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  1. It amazes me to no end that people get so personally involved over contracts & money these guys will or will not get. As usual, we have an entire organization in place to make financial decisions about JJ, MR, Rico and everyone else. I’m thankful that I don’t have to work out any of it. I have no reason to doubt anything they’ve done & I have faith they’ll do what needs to be done or do nothing at all. LMAO, they also need to throw that clown Ledbetter out & find someone else at the urinal & constipation.
  2. It’s incredible how few stories, interviews, videos, photographs, and overall coverage we’re getting. This is the first year we’ve basically had to rely only on ourselves even for basic information about our team.
  3. The Atlanta Falcons organization is better than this. Has anyone been able to find out why our team has neglected to put in place a viable mechanism to inform it’s fans via digital media? Is Blank even aware of the gap?
  4. This just may have been the most brilliant pick in the draft when it's all said & done. Excellent post & I too see something special brewing with Calvin Ridley. The Alabama assassins will be feared very soon.
  5. Well said. It's a luxury we desperately needed for some time & it will be amazing to see it unfold this year. JJ deserves to have a legit weapon who can instantly change the way teams defend us. CR will be a scalpel in the hands of Matt Ryan the surgeon & it will be quite a sight to watch these two receivers operate on our opponents on Sundays. The stars aligned when Calvin Ridley showed up on our door step this year.
  6. Love it thanks for posting!
  7. Happy Birthday bro!
  8. You go Mash!
  9. Right on man! Go for it everyone!
  10. Yeah I agree to an extent but clearly we cannot pay him for WR3. We must either groom a FA, draft someone, or develop a guy in our system. But I cannot discount the idea of Saubert forcing himself in the lineup. Does he have the drive?
  11. That is one helluva a good article! it should give everyone pause when criticizing anyone unless we’re capable of measuring a man’s heart. Or measuring a coaches belief in a man. Wow, what a story!
  12. From what I saw all his mess ups leaned towards being too eager & mostly mental errors with regard to penalties. If he blossoms... look out.
  13. Yeah good for him but I bet he still has a heart for our team and his work here. Although I appreciate his contributions, we must find a way to get amped up and extra motivated to whip their azz. If we take out the champs, it’ll send a message to the entire league that this club is dead set on winning a championship!
  14. Ban
  15. Yup any athlete will tell you the same thing. I love me a good hate on the field, but when the game is over, you shake hands & say to yourself, “that’s one bad azz mother fkr & I wish we had him on our team” Competition turns you into something you can’t control sometimes man. Good, bad or ugly. rivalry is a beautiful thing but it’s also a way to enjoy a good, healthy angry