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  1. 6 sacks and like 14 knockdowns later... My gosh it’s beyond belief how MR is playing considering our blocking this year. CR is a fkg beast & we’re lucky to have him here. I hope MR can remain healthy enough to get him the ball the rest of the year & beyond. We need to go Oline/Dline this year.
  2. So Vick sounding the train horn is a story? Slow day today maybe?
  3. Absolutely awesome RB for this franchise. Much appreciation for that man, his forceful running & sheer will to dominate opponents.
  4. I don't know about y'all but I'm about fed up with this bullchit!!!! Those weren't the only calls not made. This has been going on for several years against our team. You have to begin to wonder wtf is going on. Then you see total BS calls helping people like Aaron Rodgers and whatnot. Our guys need to start being more vocal & DQ needs to raise absolute **** with the refs & stay on them in order to draw max attention to the blatant holding. It's beyond problematic, it's costing us dearly on the field.
  5. Ito Smith is primed for some big weeks for Atlanta The rookie running back has shown genuine talent, and his life might get easier soon. By Dave Choate Oct 19, 2018, 8:00am EDT SHARE Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Ito Smith isn’t the flashiest rookie running back, or necessarily the best. Yet he’s shown tremendous value for the Atlanta Falcons already as a fourth rounder, and the best is yet to come. Why do I sound so confident about that? Here’s why. Before you roll your eyes to the heavens at another new stat you haven’t seen before, let’s just consider the implications of this thread. You should read it in full, because what it implies is that Ito Smith has been astonishingly unlucky in terms of his blocking up front, while Coleman has been less unlucky. This jibes with what we see with our eyes, which is that neither back is getting the blocking they need to excel. Watching Smith on runs where he does have room to operate, you can see how physical and shifty he can be, as was the case for his first score of the year. It’s worth noting that Smith had a nose for the end zone in college, too, as he once scored in 15 straight games. Smith is not Devonta Freeman, but the highest praise I can give him is that he shows the kind of all-around game and vision that impressed me so much when I saw Freeman in training camp as a rookie. If he’s done this well without the line blocking effectively for him, and against some solid run defenses, he should be in store for better the rest of the way. It’s not like the Falcons will hesitate to use him. The Falcons can find all sorts of smart, useful ways to use Tevin Coleman, who is and will remain a stellar weapon for this offense. With Smith, though, it’s as simple as blocking better for him and letting him run like we all know he can.
  6. LeBron got punked down to the G league... He got schooled at G-olden State U so bad. Takk is still laughing & so am I
  7. The fail is strong here. Oh, it’s BLM, no wonder.
  8. Love Ito. He’s been showing some amazing vision & talent for making people miss. I think it quite evident to everyone that he’s quite a talent given his limited work & poor blocking. His “YPC” numbers don’t reveal the entire truth about his abilities. Where there are opportunities and any room to move, he’s clearly taking advantage of it.
  9. Will he practice or do light work on the side?
  10. I’m sick of it personally. It should be a major strong suit for our team & what’s worse, you can tell they spend very little time practicing these plays so that the linemen, RB & QB have it down to a science. I normally don’t complain about playcalling much but we should get with it man!
  11. What's even more frustrating is just how fkg adamant we are about not setting up throws to our backs. How can you be this dam stupid? Especially when you are down WR's & the D is teeing off on your QB. Did we have like two or 3 RB passes last week? So maddening!! I know we scored on one to Tevin though. I think our staff needs to begin really practicing on setting up these throws. Even if they simply roll out some New England & New Orleans film. They do it to perfection.
  12. Pretty nice considering our spectacular blocking. Oh wait!