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  1. And by me supporting Gurley I am in no way bashing the pick of Beasley. I am happy we picked him and that's who I wanted us to get. I believe Freeman and a later round RB can split the carries. Beasley addresses an area of need that we have been waiting to be taken care of for a long time.
  2. Gurley and Moreno are not in the same class. I don't think anyone ever said Moreno would break every record in football either. Especially not after getting shut down against Alabama. He didn't live up to his draft pick. I expect Gurley to be a far better pro. I'd rather have Nick Chubb but I'll wait and see how healthy he can stay as Georgia's premier back
  3. I never really bought the message that it was all Smith/Nolan that wanted to go for big interior DL. I think if Khalil Mack or Clowney got to us last year that would have been our pick. I like others have a problem that TD was "pushed over" so easily if that was the case. He is supposed to be some master scouter from New England. Why did he not push harder for the pass rusher he scouted? I don't think Mike Smith had the authority they led everyone to believe after his firing.
  4. It's the NFL injuries happen. Gurley is a monster. If he can recover he will definitely be worth the top 10 pick. If we could have addressed the pass rush in FA he could have been our pick. We just had a greater need on the edge. Gurley is fresh off an ACL tear and did no offseason workouts for teams. Him going 10th is a testament to how much he already put on film. Like I said if he stays healthy, he's the next AP.
  5. If our guy is not there at 8. What if we trade back pick up a couple picks in this draft or next years. We can still use our 1st rounder or trade way back in the 1st and use it to trade for Houston.
  6. 8.5 sacks is not a terror. But I guess compared to the pass rush we are used to seeing it will be. I will be happy with 8.5 sacks from Clayborn as long as he is not the only player near double digit sacks
  7. Are you being sarcastic? Sounds like the Smitty line sacks are overrated as long as we pressure the QB...
  8. You're making my point. Spoon in 3 or 4 games in a healthy season matched Reeds entire season production. The amount of money we paid Reed we could have paid Spoon on a incentivized contract like we did with Clayborn. Maybe Spoon who has been complaining about guaranteed contracts balked at our offer but we don't know. My point is we're complaining about injured players yet we went and signed an injured DE that is supposed to fix our pass rush.
  9. But he only has like 12 career sacks. My biggest gripe is the fact that he has spent half his career on IR.
  10. Not exactly a fan of this signing. He has spent 2 of his 4 season on IR. And it's not like he was lighting it up when he played a full season. Didn't he go into the draft with some sort of defect that dropped his draft status? We continue to cry as fans about injured players but we signed a player who has spent half of his career on IR. I know it's a 1 year prove it deal but geesh
  11. So am I still the only one wondering why we didn't bring back Spoon? Clayborn has been just as injured and now he is possibly making more than Spoon. The Reed contract was bad in my opinion, Spoon matched his productivity in 3 to 4 games. I'm sorry I'm not drinking the Quinnade like some of the others on this board
  12. Majority of the board seems to be #2. I feel like I'm more #3 but still try to be as positive as possible. The moves this offseason have made me a bit negative though.
  13. That would be awesome my birthday is Saturday and since I'm not doing nothing I might as well get an autograph on my birthday
  14. I would leave Alford on at RCB. He just needs to trust his technique. He is always in position he just gets his hands wrapped up because he panics. I say give Southward more time at FS he has the speed and range to cover the middle of the field.
  15. Quinn doesn't run the same type of scheme that GB runs with C. Matthews. Not to mention he is no Clay Matthews
  16. That talent was already performing. Defense was not Seattle's issue they became Super Bowl champs and contenders when Russell Wilson took over with Marshawn Lynch controlling the pace of the games. The things I can give him credit for was going out and adding Bennett and Avril in '13
  17. I just posted this on another thread. But I am not completely sold on Quinn. He did not build that defense he inherited a very talented one. He wasn't even on the staff when most of the starters were drafted. He took over a talented unit like Jon Gruden did with the Bucs after Tony Dungy was fired. Now I'm not saying he won't succeed here. I hope that he does, but I'm not placing my blind faith in him and I won't sit here and not question his moves. Only time will tell.
  18. I'm not absolutely sold on Quinn yet like everyone else. He inherited that defense from Gus Bradley. He wasn't even on the staff when many of the players like Sherman, Wagner, Chancellor, and Thomas were drafted. He ran it much like Jon Gruden ran the Bucs team to a Superbowl that Tony Dungy built
  19. Let's see. We had Spoon he was solid just injured. Another player we just let walk in Peters was solid. Moore is solid, Trufant is beyond solid. Babs is solid just getting old.
  20. I know and I eluded that he plays in the 34 so his numbers may reflect that. But so did Patrick Willis and Navarro Bowman and they had almost 3x as many tackles. If he can come in and make plays and stop the run as our Mike then I'll wind up eating my words
  21. Didn't think that that's what I was insinuating. I'm just not impressed with Reed for the amount of money we signed him for
  22. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now..
  23. TD still makes the signings. Quinn is in charge of the cuts to get to the final 53. Quinn obviously still has influence over the FA signings
  24. I understand he is in the 3-4 but to say he is a very active run stopper when he has never had over 45 tackles in a season just doesn't make the argument for me
  25. I don't understand this signing. I don't see where he projects in Quinn's defense. He has never been very productive..bad move TD
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