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  1. I'll be there yelling my azz off. So hoping everyone is in their before kickoff, that's asking a lot though. STH 209
  2. Fact. The screen pass is going to be huge for us this year!
  3. I tell ya guys, that a/c in the Dome sure feels nice after standing over a grill in the lot for 4-5 hours sweating your ballz off on a hot a** September day. Going into an open air for 3 more hours with the sun beating down would be awful. STH-- Sec. 209
  4. Almost cried on Super Bowl Sunday when I heard Eugene had been arrested. Knew it probably wasn't going to happen for us. So SAD!
  5. Dude c'mon. It's not even like that. So tell me that Chipper can get the dome louder than Tuggle.? I've had season tickets for 6 years and I know how the dome works!
  6. Yeah I know, bought the kids cars and things to "hug them" lol, but I'm serious about the Tuggle(african american thing)
  7. That is so weak! I don't mean to play the card, but it needs to be an african american, just sayin! Tuggle would be great. I'm a STH IN SEC. 209 and I know how this works. My section would not respond to Chipper
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