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  1. Someone needs to hang this in Vick's locker to fire him up before a game.
  2. Classic.
  3. Welcome to the greatest country on the planet.
  4. The thermometer was invented 300 years ago by Fahrenheit. Modern global temp readings started about 130 years ago. So how can 130 years be a large enough sample to establish a trend for our established atmosphere believed to be around 4 billion years old? To put it in terms of a human life span of 85 years, that's a sample size 1.5 minutes. Can you trend a human’s past or present based on 1.5 minutes? Now should we take prudent steps for clean air and water? Absolutely. But when I see politicians waiving their arms screaming we'll die in 10 years, I get suspicious and nervous. Classic MO of those desiring power - create a life threatening problem and put yourself between the masses and the problem. Instant power.
  5. My lord, a hurricane during hurricane season. What are the odds?
  6. Very sad to hear Tandy. Take heed, you will see him again.
  7. Clean up that office!
  8. Would love for the rams to win but the Pats are the Pats. Pats win.
  9. Thought #1 - For Ryan to continue, he'll need that freak Julio Jones, or someone like him. Hard to get yards without receiving talent. Thought #2 - Can you imagine how high maintenance a super model would be? Wouldn't be worth it past one night, or a couple weeks... months.
  10. OP, you may want to consider double-dosing.
  11. Why not just slide Knapp into the OC slot?
  12. Some great examples of why the "body weight" rule exists. lol,
  13. In regard to quantity vs quality here's the ranking based on average $ per player. One could assume the more $ player, the more impactful the loss of that player is. Losing 22 scrubs is not as bad as losing 5 stars.
  14. Mr, Sarkisian, meet door. Mr. Knapp, meet your offense.