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  1. You can’t keep waiting cause he getting older and his value as a player is going down.His already injured a lot mostly playing with injuries.Now Is The Time!
  2. Matt Ryan was a good QB but his not worth that contract. That’s why we so sorry because his eating up so much salary cap we can’t get no good players on defense.
  3. You must be crazy he has two elite Wr’s , a pretty good offensive line,a fast TE and a ok running back.He just not that good.Hos smart I give him that but he don’t have the arm.His slow as dirt and he not gonna pick up no weights.
  4. Dan Reeves was better than any of them coaches the Falcons ever had I know of
  5. Stop it Quinn gonna be here the rest of the year.Just hope we lose. And take the best player in the draft
  6. Takk don’t wanna play for these team and he always hurt.Nobody gonna give you nothing for him cause his going be a free agent at the end of the year.Just let him walk.
  7. Trade Julio,Matt Ryan,Let Takk walk Let KOO go and draft a Qb and get a new coach. Organization is too loyal everybody to Comfortable
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