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  1. Yup no doubt. I too want to see some strong fixes, draft or FA. I think they’re 80% focused internally right now with 20% of time examining FA possibilities etc... Then they’ll reverse that ratio once the combine hits. Lol, pure speculation though.
  2. I think we all do that sometimes tbh. I have a better perspective when I take breaks from the boards. I can be as judgmental as anybody here at times. I have no idea how Ty will work out or what will take place in addition to the move but I found myself admiring how far the guy has come & was a bit surprised by your instant prognosis I guess. It takes a decent person to walk something back or admit an overreaction.
  3. Nah man. You hopped on this quickly as if you were the gatekeeper lol. You were quick to show negativity toward the staff. Then you were falsely admonishing those who “may” have been “excited” about the move despite the fact that nobody had yet shown excitement. We’re all nothing but fans, all with our own reactions to moves such as this. You chose to call the move “barf” & then chose to insinuate what Quinn is doing. Then after assuming these things, you tell others not to assume anything. As if positivity might cut into the agenda you’ve set for the way we must all view this move. Why are you calling the guy doo doo after one of the biggest accomplishments of his life anyways? Chill out brother... Why you being so controlling? Geesh man. Let’s sit back & see how it pans out. It’s fine you have your opinions, but I guess you came across sort of like the purveyor of how this’ll be responded to by the fans.
  4. Wow, it would be a nasty combo but cost a fortune. If AB happened, they’d probably go heavy after a RB & heavy D in the draft. I think that’s where that bad *** young Linebacker Darius Leonard resides also!
  5. Quenton Nelson is a bad man. Folks over here in Houston are worried AB goes to the Colts in this division. Their Oline, Andrew Luck, AB & TY Hilton.
  6. Butt crumb
  7. What’s more, we also don’t have to deal with a me me me idiot like AB & all that psycho drama blame trash he pedals all the time. You mention the injured pro bowlers & mentioned the interior Dline, you didn’t give enough of a full account of our injuries on the interior of our Oline & the negative effects it had on running & pass protection. Can’t wait for the draft! Nice!
  8. This is so far off the mark that I don’t even know where to begin. First, the RB still plays a vital role in this league. In fact it’s role has evolved into even more of a dynamic position. A position which utilizes a more refined talent of both pass catcher, blocker & runner. This has actually led to more RB’s being put on the payrolls. Tandem, dual purpose & even short yardage specialists are often represented in today’s NFL. Not to mention running, dual threat QB’s. What you said about the NFL & QB’s is either a joke or you’ve been drinking too much. You’re comparing WWE to marketing QB’s. WTF are you talking about? Teams & players will always be marketed in most every sport. Of course QB’s will always be a focal point due to the nature of the position. It’s vital/strategic for a franchise to have a smart/talented one in order to be competitive. How you can draw a parallel between this & fake wrestling is beyond me bro. Lastly, that gif is way off. If it were accurate the roles would be reversed & #12 would be launching #1 over the ropes into the upper deck of the bleacher seats.
  9. I had no idea. Screw this guy even more now. Just reinforces my gut about the sniveling way he acted all the time. There was never a guy I enjoyed watching get beaten more than him. Nobody likes losing but Spurier seemed very much like that Sean Payton type of jerk.
  10. I grew so sick & tired of Richt’s crap, and still had to watch his same repetitive failures for years until they wised up & made the change. Very pleased with things now however.
  11. Yeah, he was a smart coach & his players always played hard for him. Rotten, smug, quirky looking #@%€!
  12. You bet Mono, I may have not caught all of the previous dialogue. Good points. And JJ does drop some catchable balls. Not taking anything away from Sanu’s hard work & catch reliability. You snarky joka you
  13. Didn’t read cuz it’s probably more cheap backbiting I would imagine. Am I right ? lmao. misery perhaps...
  14. I can’t stand that visor wearing joker & his irritating personality, but there’s no denying he’s been a helluva college coach though. I’m slanted after all those years of seeing that bastid across the field from the UGA bench though I imagine.
  15. Yeah, it’s weird how things get all mixed up. I just remember when reading Monos post that I kept thinking to myself how often we’re feeding JJ the ball & how intently teams are trying to prevent him from being successful with double & triple attention & he never mentions it as a reason for the lower %. I was trying to be thoughtful with my post. Then I get the mother of all angry, finger wagging gifs...man, that hurt my feelings!