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  1. I like my lion meat well done.
  2. Blank deserves to have every single detail to his utmost satisfaction. Lord knows we paid $1.5B!
  3. That is extremely impressive & I'm watching a phone vid via afmb. If you're a visitor at our stadium you cannot walk away without being dumbfounded by that live experience! The sky is the limit on what they can feature now on that incredible halo! Wish I could see that in person gentlemen!
  4. Good for you bro. What was he referring to when he said he wanted some stuff "cooler"?
  6. Just a minor stub of the toe...
  7. If there is a problem, change it out right now. One leg/ankle/knee injury is one too many if it's due to this type of turf.
  8. Thanks Poker, It doesn't have to be lengthy either. If they get enough mail that allows them to see their shortcomings, then they are more apt to address it behind the scenes. You could tell that CC and AM are not the least bit concerned about any repercussions. Their arrogance was stifling. It wasn't easy making it non-personal. But I just didn't want to be passed off as being a bozo homer fan with no case.
  9. The more you don't listen to this nonsense, the smarter you become. Not to mention the peacefulness.
  10. Love it man! Cannot wait until the day I get back to the Big A to witness it for myself!!
  11. For what it's worth, I sent the following comments... Subject: Chris Collinsworth-Overboard unprofessionalism Message: Chris Collinsworth and Michaels his sidekick crossed the line last night as commentators calling the Falcons vs Packers game on Sunday Night Football. As a falcon fan, it was all I could do to remain undisturbed by their unprofessional disdain & condescension for the Atlanta Falcons who literally had millions of viewers watching on this special night. In review of their comments throughout the game, there is no logical reason for your two announcers to detract from this special night when the NFL's most technologically advanced, state of the art facility would be christened. The arrogant disrespect, self-partiality & utter dismissal of our team seemed vengefully uneven throughout their broadcast. I implore that your highest programming authority review this game in full. Instantly you will see at the least, an alarming bias toward the GB Packers & at the most, unprofessional agitation, ill advised comments, meant to discredit anything Atlanta Falcons. This was a special night for many & unfortunately your two commentators proactively acted upon their personal views while abandoning their journalistic duties to remain an advocate of both teams. This type of incredibly intolerant adherence to one's personal prejudices toward one team should at least be a starting point in reviewing their work. I was so deplorable that I dare say it reflected very poorly on your coverage. I know I am not the only one that was taken aback. Therefore my hope is that they are reprimanded for falling well short of professional standards. Any proclivity to show at least a neutral propensity toward their coverage, & you would hear nothing from me. Please review their perfomance with an open mind & I have no doubt that you will come away less than satified with their performance. With great respect I implore you. All the best to you and your staff...Tim Beyer, Houston, TX
  12. Godspeed bro... We'll miss ya for a bit but the brotherhood will step up!
  13. I loved how well Coleman played. Two more things to watch both good & bad. Hoo made Clay a non factor on that play with a great block.... And you can see how Schroader was concussed.
  14. Man, that is quite a fkg game... his hard work this off season is paying off handsomely!