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  1. NOW YOU GUYS GOT YOUR team leading sack man....
  2. LOCKED in a dorm room with Stats at Flowery Branch, until he agrees to sign. You Had enough?
  3. ANY player NOT on the IR AND PLAYS ALL THE GAMES will be better. You pick! I'll wait>
  4. Best player based on what? too much money for Baker to have a play mate in TR. LOL
  5. This could be Baker II , same thing happened when we resigned Baker but he had at least come off 1 good season! We can't afford to take that chance in tying up big money with his track record. No matter what he may do some where else.
  6. Been gone for over 2 years! We just been paying for him to be gone. Can't count on him, so let's just move on!!!
  7. There is a new Sheriff in town boys
  8. Well he was a 6/7 round pick and I'm sure TD doesn't want him cut ....WInk
  9. well U might be a little quick on the draw here. Fa still 2 weeks off (start) and the draft over a month off, don't you think we should let our new coach at least set his 53 man roster before throwing him under the BUS???
  10. you know something KOG if we just don't confuse and play out of position the same players we would see a vast improvement IMO
  11. Please keep posting.

  12. Is your 1st name Miller?

  13. yes I see you as friend and I got your back

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