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  1. I figured paying NFLPA dues would mean they'd protect a player's ability to earn a paycheck. Guess that's not so for 320 guys this year if they're going from 90 to 80 per team.
  2. Not that it matters but his tweets were from over a year ago.
  3. Way to call out your own organization for what was probably a clerical error. Couldn't call someone in the organization first? Good start...
  4. Looks like a good way to break an ankle.
  5. We're about 8 weeks ahead of you and to be honest, this sequence was more of a challenge than the chemo but if you got through that, you'll get through this. Glad to see there was no complication getting the procedure done with Covid around. They were starting to shut down the hospital the day my wife had hers. Probably would have been pushed had we not gotten it done then. Take care Goober. She'll need you.
  6. Smacks of a head coach and GM who are on thin ice gambling the future to keep their jobs. ...And I think I'm ok with it.
  7. I honestly don't remember any of those runs...
  8. Read a couple months back they were rolling it out in select cities, Charlotte being one of them so you may have to drive.
  9. I like them. Definitely better than the previous unis.
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