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  1. Out of the larger contracts, the guys I think won't be on the team next year as Biermann, Blalock, Osi, Baker, Steven, and Tyson
  2. But who was his QB? Someone better than Matt Ryan, right? And two great receivers and a HOF tight end too?
  3. The beat writer for our biggest newspaper is D Orlando Ledbetter. How much stock do you put into what he says?
  4. I watched Steven Jackson struggle to break any tackles enough to know we had to get away from trying to run it, because it wasn't gonna happen
  5. During interview Rex tells San Fran brass he'd prefer them first (why wouldn't he say that in an interview) Brass tells beat writer Ends up on NFL Trade Rumors
  6. It's because Mike Smith always let the other team back in games and the seesaw tilted the other way with who came out on top starting last year. Good riddance
  7. And if you only look at that you'd think he was bad and Smith was good. You try to win with Sanchez and Geno and Vick
  8. "But he did so much good for this franchise"....Smith was such a clown. He was awful with injuries. See Abraham and Roddy
  9. The 2012 defense was the best one in the 7 years Smith was hereSmith is the one that made Abraham play in week 17 that resulted in Abe getting hurt and being useless in the playoffs
  10. Give a 5 year prove it contract that is close to vet minimum
  11. I think people are overanticipating even businesses paying this much. My company is a Fortune 250 and a big sponsor and I highly doubt they pay these prices for PSL's when it only covers Falcons games.
  12. He was always regarded as a bust, that turned into a solid run stopper. That didn't stop us from paying him, Pioli also traded Tony Gonzalez for a 2nd round pick that turned into Arenas
  13. In what world did Tyson Jackson pan out?
  14. So if you can't win in spite of for that long, what happened the last two seasons? Blowing those leads and we didn't come back from them like we did before. Good riddance Smith
  15. Look at the division records when we won the NFC South. Wasn't near the toughest those years. I think Smith was never a good coach and we won in spite of him in the beginning. Team always had the same issues
  16. You don't typically get to be GM twice. Might as well kick back, take the easier role
  17. Eh only Falcon fans were impressed with Smith's "success". Now Smith will be lucky to be a position coach
  18. It's really not worth it. Save the $45,000 and just buy tickets to games when you want to go. You'll come out a lot cheaper
  19. Mike Tice is a good example of a career path Mike Smith may be lucky to have
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