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  1. I remember reading all of this (don't recall the Ohio player though?) and just went WTF? Really sad but, it's time to move on. This team has talent and heart! and a bye week
  2. Screw this! The only thing 'poor' about this is that the team that was scored on by 62 gave up!!!
  3. Hopefully they get the shuttel pass worked on. You're right that he did have a ton of room!
  4. I want to see Quizz and Snelling a LOT more. As for your question, I don't know. But, maybe more run packages with QS&T at different times to get the ground game going.
  5. sheesh! hope he gets over it... Wonder if any of the same refs will call a future game for them, lol.
  6. Bro-You need a beer? You look thirsty. Of course Meangelo is always toast haha... and...Yes I watched your vid all the way thru. Didn't understand any of it but, I like it. Thanks
  7. This^^^! Do WHATEVAH IT TAKES TO FIX IT NOW!!! Like, this week would be nice.
  8. Get what ever it takes on the oline and I think this crap show will disappear! :mellow:
  9. I'd love to see that meeting happen! Yeah, I'm sure he would like to Kiss your Azz! Kiss your Azz goodbye and you never post here again would be GREAT!!!
  10. This^^^and it's time to show the Hickory Stick!!! Whoop some A$$
  11. @mattyicefalcon "Just because our personnels suck at protecting our QB .....how are refs to be blamed for over seeing this?" It's their damned JOB to see this and call it!!!
  12. watched it and will do it again at midnight. Thanks for the heads UP!
  13. "He had my respect before. Now he has my awe." Been a Falcons fan since '86 and this team/front office/coaches and owner/s are the best!!! Win lose or draw I will always be in awe because these folks are organised!!! Amen for a plan!!!
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