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  1. They also signed 2 oline guys that retired in the off season. I forget their names. But the point is they were looking to bring in more competition in the off season. And after the 1st p/s game there is a lack of talent going forward.
  2. I think your right. But it may be time to look at a new plan. Am I the only one to see that mess of a Oline ? Sure we got 3 more p/s games. But I didn't see anyone to get excited about in the whole group.
  3. Well we agree on one thing. we don't have the luxury to wait til he gets up to speed. We have cap room, all our draft picks,and depth at all positions. TD should be able to find two (2) OL now!!! So they could work with this unit and be ready for season opener.
  4. I think he needs another year of reps. He just not ready in my humble opinion.
  5. We need help!! I don't think we have anyone on our roster now to fill that opening. After watching the game I don't believe we have a starting guard. This is where we could really hurt our chances of going back to SB. Any injury to anyone on that line would be devastating and could put Matt in real jeopardy.
  6. with the way cuts are to be made this year, it will be harder on TD to make pick ups this year as in years past, imho
  7. I wouldn't kick them , I would want to rotate them boys. We do need help on OL.
  8. FALCONS ADD ANOTHER WIDE RECEIVER, SIGN MARVIN HALL Posted 14 hours ago Kelsey ConwayAtlantaFalcons.comTwitter The Falcons have signed Marvin Hall, a receiver out of Washington who played under offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian The Falcons have added another receiver to
  9. Atlanta Falcons Retweeted Dan Quinn ✔ @FalconsDQ Today we honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Thank you! #MemorialDay ***** I would like to thank all that have given so much for our Country! Thanks for your service.
  10. Michael Vick says he hasn’t talked to Falcons about 1-day return AJC Sports 3:44 p.m Sunday, May 28, 2017 Sports A day after telling an Atlanta radio station that he has talked with the Falcons about signing a one-day contract and officially retiring with the team, Vick clarified by saying he has not spoken with anyone from the organization. But he said he's hopeful it will happen. "Well, I haven't talked to anybody about it specifically," Vick told ESPN. "It's something that I've really been think
  11. As I sit here and reflect on the situation facing Blank, I just hope Mr Blank was in the loop BEFORE Vick went public with his desire to retire as a Falcon. We don't want to divide the Fans, City, and Team's brother hood over this issue. Not just using the Media to promote his cause.Their appears to be some strong feelings on both sides of this issue. "no win" out come could be possible from years past problem !!
  12. Update: Exclusive: Michael Vick and Falcons not close to 1-day retirement contract ATLANTA -- Rumors are swirling about former quarterback Michael Vick moving towards getting a one-day contract with the Atlanta Falcons so he can retire with the team. But Vick told 11Alive's Alec McQuade that nothing official is in the works yet, and that's it's merely just a wish right now. "We’ve had talks, but nothing has come out of it," Vick said during an event marking the re-launch of his V7 brand. "It’s always communication. We always talk about things that come in the future.
  13. First- I loved Vick. He was a hi-lite real by his self. I had season tickets and my son and I wore His jersey. But, what a disappointment in a man with so much talent. He has paid his dues and done his time. I did pull for him when he was an Eagle . But I'm not sure i want to see him Honored as an example of a all time great Falcon. Nothin personal. Just IMHO a bad example to set for players before and after him.
  14. Now who was our Gm while all this winning was going on? Who drafted Ryan? Sounds like you may have a man crush On TD! just sayin.
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