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  1. Obvious troll bait. Get outta here man. Outside of him being a gifted athlete from the neck down, list 5 reasons the falcons would want to invest in this guy at any level... OK Go!
  2. All I know is whomever outplays their draft position around the league & may have conceivably been available where we picked, or who we could have traded up for... they’ll be snowflakes lining up here to post about it & trash the team over it. And Lord help us all if we didn’t draft 4 all pros after one rookie season. Sure hoping for a nice class though!
  3. It’s a new band JJ & The Posers
  4. little man reminds me of Roddy, sounds a little bit like him...
  5. Good job gents! Destroyed Fat Katt like a champ!
  6. Just let MR have it, don’t look back, then say we did that together.
  7. It certainly speaks to how great a blessing it is to have these things in place. But to see MR perform to the degree he has without having these things in place, speaks volumes about how special a player we drafted 3rd overall back in 2008.
  8. No indeed. Praying for a new Koetter awareness & a prolific O.
  9. Top 10 Team Rates Of Motion At The Snap RANK TEAM SNAP MOTION PERCENTAGE* *Percentage of offensive plays (not including spikes and kneels). 1 Ravens 34% 2 Chargers 20% 3 Texans 19% 4 49ers 18% 5 Chiefs 17% 6 Rams 16% 7 Cardinals 15% 8 Panthers 15% 9 Eagles 14% 10 Bengals 11% Bottom 10 Team Rates Of Motion At The Snap RANK TEAM SNAP MOTION PERCENTAGE 32 Jaguars 4% 31 Falcons 5% 30 Jets 5% 29 Dolphins 5% 28 Vikings 5% 27 Giants 5% 26 Lions 5% 25 Buccaneers 6% 24 Browns 7% 23 Colts 7%
  10. Mahomey, love it. Nice job man. Love watching that dude. Wonder if we'll ever get to see him or anyone play again?
  11. I laughed too when I read "show don't tell"
  12. Remember what MR did under Shanny? I cannot fathom just how much more incredible MR could have been having had the same OC/HC & scheme in his career. Imagine if he had even remotely similar career long stability & consistency to what Drew Brees & Tom Brady have had their ENTIRE careers! And still MR's one of the best QB's of his time & HOF worthy. It proves just how awesome that guy has been all these years.
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