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  1. I think Jesus would shoot someone in the back for stealing property. Things have changed over the past 2000 years. We live in a different world.
  2. HA!! My whole relationship is a wonderful disaster when I attempt to be romantic... My engagement was suppose to be riding on horseback with me putting a little cd player on with our song and proposing to her at sunset. It would be on top of this one hill the guide was suppose to take us to and we would set up camp there with the horses, enjoying a nice romantic campfire....What ACTUALLY happened: Cd player broke, the horses were acting up so the guide took them back after we rode, I did not know but I brought a summer tent... in march...up the mountains... with an air mattress... on the COLDEST **** NIGHT. She was shivering and wanted to go home, the fire was giving me trouble starting because the wood was wet, and I said screw it putting the ring on her pillow and asking to go in for the night to cuddle to keep us warm. When she saw the box I tried to propose and she laughed asking if I was serious because she was freezing her *** off (she did say yes but it was more of a "Yaa sure, can we cuddle and get warm now?"). The night was about 11 degrees out and we had frost on the tent in the morning. She still bugs me on how that was the most failed romantic proposal ever. The next time I thought I would redeem myself. We were engaged for 6 years because we had some financially hard times and it was not wise to have a wedding for a while. One week we went to the beach and I had saved up some money and figured it was time to move getting married into motion. I wanted to make it a romantic conversation and we use to talk about life and such while Kayaking on a lake when younger. SO... I got the bright idea to take her out on the ocean around sunset in this one spot where the sun sets RIGHT over the ocean... We would discuss plans to get married and such and she would love it... NOT what happened... We rented the kayaks and took them out. What I first failed to realize was that a hurricane was brewing far off shore making tide and large swells. We got the kayaks to the edge of the jetty were the both of us were now exhausted. Suddenly we started to get pulled and a large boat came past us nearly flipping her over. This set her into panic and she started complaining. at the mouth to the ocean we were suddenly meet with 6 foot swells and getting pulled hard. The conversation turned into screams of hatred from her and curses I think have yet to be recorded in a book of curse words. She managed though to get herself stuck on the end of the jetty rocks and her leg was cut up in the process. A local boat came near and called for coast guard. Instead of the call going out woman stranded herself on jetty... it went out as "Woman washed up on shore." This made EVERYONE local with a badge rush to us thinking the worse. Coast guard, police, firefighter, ambulance, and some national guards (soon to be explained) arrived on scene. We came to find out where we were stranded was apparently restricted grounds for the national guard. to make a long story short, she was taken away by the ambulance and I was told to kayak both her boat and mine, against the current, ALL the way back. The final romantic failure was our wedding itself... This was last week where we planned for a year to have a wonderful wedding. All looked like it was going to go well with a bright sunny day and perfect weather. Then the DJ messed up. I had to grab a guest because he was not able to announce party in and play music at same time himself. Then the first dance was messed up and we stood for a min on the floor with no music, then the father daughter messed up too. The killer of the day was my grandmother who fell on the first song to pull people onto the dance floor. She broke her hip and laid there for 30-40 min till paramedics came and assessed the situation before moving her. After this half of the room was empty and the dj continued not to help talking more than he played music. After everything was over and my bride was done crying we headed off to a mountain house where we were going to spend the night away from everyone and have wonderful sex. Ended up with us getting lost and arriving at the house near 2am... She passed out and I did as well after the long day. No sex, no nothing, just sleep. Conclusion to all of this... We are happily married, love each other more than ever and I am "Never allowed to plan romantic getaways or anything for the love of god".... (Planning a trip to Ireland next year though. It's going to be SOOOO romantic!!)
  3. Knight Of God knows how to cure the gay, JB. It worked for me.
  4. He's still filing his report with the FBI.
  5. He used to rattle baby carrots with penispusher.
  6. Minus whale beat your meat if you're gonna sit around waiting for an answer.
  7. I brought everyone here. Muskokas had nothing to do with it.
  8. Yall minus whale take your clothes off if you gonna fight like this.
  9. I dont have a racist bone and my body and I dont hate gay people. I picked the guys I thought would be there. If I could be Star and Millner I ould but I dont think theyll be there.
