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  1. I like Chase his a beast and probably the most athletic player in the draft but Pitts is great
  2. It’s going be Pitts or Chase I like both
  3. With Matt Ryan not having much arm strength and being in a west coast offense 10 to 15 yard dink and dunk Pitts would be the best pick at this point
  4. They need a Quarterback I don’t care what y’all think.Matt eating up 30% of the salary cap plus he need a left tackle that make 70 million,a wide receiver who make 23 million a year , a first round WR who you may have to pay, a first round TE you may have to pay, 2 first round offensive lineman cause his not athletic and his throw percentage going down every year.I’m not saying Matt Ryan a bad QB but you need to draft a young QB. It just make sense.
  5. His was in a 3-4 in San Francisco and he was a beast
  6. Why do that when you can draft Justin Fields and keep your draft picks and play Ryan for a year or two
  7. Just gonna be honest Matt Ryan a good QB but his time is wearing down The Falcons need to draft a QB now.He don’t have to play now but you need 1 now.
  8. So you tell me that Matt Ryan worth 30 for the next two years the most on the team and his worth it
  9. No it’s not when you eat up all the cap salary
  10. You can’t keep waiting cause he getting older and his value as a player is going down.His already injured a lot mostly playing with injuries.Now Is The Time!
  11. Matt Ryan was a good QB but his not worth that contract. That’s why we so sorry because his eating up so much salary cap we can’t get no good players on defense.
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