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  1. Nice draft! McNeil will be gone by then I would imagine.
  2. Pretty nice thread on him I posted up a few days back. Love this man.
  3. All good teams can use a RB/Running Game. They're good for their QB's & help control clock. So yes, AS does & so do all NFL HC's & OC's. Imho.
  4. Hey MVP, is it you that keeps bringing this insane topic up? I've seen this like 4 times & every single time it boggles my mind? This dude is the real deal & JJ is in his twilight years. This couldn't & shouldn't happen I don't think. Seems like some folks are ok considering it as a viable option though. Geeeeeesh.
  5. Dude, I've been thoroughly disgusted for quite some time. I show it all the time on here. I am not precluding myself of my own wishes here. I've had to look at it with a sense of humor otherwise I'd be walking the streets mumbling to myself. If I have learned anything it's to look at it for what it is... entertainment & a game. We care, so that we have in common. I was distraught after the SB, more than you know buddy.
  6. It's all relative. You can't really use the trade value chart either. At 4 we should take full advantage of any team that is desperate for a QB & if we don't feel like we're gaining exceptional value to move down, then we use the pick. At 4 we're also likely to see some trade up offers in the 2nd & 3rd quite possibly. Plus, the further down the board you go, the more draft capital it'll cost that other team. We can force them to give up more picks in this draft & the next. If we have our sights on a QB & he's there, they'll probably pull the trigger.
  7. Great, keep up the good work then bro. I've been watching them forever man. Maybe when our attitudes change, we'll see it become reality. I get what you're saying. My point was more as a cheerleader & encourager. It's cool I get it man.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks we shouldn’t be having this conversation right now? They literally just got hired on & now we’re posting up how much rope we should give them... WTH? I think the fans share some responsibility to get behind them with a positive attitude. This sort of talk is self defeating man.
  9. Especially with guys like Rico Allen. First class dude.
  10. Yeah I mean it's not like any of these guys were smoking our comp year in & year out.
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