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  1. Would I get banned if I started a thread called "HE KILLED A YORKIE, MAN"
  2. I understand that Ledbetter doesn't have full access because of the Falcons being tight lipped, but that's still no excuse for not doing your job. If I was a beat writer and got paid a handsome salary, I would delve into the backgrounds of every single player and coach on the roster. I would find little interesting tidbits to write about and make some connections. I would have the pulse of my team...I wouldn't be 4 hours late with every bit of news. I am sick of the crappy grammar and substance of his articles, and I will now be pointing it out to him via Twitter. @FireLedbetter
  3. Settling for mediocrity at best...it's not good. Trust me.
  4. It's sad that the best breaking news and stories come from AF.com half the time. not a knock on the crew, but AJC has more freedom.
  5. Bump. A week ago he called Franks and Zelenka locks...FAIL. Here is how it was worded "Specialists (3) — Locks: Matt Bryant, Matt Bosher and Joe Zelenka. Longshot: Josh Harris." Harris was the consensus number one long snapper and even had consideration to be drafted. Franks sucked all pre-season yet he was a lock? I mean does this man have no feel for the team he covers. Other beat writers are on top of stuff and this bumbling idiot had nothing. Today he retweeted out at 6:05 somebody elses suggestion that the Falcons should take a look at Bryant McKinnie...only problem is that he decided to
  6. Anything better to do at 2am when sleep isn't calling? We could beat the Jacksonville game into the ground.
  7. I saw a thread saying Brady Quinn should be traded for DHall.
  8. I think I'm done posting old threads. I wish this board went back to the Mora days.
  9. Me digging up old threads? Your threads are older than Mr. Furley's.
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