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  1. Georgia born. Atlanta lover. Falcons 16-0 or 0-16. I'm down for life.
  2. How dare we insult the millionaire? Brent Grimes is a **** to me. Not because of him personally, but because he's now on an opposing team. Same as every other player not in a Falcons uniform.
  3. Everytime this gets brought up again....someone says "noooo they'll mock it." Ummm. What? Oppoents do it anyways because like it or not....the Dirty Bird will always be apart of the Falcons. Oppoents will mock us when they score if they choose so Dirty Bird or not, so I don't really get that logic. Either way, it's all in the good fun. If our D is bad enough to allow score, we deserve to be danced on just as JA32 danced on those defenses for 16 touchdowns in the endzone in 98. I'm glad Julio did it earler in the year. It was great. It's all in good fun, ninnies.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3OQNJddL8E ****, talk about miserable. Makes me glad to be a fan of the Falcons right now. It's exhausting watching all the Owner, GM, and Head Coach changes all promising the same thing.
  5. Sounds good man. If we're down, keep screaming!
  6. I'm loving reading all of these stories about your dads too. Even though it's a sports team, I feel we're all connected. Let's shut em down today!
  7. Thanks, man. I wish I was in the Dome. I will scream at my TV though haha.
  8. My dad lost his battle with cancer nearly a year ago today. I remember him talking to me about the days of when Atlanta was awarded its NFL franchise and there was a contest to see what mascot would be ours. He would forever remember watching Tommy Nobis in person punishing the offense for years. The pain of the 1980 playoff loss, the pain of the super bowl loss, and the years of pain of losing for years. I remember him recalling the days of the Fulton county stadium ....the grtiz bliz defense. He told me of the days when he was awe struck watching our D pitch the ball back to Deion and he was there in person. He was at the 1998 Divisional victory and had tears of joy after years of frustration and pain were wiped away after we beat the Vikings in the NFC title game when he knew we could beat them when no one else but people in Atlanta thought so. When Matt Ryan was drafted he told me "we finally have our guy" I remember when he was diagnosed and beating the aints in overtime the year after their super bowl run made him feel better...even for a moment. I wish he was here. This game goes out to every fan and to my dad who loved this team like no other and who through the years of good and bad remained red and black forever. Win or lose. And his old self doing the Dirty Bird dance.
  9. Perhaps he's been listening to all the experts to make himself feel better.
  10. He wasn't average that year of course, but as a career as a whole. I'm actually friends with him. Ha. I like to rib on him.
  11. Jamal Anderson and Chris Chandler! Average players at best, but they got it done for us in that game! Thanks for our lone NFC Championship! Now we're getting another.
  12. Hey, Randy. Remember the last time we played each other in an NFC Championship game?
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