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  1. Good WR's are harder to find than good RB's and WR's tend to have longer careers than RB's. Simply put, WR's are a rarer commodity with a longer shelf life.
  2. It seems like half the people in this country have tatoos nowadays. And most of them are bad. They seem to think they're making some kind of statement or something. The only statement I see is "I like having ugly tatoos on my body." I hear business is good for people who remove tatoos.
  3. I have wondered if the Eagles' main reasons for signing him is more about investment than what he brings to the football field. Having Vick will result in more people watching Ealges' games and buying jerseys. There's also the chance that a team might want to trade for him after he spends a year working with the Eagles staff and improving his image.
  4. The curse of Primetime is still alive and well. The Falcons ALWAYS have problems at CB. D@mn you Deion Sanders.
  5. Why do so many fans choose to focus all their attention on the negative? What good does it do to constantly whine about the weaknesses of the team? Every team has weaknesses.
  6. The Eagles have Donavan McNabb and a lot of talent around him. Putting Vick on the field would hurt, not help, the offense until he plays much better than he has this preseason. This should be more of a 'redshirt' year for Vick. He could work on his fundamentals and get into better shape. Using Vick as a gimmick QB won't help the Eagles or Vick.
  7. The Falcons will soon be announcing they've replaced VanGorder with the perfect d-coordinator thanks to the expert advice of dime a dozen messageboard playcalling experts.
  8. The idiots who need to go are clueless fans who think they're playcalling experts.
  9. I was wrong. He should have been given credit for saving the entire planet. If that 14 year old girl had not been stopped, the bus would only have been the beginning. Good job, Kaleb!
  10. Saying he saved 22 lives seems like a bit of an exaggeration. It sounds like he's a smart kid who handled the situation well, but it doesn't really sound like he was what stopped that girl from killing 22 people. If she wanted to kill anyone she probably would have at least got off a shot or 2. I guess it sounds more dramatic to say the football hero saved 22 lives though.
  11. Most guys who hate their wives and talk bad about them are actually more the cause of marital problems than their wives are. Guys like that are the type who never think anything is there fault and are always looking for someone else to blame.
  12. I'm not sure about "many teams" not carrying a 3rd QB. Which teams only carried 2 last year?
  13. Many fans always love new faces. The same guys who constantly call for Owens, Moore and other new faces in the secondary to start were calling for Chevis Jackson last year and Chris Houston the year before. When Owens doesn't turn out to be the next Deion you'll sour on him and start calling for the next new face.
  14. People keep asking who UGA has to stop Dez Bryant. Well, who does OSU have to stop AJ Green? I just took a quick look at some of OSU's box scores from last year and numerous WR's had big days against their defense.
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