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  1. I like Chase his a beast and probably the most athletic player in the draft but Pitts is great
  2. It’s going be Pitts or Chase I like both
  3. With Matt Ryan not having much arm strength and being in a west coast offense 10 to 15 yard dink and dunk Pitts would be the best pick at this point
  4. They need a Quarterback I don’t care what y’all think.Matt eating up 30% of the salary cap plus he need a left tackle that make 70 million,a wide receiver who make 23 million a year , a first round WR who you may have to pay, a first round TE you may have to pay, 2 first round offensive lineman cause his not athletic and his throw percentage going down every year.I’m not saying Matt Ryan a bad QB but you need to draft a young QB. It just make sense.
  5. His was in a 3-4 in San Francisco and he was a beast
  6. Why do that when you can draft Justin Fields and keep your draft picks and play Ryan for a year or two
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