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  1. Yup F the dirt bag aints especially that low life Payton. I so especially crave seeing Brees get cold cocked on a regular basis. When he’s harassed, he turns into a below average chicken chit.
  2. That explains it , you’re a Star Trek geek. Oh man why anyone would post another topic on the Ramsey blather is beyond me... far far beyond me... in a galaxy light years away...
  3. Hey Slum, you should be ashamed of yourself man.
  4. Agreed. But White is quite a handful. He killed us in the SB.
  5. Many Falcons fans wanted him. This is a big blow to the Pats... Patriots rookie OL Isaiah Wynn suffers torn Achilles By Around The NFL staff NFL.com Published: Aug. 17, 2018 at 11:13 a.m. Updated: Aug. 17, 2018 at 11:18 a.m. Bad news for the Patriots. Rookie offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn suffered a torn Achilles injury during last night's preseason game against the Eagles, sources told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport and NFL Network's Tom Pelissero. Around The NFL will have more on this story soon.
  6. SMH Krunk. Geesh man, we're getting a head start on the negativity I see. Beautiful.
  7. Dumb & dumber I guess. Clueless.
  8. Nice Thanks!
  9. LOL We need to see the trolls stop trying so hard.
  10. Oh indeed Ergo, I just checked in a couple of times to throw in an elbow smash while the sensible guys held the haters down in a choke hold. It was the least I could do personally for the team & a distinct pleasure to do so sir.
  11. Yup. And what’s more, are a few more simple points. If you don’t want to admit that you have a personal problem with him then fine. But please don’t insult everyone else’s intelligence by trying to suggest he’s not a top flight QB. It’s not even a legit talking point to suggest he’s overrated. To any non-agenda-driven person, it’s abundantly clear that he’s shamefully UNDERrated. Just take a look at the lengths people in this thread are going to in order to smear a guy who deserves none of it. Go figure.
  12. LMAO the Ryan hater punks looking extremely desperate & loony with every new page that goes by! The more dufus’s you quote the dumber you look. Ryan basically dismissed Jalen’s comments as meaningless and irrelevant. Anyone taking them serious should probably stop sucking their thumbs & crawl out from under your bed because your late for your nut-job counseling appointment. The Jalen Ramsey apologists are embarrassing themselves & it’s quite fun to observe. Please continue your Jalen foolishness that resembles Cowherd takes, Blake Bortles love & please do say hello to your mental health counselor for us! Please please keep up the bs....you’re cementing your own lack of credibility. Meanwhile the Ice man is fast asleep resting his body so he can continue slaying it on the field & making his haters look like complete buffoons while Jalen the big-mouth rides out his team punishment & job suspension because of aforementioned big mouth. So darn weird how some nut jobs here love failing so eagerly. SMFH again LOL.
  13. Like athell mentioned, this guy is a lunatic & has zero interest in a dialogue. He'll not recognize facts that don't support his jaded agenda. He's here only to harrass & agitate & will answer questions with questions until the cows come home. He's a fkg troll & he's already lost the argument. He'll just keep finding new straw men & fake arguments while ignoring common sense. He's chasing his own tail & I'm not going to chase it with him. He lost.
  14. Byrdpoop having a really horrific day. Oh man is it getting ugly!