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  1. Love the AFC East guys around 3:20.
  2. Needs a bigger Falcon
  3. Going to have that **** song stuck in my head all night. Thanks.
  5. I need to get out more.
  6. So what's this "Fire" stuff? Is this the latest cool term all the kids are using? Have I gotten that old? Post 1,000! only took 11 years.
  7. Interesting article on this. Particularly this. The revised rules of the 2020 offseason, as influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, permit teams to announce a deal before a contract is signed and before a physical is conducted. Other teams (like the Texans as to receiver Randall Cobb) have done it. The Falcons have chosen otherwise as to Gurley.
  8. Yeah, that's what I mean, it's not official. I see articles saying he signed as far back as 03/20 but that transaction doesn't show up on the Falcons page. Has me worried and hoping there aren't any physical issues.
  9. Has anyone heard if Gurley has signed?
  10. My guess is they want to see some of the fan creations first. Why not consider our (not mine btw) creative opinions along with their paid marketing group? Some of these look pretty good.
  11. Last time I looked 22 = grown-assed man. Maybe they should get an emotional support dog like the 49'rs
  12. KOG, if you're looking for something to clear your head, my son bought me the audible version of Joe Kenda - I will find you: You turned me on to that TV show a couple years back, love it. The audio book is a great way to zone out while driving to and from work. Merry Christmas!
  13. Can't stand the other Douglas, Hugh. Just not very intelligent.
  14. And I caught grief for respecting his record. Thank God I didn't have him on my fantasy league. Thanks for running cover for me. Lol. Thought Fuego was gonna blast me all night. (no offense Fuego)