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  1. What are you talking about? Saints/Chargers game was tight the whole 2nd half. Saints were up 23-13 with four minutes left against the Bears. Missing multiple starters on offense both games.
  2. Creoles and Cajuns don't roll that way pal. Bamas in Georgia and D.C. however...
  3. That passing record is cumulative from his career. Basic logic. As for 2018, it wasn't that one game. Again, stop commenting on a team you apparently know nothing about. There was never any Katrina refs. If so the Saints wouldn't have lost to the Bears in the 2006 championship game. You know..the season right after Katrina? To even bring that up in 2018 is beyond toothless pathetic.
  4. Brees passed for 120 yards against the Vikings. You're trying to characterize the Saints as a passing team. Do you watch the games? I'm guessing not. The patheticness of a Falcons fan on full display. I mean...Jesus.
  5. You really want to bring up past playoff chokes Riseup28-3? Do you really?
  6. This has got to be the most delusional collection of words I've ever read in my life. One idiot said the Falcons will be favored when they play @Saints. Some other idiot said all the Saints have on offense is Kamara and Thomas. Forget Brees, the best o-line in football, Taysom Hill, Ben Watson catching everything, and very good young receivers with size. Then another idiot said they'd lose to the Bengals. All beganwith some garbage use of "advanced" stats. Good one FL. You outdid yourselves.
  7. What garbage time are you talking about? For one, the Saints are usually the ones winning, so usually the ones running the ball at that time. For two, even if losing, teams drop 8 in coverage to PREVENT the deep ball, so you have to dink and dunk at that time. And for three, what does any of that have to do with Brees being 7th in yards per attempt this year? He doesn't "dink and dunk". Period. Stupid statement.
  8. Did you not read the part about 7th in yards/attempt? Brain cells missing or not working or what?
  9. Even if he is throwing the ball more (he isn't), he's also the league leader in completion %. So that nullifies your stupid *** argument when you COMPLETE that amount of your passes.
  10. Drew Brees is 7th in the NFL in yards/attempt. He broke the passing record on a 62 yard TD. So how the **** is that "dinking and dunking"?
  11. The Saints offensive line is a weapon. And besides the drops, Ted Ginn is a weapon. When Mark Inram gets back, he's a weapon. There's a couple more receivers but they're new. One played for the 1st time today and scored a TD. They'll probably be weapons next game. Oh and that fella Drew Brees.
  12. The 2004 team was one of your best teams. Period. Second, the question you posed was not NOT what was asked. Dude/Maam just brought up Aaron Brooks out of the blue, which is just plain stupid. Brooks had success against the Falcons and was not a bad QB. Who you'd prefer is Billy Joe Tolliver or Heath Shuler. Not Aaron Brooks. 3rd, in the context of the sentence, you would say that Falcon team. Jyst like you could say that Saint team. Or that Bear team. Or that 49er team. You don't always use the plural form moron. Do they educate in your part of the world? Go take a nap.
  13. Miss the days of Aaron Brooks? He was 5-4 against the Falcons outside of that Katrina year. Why would you miss a guy that used to beat some of the best Falcon teams? You people and this thread are wierd.
  14. What "absurd" amount of holes are on the Saints team now? Spiller is an upgrade. Browner is a definite upgrade to the empty space last year at that #2 corner spot. Unger is a massive upgrade on about 28 NFL teams. Never mind that Jairus Byrd is basically another signee for this year. What few holes remain on the o line, linebacker, WR, and rush end can easily be secured in a draft full of picks. Please enlighten me?
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