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  1. We should all just be happy we’ve had both guys man.
  2. It doesn’t matter. Most here understand how pathetic, unappreciative & unfair they are.
  3. Leave it to all the clownshow losers to make this about Matt rather than JJ’s accomplishments. MR has been an integral part of Julio’s success & everyone here should be willing to recognize this. if you are unable to see it you’re nothing but a foolish backstabbing bozo who should never be taken seriously on this board. Imagine if we didn’t have this amazing duo? Do some of you droolers even recognize just how ignorant you look?
  4. Kareem Hunt deserves to suffer the consequences of his poor behavior. He made very poor choices for himself & it has cost him. Unfortunately his poor choices will also have a detrimental affect on his team mates, coaches & team owners. I hope he will become a better person moving forward. There are no excuses for his bad behavior & nothing justifies those poor choices. He put himself in that situation & is 100% responsible for his own actions. Everything else is just secondary, peripheral chatter.
  5. A perfect example of a Drew Brees performance where he actually had about half the pressure that MR receives every single game. It was great watching their Oline get handled.
  6. At this early stage I like: Nick Bosa, Ohio State Ed Olver, University Of Houston Quinnen Williams, Bama Rashan Gary, Michigan Clelin Ferrell, Clemson Dexter Lawrence, Clemson Raekwon Davis, Bama
  7. As if his brain has any remaining brain synapses that are still firing... FF thread SMFH. Nobody gives a **** about people's FF teams. Why is this even here?
  8. It’s always like that in real life. The spineless chicken littles who don’t think for themselves, & the few who lead & think for themselves. There are valid points to be made but most here just want to over react, blame & point the finger.
  9. More stupid nonsense. Even OP knows full well this has zero chance of happening. Troll bait. I say OP is just stirring things up. Foster has made poor choices in his life & will now suffer the consequences.
  10. RogueBeaver... are you at it again? Yeah, a rookie who sucks so bad he has 8 TD’s & is still learning the pro game while only being outplayed for OROY by Saquon Barkley. Cmon man!
  11. And yet another epic missed assignment. Our DC is either unable to teach these players how to execute assignments or our players are too stupid to learn them.
  12. Who the fk is responsible for blocking Rankins? He’s blown up like 5 plays already dammit!!
  13. There are so many things to be thankful for. Football is fun but it doesn’t even register on the list. I’m grateful to God for so many blessings in my life including the hardships. Wishing each of you the spirit of joy & thankfulness this holiday...