacement whose got some athleticism and hands and use him for short yardage. This way your drafting or getting a free agent who fills both roles without wasting draft capital or money on a short yardage RB. There is so much more to it than this “I want me a big back” hype. Just remember, a big back with all the tools go at the top of the draft & cost a team. And what really constitutes a big back? Anything over 210, 215, 220, 230? And does that make them any more effective than a 210 pound back? I say not really. Maybe some here just use this crap to avoid investing draft capital inside on a Guard??? If your really concerned about short yardage you can bet your azz that your linemen have more to do with affecting the outcome than a RB big or small... Another lousy Hashbrown novel is on the bookshelf lmao!
  12. And Brees & that system makes Kamara look 25% better I guarantee you.
  13. Sick to my stomach on the Saints draft.
  14. LOL I can't keep up with the thread. I just check in occasionally....
  15. Absofreakinglutely! MR & JJ might just be the two most humble guys on the team too. Beasley is another one I look for to do serious damage. Birds are ready to go off!!