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  1. Offense was GREAT (Matt looked nice, TG more like TD), Defense was GREAT (Abraham was beasting, Peria Jerry got some hands in, Mike Peterson proved himself **note, 4 sacks, 4 turnovers I believe it was ugggggly**), but **** Elam...I'm going to chalk it up to a bad day, but against a more reputable opponent, you're going to need to get your ish together, mmk?
  2. Its a blog I write for (http://chicksinthehuddle.com) and Us ladies weigh in on our team, and NFL happenings :-) We represent a good bit of the NFL teams, it was originally started by *whispers* Saints Fans
  3. I am a new new! Old Falcons fan, but new to the boards. :-) I'm going to be planted like an old oak in front of the TV from saturday morning for NCAA until monday night after the Bills/Pats game :-)
  4. I'm betting on the following **ATLANTA** over Miami NEW ORLEANS over Detroit PHILA over Carolina Now the Tampa|Dallas game...well that new stadium may be the 12th man needed to get Dallas the W on most games...too bad this one is in Tampa :-/ and just for kicks INDIANAPOLIS over Jacksonville because lets be honest...
  5. Crossing fingers, toes, and eyes that we can finally say auf wiedersehen to DJ Shockley...and wondering if RE-INJURED William Moore will make the cut. I was pretty excited to see him and what he would have to offer the team defensively but... *sigh* what are ya gonna do...
  6. LOL I definitely predict a *whammy* as far as Vick's PT...but it'll be a sold-out game, no doubt. As Arty Blank predicted yesterday...IF MV7 even gets PT I don't think it'll be before the 4th quarter...but stranger things have happened in this league...
  7. Whoa whoa, calm down on the hatred, I give my all for TENNESSEE today and everday and am a proud UT Alumna so lets keep it civil :-)
  8. Am I the only one with a countdown to November 2nd (The Falcons return to MNF against the Saints) and December 6th (the return of Vick7 to the Georgia Dome) Of course the regular season matters. A Lot. But these two games, are red letter days...followed very closely by the ATL @ Carolina game in November.
  9. A-friggin-men!!! I thought maybe just because I'm a VOLumni I had such disdain for DJ Shockley, but I was shaking my head yesterday because Stafford's passes were like butter meanwhile his UGA counterpart looked more like Jones Community College's 3rd string intramural QB...OK maybe it wasn't that bad...but still. I've been a fan of John Parker since he was at Hoover High School and I think he looked much more comfortable out there than DJS.
  10. I agree 125%...check out my post on CHICKSintheHUDDLE.com (I'm Falcons Chick) I thought for a preseason game it was, what it was...that being said...is it September 13th yet? sheesh...
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