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  1. https://youtu.be/CbRSeVzRwnM Sorry.... Don't know how to post video.
  2. http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2015/2/8/8002339/atlanta-falcons-prince-shembo-dan-quinn-defense-scheme-linebackers Haven't seen it posted yet, however it does seem like a promising idea. Especially with the addition of a couple of strong front 7 additions.
  3. It seems as though this has in fact become true. It also doesn't help having inconsistent talent and Smitty with his contradicting hands all in the cookie jar. Js
  4. This is what I was trying to explain in the previous nolan thread. It seems we've gone through 2 completely different types of defensive coordinators. only to field the same type of defense every year. Obviously Smitty is far too involved in the defense at this point. No matter who is the coordinator, or which collection of players we field. I think at this point its become painfully obvious.
  5. The thing that bothers me the most about the nolan situation, is the obvious fact that no matter which dc we employ, which base defense we run, nor which players we field. The defense has always looked the same within the Smith era. Begs to question, "what's the real problem? " it seems our d was slightly better under bvg. Im of the theory that maybe. Just maybe. Mike Smith and Mike Nolan's defensive schemes/coaching style are blending as well as oil and water. Bvg's defense was very similar to Smitty's style of defense making it work more smoothly. I know that the talent isn't really there but it should raise some interesting questions. I don't know man. Just thinking out loud. Its just a theory.
  6. Since '89. Its been a long, painful, & exciting journey. Grew up in south Ga, watched them every Sunday after church.I say 89 because I didn't really get deeply into it til then. My hatred for the 49ers ran very deep as a child. I wound up moving far north (Maine, new Hampshire...Patriots country) spent many years there. People would ask "why...why the alt falcons?" Couldn't honestly tell you. It just felt right. Even if/when I may have tried to root for another team, it tears me apart. The thought of it makes me feel dirty both inside and out. I live and die by this team. I've nearly lost jobs, because of my love for this team. The saddest part of it all is that in all 25 years, I've been to 1.....only 1 game. Unfortunately I've never been in any kind of financial position to go to a game. It truly sucks, but I will not miss a game. and while this and last season have been very discouraging, it's been pretty nice watching this team over the past 7 yrs.
  7. i keep trying to find the article but its not showing on their page. id love to read it....... im pretty excited about this kid
  8. the kid looks good, it seems to me that if he touches you at all you are going to the ground. which in the past has been a problem with our team. looks fast off the snap and takes nice angles at the qb. i dont wanna get too excited but he does how a lot of promise.
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