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  1. LMAO Bro, your team isn't that good. I know you don't believe it. NP. Soon you will believe. It's works both ways! Hahahaha opinions are like ********
  2. Yea like it's rigged! The saints cant win the sb!
  3. Life as the champ and life n back to back playoffs. Yes life goes on!
  4. Guess what, it ain't happening! Hahahaha
  5. Right now, ur right! The thing abut the NFL, things change quickly and I don't want any other team than the saints right now!
  6. I'm more than ready! My schedule is cleared! When the saints march through the dirty dome, I'll b here cheering and chanting WHO DAT!
  7. All u will hear is BOOM!!! Then ur bloody team will go home sad!
  8. He didn't disappear! He's waiting to help lead the chant n the durrty dome!
  9. I have all the time I have! The saints have verything thy need too!
  10. I got a feeling u won't like what Jenkins will bring!
  11. Crack is good. Try it rev!
  12. That's the sound of the bomb we will put on that train! BOOM!!!!!
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