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  1. I still feel if we're within a score with two minutes left, this is when he really exceeds. I just wish it was that way every drive of the game.
  2. Funny how having a guy on your fantasy team can attach you to him. I don't know him from Adam's house cat but I feel for his family. Am I wrong to go straight to OD? I hear young and hotel room, I think drugs.
  3. I just don't see any fire in Gurley. I believe he still has the talent, just no desire.
  4. Spot on. Kind of hard to say we couldn't see this coming. It wasn't exactly subtle. lol.
  5. Probably because he operates all the things that are necessary but not necessarily day to day football stuff. Things like payroll, facilities, finance, building stadiums, marketing, etc.
  6. Wasn't expecting performance much better than a typical preseason game. Which is kind of what this was.
  7. I'd rather have that stupid-*** flex pose retired. Please... someone in the NFL be original.
  8. Watching that video made me excited for football for the first time this year. Love watching athletes do what they can do and man, they look talented. And I love everything about those new unis. Awesome video.
  9. A middle-schooler could have a more developed rationale for a "blockbuster" trade. SMH.
  10. I figured paying NFLPA dues would mean they'd protect a player's ability to earn a paycheck. Guess that's not so for 320 guys this year if they're going from 90 to 80 per team.
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