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  1. You will be forever missed Ron...

  2. Stay Classy Mr Burgandy!And Thanks For Stopping by! Don't Forget To Stay Classy!

  3. Keep makin us laugh brother!

  4. Just to clarify, that was a post you replied to triggerman and I laughed my arse off!!!

  5. You're really having a hard time shaking the negative nellie thing aren't you? Here's a suggestion, instead of immediately focusing on the negative- try just saying:

    "Congrat's Grimes, you earned it." then later on in the thread , rip into DRob.


  6. jb, I know it is KILLING you that I ignore you, but quit the infatuation. You visit my profile pretty much every other day! Why?

  7. jb, quit stalking me dude!

  8. Smells like updog

    1. Borat


      What's updog? LOL love it

    2. I'm Ron Burgundy?
  9. Yo, T! I was thinking (I think you are the photoshop guru around here, right?), could you take a picture of "The decision" with Jim Gray but instead of Lebron in the opposite seat - put TD in it? It could be The Decision Pt Deux Getting JJ! LOL - what do ya think?

  10. Good stuff man, good stuff

  11. Always a good poster on TATF--Thanks

  12. Ya'll really think it's boxxy? LMMFBO! SOOOO HOT! WANT TO TOUCH THE HINEY!!

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