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  1. looking forward to more wallpapers man. youre a beast!

  2. Hey yea man i am going to the funny you should ask me and some buddies were planning the trip ones a lions fan haha oh well yah should be fun let me know if you go ! were going a bit early to pre drink and maybe hit some tailgates .

  3. hamilton! nice and close. you goin to the game@ the lions this yr?

  4. thanks man you do good work!!!

  5. Thanks for your wall papers, they are awesome!

  6. Yo, T! I was thinking (I think you are the photoshop guru around here, right?), could you take a picture of "The decision" with Jim Gray but instead of Lebron in the opposite seat - put TD in it? It could be The Decision Pt Deux Getting JJ! LOL - what do ya think?

  7. I am excited to see the new blood play!

  8. it's going to be a long off-season :(

  9. Tandy I am 110% jealous of your Football room. I hope you enjoy it to it's fullest this sunday!

  10. props man thanks for the insider linkage

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