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  1. I hit refresh, got an error and my heart sank.
  2. Won't work. If your talking about the CD you just downloaded from Shiek you need to unzip the file first (use WinRar) and get all the mp3 files, then you burn the mp3 files to an Audio CD and then you'll be able to play it in the car. And if its not, then the same thing applies lol
  3. The same way you would any other file. Make a data CD.
  4. ****, double fractured and almost career ending. Hopefully he'll get back on the field after those 12 months and be all right. On the bright side good to see Golanski getting called up. Steaua is my team
  5. That piece of ***** should be banned from ever playing soccer again.
  6. Man i wouldn't want to be caught with a ghost alone, even if that ************* was friendly. And y'all got some scary azz stories. And i thought me taking a ***** and it not being there when i flushed was kinda weird, but ****.
  7. Smith and Caddy are a toss up?? Are you kidding me?? Plus it doesn't matter if Caddy starts, Bucs even said there gonna use a RBBC, and they will all split carries.
  8. Please tell me your in a 20 team league or something.
  9. We need to get someone at CB. I don't care who it is, but it better be someone other then Houston and Grimes.
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