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  1. Contract forthcoming!!! Since last month!!! Hash, you nugget head!!
  2. LMAO, I saw it on my iPhone while waiting in the lobby for one of my customers and saw the 20th! I posted it up immediately!! I just knew it was cutting edge stuff!!
  3. I'll be happy when it's over and we lock down one of the best and most talented dual threats in the NFL! And when I say dual, I don't mean TECO, I mean running and receiving. Still blessed to have them both however.
  4. Devonta Freeman Reportedly Expected to Sign Atlanta Falcons Contract Extension ADAM WELLSJUNE 20, 2017 Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports The Atlanta Falcons and running back Devonta Freeman are reportedly nearing a contract extension. ESPN's Dianna Russini reported the Falcons are "confident" Freeman's new deal will be done by the first week of training camp, which is set to begin on July 27 for veterans. A fourth-round draft pick in 2013, Freeman is entering the final season of his rookie contract that will pay him $1.79 million, per Spotrac. Freeman and the Falcons have reportedly been in negotiations for a new deal throughout the offseason. Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff told reporters on Feb. 7 the two sides were in a "good space" after a meeting with Freeman's agents. After the Falcons' minicamp concluded on June 15, Freeman told D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he had the "feeling when you know something special is coming and you’re about to be blessed." The two-time Pro Bowler is an integral part of Atlanta's explosive offense. Freeman has broken the 1,000-yard rushing barrier each of the last two seasons and has 127 receptions during that span. This is Bleacher Report but just noticed it. Not sure if posted
  5. Once fully healed, he'll need time to practice full speed & full contact for him to be ready for live rounds in his first NFL games. I suspect we'll begin to see some of his potential two thirds into the season. He still lacks technical skills and pass rush moves and will be unable to practice those on an early timeline. I am 100% fine with that.
  6. I cannot wait for him to pull some Saints, Bucs and Panthers to the ground too! A vicious dog!! I should be ashamed again but I just have to do it again...
  7. Come to think of it, I remember that too. I hope he gets it figured out ultra quickly and can do his run and hit magic and make plays.
  8. This is awesome stuff! I am 110% behind Devondre and will be so happy to see him being successful. This is yet another reason we could be really tough this year. Duke needs to work double time on getting up to speed on our D. It will open the door for DQ to use these two vicious dogs in all kinds of great ways!!
  9. I am thankful for Arthur Blank.
  10. Sam, I don't always see eye to eye with you but what the **** do you feel is the real reason this happened. Please, no media spin, just your gut feeling. I don't trust the media as far as i can spit.
  11. Yep. My hope is that between both Sark & Ryan, they will have a good grasp on how to use the Shanny offense to expose defenses and out-scheme them. That is my hope anyways.
  12. Good teams all. None worry me. All concern me as viable contenders. But I don't view it as a fear thing, but more of a challenge thing. I look forward to see where this young team stacks up against high end competition. We took a big step last year. Lets see just how good this team can be.
  13. Enjoyed it PMF! Sark has plenty of film to watch film of Shanny and our O and how it was used to cause mismatches. Sark has a very good mind of his own. The players seem to feel he has the ability to carry the torch!