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  1. You're right Spyder. I stand corrected. My ****** is no longer bruised
  2. Hmmm. Maybe. Let me listen again. I hope so lol. Got me fired up
  3. Julio cracked me up in interview with Laura tomkin. He's such a stud, he doesn't even realize when he's coming off as arrogant. "What did you learn watching from sidelines?" Hoping for a deeper answer, Laura gets....."I realized that this team needs me to play!" Lmao
  4. Around 45 mins into hard knocks ep. 2. Against dolphins. Wheel route or something for Devonta. Just doesn't seem falcon-like. We love those calls as fans
  5. Pissed me off when I heard him say "p*ssy call" after Mike Smith told him "if OL holds up, this play will be huge." I rewound it twice to make sure I heard it right before he even knowing the result of the play… what was the result, you ask? 35 yards for Devonta. Tice. Don't get butthurt cause you're not head coach dude
  6. UDFA's are only a surprise to us fans. The probably knew that they could get Worrilow and Bartu well before the draft, which would factor into the strategy of the draft; allowing us to go CB,CB with our first two picks...
  7. Does anyone know where I can go to hear the second segment of this past Monday nights show With TD?
  8. Lol. I picked those because I wanted to see the plays develop a little better than in the one-hundred sections... We'll see I guess
  9. This was the game I had pegged as a must fly to the Georgia Dome. Coming from Tampa Florida for my second Falcons game in the dome. I always go to the one here in Tampa. Haven't missed watching a game in five years. I'm really excited about this one!! Is the first row upper deck good seats? Anyone? Sec. 337 row 1
  10. lol. I did. I just thought everyone else is overlooking him
  11. Also nobody is mentioning Travian Robertson, who could be a steal in the seventh round! He's pushing everybody upfield every play
  12. I don't understand this line of thinking… I'm thinking to myself TD has done such a great job since he has been here, that we are about to have to cut some quality players in order to make the 53 man roster
  13. Smith will not be on our practice squad...he has been our special teams gunner for cpl years now! He has gotten a few chances to show what he's worth in regular season games as a wide receiverin the past and has not taken advantage of that so far. Hope to see him utilized in the screen game. Also, there is probably a reason that he hasn't gotten a chance to return kicks over the course of the past few years...
  14. I just feel like Dent deverves a little more time before all the criticism, but then again that's our job.
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