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  1. My first year of high school football was 2001. Atlanta drafted some guy that year and I became a fan of the Falcons!
  2. Just wanted to share this with you all. I haven't been on the boards much the past year, life, busy, you have it. But I went down to my 1st ever Falcon game this year, Sunday night against the Cowgirls. I got up, at 5am at my cottage in Dorset, Ontario Canada on that Sunday morning. I drove 4.5 hours to Buffalo, NY and flew to ATL. I went straight to tailgating, everyone I met was awesome. I got drunk and had some decent seats too, I lost my voice before half, ROMO IS A HOMO!! After a big win, I went out and ate WAFFLES before headin back to the airport to go home. Heck of a day, I can't wait
  3. So it will be a huge beatdown. I am not one to cheer for injuries, but we need to take advantage when the other team's best player is hobbled. He gets an MRI tomo, I know I am interested in seeing the results.
  4. i thought so too, he wasn't disrespecting us. He was being real. I hope Smitty tells the team all those facts.
  5. My vote is Moore. Haven't seen a nice more one that I recall
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