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  1. This reality seems to escape many on the message board. Matt Ryan has finished his 8th season. People his skills from this season forward will start to decline. Not that they were superior in the past. But whatever skills he's had are gonna diminish going forward. That said, cut your loss. Bring in a 2nd or 3rd round qb. Nurture the qb while Ryan decline. Give the trainee a glimpse of the NFL speed here and there. Then give him the keys after a season or two.
  2. Keep Worrilow and have him do what? Chase the ball carrier and catch him 5 yards down the field? Or better yet, tag the qb after he throws the ball for a catch. Let's be honest. Worrilow is a glorified Special Team player. He's had a good run, time to move forward. I have a question. If Worrilow was cut today, what team can he go to and start?
  3. Roddy will always be one of my favorite Falcon. That said, he should welcome a pay cut to stay with the team. As a man who makes less than $100,000 per year I can't imagine the problem. So Roddy it's been real. Enjoy the Florida Sun in Tampa Bay.
  4. He's learned his lesson. The Carolina win will always be a game we can point to. This is when Quinn and the Falcons turned the franchise around.Great times are ahead starting with New Orleans next week.
  5. In defense of Vic Beasley, (44) showed signs of things to come against Carolina. He got in Cam's head, he pressured him all game and made the game saving play. Keep Vic, we can't afford to lose another. (If you know what I mean)
  6. What has he delivered? A playoff win? That's it, Ryan doesn't make players around him better. I hate to compare, but James Jones was terrible when he left Green Bay. Now he's back and he looks like the second coming of Jerry Rice. That's what I want from Ryan but unfortunately I'm getting an aged Peyton Manning.
  7. So many excuses for Ryan you would think he was an elite qb. Let's face it Falcons fans, Matt Ryan is a overpaid average player. He has perhaps the best wide receiver in the NFL and an emerging star running back. Yet he still produces mediocre results. Stop with the excuses, he's Average at best, and spoiled at worst.
  8. Why did we start Coleman at the start of the season? Freeman is making a believer out of me.
  9. Run the ball! Run the ball! Run the ball! Did I say run the ball?
  10. Is Mack worthy of all the hype? He played on a subpar team in a subpar Divisions. The greats usually make the players around them better. Are there any reports of that happening?
  11. Does anyone think he'll be there in the 3rd?
  12. This was a strategic move by the Panthers. Why isn't this tactic used by the Falcons?
  13. I've noticed disinterest on both sides of the ball. A locker room cancer is loose, and if it continues, Smith will be the fall guy. These guys have stopped playing for one another, and for their paychecks. I am watching pathetic football week after week, and I anticipate suffering through Thursday night. If Glennon burnt us, can you imagine what Brees will do?
  14. The old saying, I can take your men and beat you with my men. It all comes down to coaching. Please Tony Dungee consider saving this franchise.
  15. I like the commercial: "A new stadium for a subpar team." Priceless!
  16. Yep! I said it last year, we chose the wrong DT. But that's the norm around here. (Making wrong picks)
  17. "IF" we don't make the playoffs. "IF" I was a betting man, Las Vegas would have my money on the books.
  18. Concerned Fan, first, thank you for a complete, coherent, well-written post. The post title grabbed my attention immediately. I wish other posters would use the power of creative writing, proper grammar and satisfy the reader's intellectual palate. Now, the coach said, we are a 1-3 team. Doesn't that say a lot about his and the team's mentality? His because as the leader he accepts mediocrity. The team, because he's their leader and they are following his lead. It's scary having this guy as the Head Coach. What was he before becoming coach of the Atlanta Falcons? He was the defensive coordinator of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Have you seen their progress lately? My point is this, perhaps Coach Smith has surpassed his progression and we are witnessing the plateau of his skills.
  19. Soon, the Ryan apologists will run out of excuses. Stay Tuned...
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