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  1. awesome razrtalon! lets make banks feel at home in Atlanta!
  2. I never post, but I do a lot of reading and enjoy 99% of the comments... except the aints trolls... Do you guys think we can get some more followers for Brian Banks on twitter? This guy seems like such a humble person and I hope he can do more than just make the roster (which would be living the dream). I hope he can somehow develop in to much much more. Brian Banks@BrianBanksFREE One thing I hate is failure. Don't mean I won't keep trying. #InARushToGetBetter about 12 hours ago http://brianbanks.org/
  3. Section 139 row 14 seats 1-4 WOO WOO!!!!! RISE UP BABY!!! I haven't been to a game since december 2004 when Vick floated two feet above the ground in to the end zone at the end of regulation. (I'm in the Army and am stationed in Texas)
  4. Yea except in that last year of getting the franchise tag didn't he make somewhere in the ballpark of 14 million? I don't know if there is anyone except Manning making that kind of money each year.
  5. If mularkey had stuck to his guns the saints would have never had the chance for that shanked field goal. He sent matt out gunning way down fields, which i'm sorry to say might me his only weak point so far (it'll get fixed i'm sure just takes time). The team made it that far in the game buy pounding the ball, they should have kept it going with some 2nd and short play actions.
  6. Who's the starter? Who is getting the load in passing downs and who is getting it in rushing downs? BTW I'm real excited about this group of DT's
  7. absolutely. a lot better than doing the obsolete dances of the team that you are playing and ultimately getting beaten bye!
  8. Ocho's sword fighting with the football was hilarious, and his salsa dance made me want to shoot myself in the face.
  9. Did anyone notice him doing the old dirty bird (1998) and the A-town Stomp (2003-?)? Eat it moore!!!!
  10. a field goal does nothing for them. that play is the story of this game i'm affraid to say. now its up to the defense, we need a turnover!!!!!!!
  11. we just can't win can we? and its not for lack of effort or coaching...
  12. how is it that the last two runs, with ryan running out of bounds and then turner on the sweep out of bounds and the clock kept running and then end of quarter, i don't understand!!!
  13. was the defense sand bagging? or is it showing that we can cover normal sized receivers? i love the pick up of william already, still wish we could get a decoud replacement though
  14. gumbel had just got done saying that abraham would have to go around long all day and then look what happened, abraham puts the fat boy on his back!!!
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