  10. I put a lot of research into this. I hope you guys enjoy!
  11. 5. Zeke Motta, DB Notre Dame NFL scouts that headed to South Bend this season might have experienced déjà vu when they looked in the secondary; Motta’s size and athleticism are similar to those of former Irish star and Minnesota’s 2012 first-round safety Harrison Smith. As a part-time starter his first three years on campus due to the team’s depth at the position, Zeke (short for Ezekiel) needed to show he could make plays in his first year as a starter. He finished the season with 77 tackles, two for loss, and three pass breakups. 6. Brent Russell, DT Georgia Southern Russell finished his career at Statesboro starting 52 games, with 231 Tackles, 54.5 Tackles For Loss, 25 Sacks, 2 Pass Breakups, 1 Interception, 5 Blocked Kicks and 2 Quarterback Hurries. He also earned First-Team All-Southern Conference Honors. In 2012, the senior Defensive Tackle had 44 stops, 8.5 Tackles For Loss and 4.5 Sacks in 13 games. He earned the 2012 Elite Defensive Tackle Award by the College Football Performance Awards. 7. Sam McGuffie, RB/WR Rice McGuffie became the first Owl to top 1,000 career yards in both rushing and receiving with five catches for 80 yards in the bowl game. In his first season as a wide receiver, McGuffie finished second on the team with 54 catches and a team-leading five touchdown receptions. With his five receptions in the bowl game, he moved into 10th on the Rice career list with 102 catches, one more than former NFL star Earl Cooper. - Conference USA Football
  12. I think we can all agree that after William Moore's recent arrest, it's even more important than usual for this draft to focus on high character, and coachable, players. Here is my ideal draft for tomorrow. Thanks for any feedback! 1. Bjoern Werner, DE FSU As a sophomore high school exchange student from Germany, Werner wowed his Salisbury (Conn.) teammates and coaches by racking up 12 sacks in eight games. He missed his home country, however, so he moved back to Berlin - but kept his mind on the game by playing on a national team. Colleges were very happy he returned to Salisbury for his senior season; Florida State and its then-new head coach Jimbo Fisher eventually won the battle to secure his services (over Chip Kelly and Oregon). 2. Margus Hunt, DE SMU Estonia has not been a fertile scouting ground for the NFL in the past, but teams might consider going abroad more consistently if they can find talents like Hunt. His name first appeared on the international athletic scene after he won gold medals in both the shot put and discus events at the 2006 World Junior Track and Field Championships in Beijing. Hunt, who also won the 2005 European Junior discus title, was the first junior ever to pull off that double. 3. Barrett Jones, OL Bama The key to Barrett Jones lengthy career at Alabama has been versatility. Alabama head coach Nick Saban has compared the four year starter to NFL great Bruce Matthews, who famously played all five offensive line positions in the NFL. Jones, too, played all five offensive line positions during his four years starting at Alabama. The medical redshirt was made necessary by an injury to his right shoulder three games into his first year on campus. He then started all 14 contests at right guard as a redshirt freshman for Nick Saban's first BCS champion Tide squad in 2009. For his redshirt sophomore season, Jones earned third-team All-American honors from the Associated Press, as well as first-team All-SEC mention from league media for his play as a sophomore. He started 11 games that year, missing the final two regular season contests with a high ankle sprain. He earned third-team All-American honors from the Associated Press, as well as first-team All-SEC mention from league media for his play as a sophomore. He started 11 games that year, missing the final two regular season contests with a high ankle sprain. 4. Ryan Swope, WR TAMU Swope was an all-state pick (1,826 rush yards, 27 TD; 21-443 receiving) as a senior running back at Austin’s Westlake High School. But by the end of his true freshman season, he was a regular on the field as a reserve receiver (19 receptions, 172 yards, one TD). Swope set the then-school record for receptions while starting all 13 games in 2010, catching 72 passes for 825 yards and four touchdowns, including a big game in aid of the Ryan Tannehill-led upset of Oklahoma (8-136, TD).
  13. Thats different brother. We are talking about people who shower together and tackle each other. Believe me people may not say it but they care I promise you. You think a qb want to put his hands near some dudes butt if he knows that was were some sinful stuff happened?
  14. I dont know what your talking about but I can ensure you that every women doesnt want to **** me. Believe you me man Ive asked hahahaha!!
  15. As someone who playd high school ball for years I can tell you right now that no straight man wants nothing to do with no gay man trying to tackle him. No straight man wants nothing to do with no gay man watching him shower. It just aint right. if it was it woulda been adam and steve in the garden of eden not adam and eve.
  16. Why should he have rights if he went to go blown people up sky hi?
  17. Iffin you saw how they went in everyones house youd see exactly what they are going too do when they take our guns.
  18. For how come they were putting peoples hands on there heads when they were searching houses the other day? Obama wants us all to live in the police state. I dont see how anyone can argue that now.
  19. So you dont follow all the laws but you think everyone else should. Ok sounds like your a typical liberal if you ask me.
  20. Do you stop at every stop sign? Do you ever drive a mile over the speed limit? Do you obey every law that the fedaral goverment puts out there? I respect human life which is more then I could say for you apparantly.
  21. I dont think some of yall are seein the big picture. What if we can get information from him that will save innocent people from getting murdered in a terror attack? I think we should do whatever we have to do to protect America.
  22. I literally **** my pants yall and im ok with that right now.
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