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  1. Creoles and Cajuns don't roll that way pal. Bamas in Georgia and D.C. however...
  2. Stop lacing your meth with roach spray.
  3. That passing record is cumulative from his career. Basic logic. As for 2018, it wasn't that one game. Again, stop commenting on a team you apparently know nothing about. There was never any Katrina refs. If so the Saints wouldn't have lost to the Bears in the 2006 championship game. You know..the season right after Katrina? To even bring that up in 2018 is beyond toothless pathetic.
  4. Brees passed for 120 yards against the Vikings. You're trying to characterize the Saints as a passing team. Do you watch the games? I'm guessing not. The patheticness of a Falcons fan on full display. I mean...Jesus.
  5. You really want to bring up past playoff chokes Riseup28-3? Do you really?
  6. This has got to be the most delusional collection of words I've ever read in my life. One idiot said the Falcons will be favored when they play @Saints. Some other idiot said all the Saints have on offense is Kamara and Thomas. Forget Brees, the best o-line in football, Taysom Hill, Ben Watson catching everything, and very good young receivers with size. Then another idiot said they'd lose to the Bengals. All beganwith some garbage use of "advanced" stats. Good one FL. You outdid yourselves.