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  1. Honestly, I wanna see what he can do. I've never been big on him and I know yall have. I wanna see what yall see in him. One hour to go!
  2. Lookin' forward to seeing my boy Grimes lock down the #2 CB spot.
  3. - Matt Ryan throwing deep when the defense jumps. - I want the 3rd down defense to improve. I hate it when it's 3rd and 5+ and the get it.
  4. I stopped watching it in the 3rd after I realized Grimes wasn't gonna play. Was he hurt or something? We win when Grimes plays, we lose without him.
  5. It should be fun to watch the Grimes/Owens duo again.
  6. I can't wait to see that number 20 with long white sleeves on the field again!
  7. Good luck to him, I wish it woulda worked out here but he fell off. I hope he goes somewhere and gets back to his "beast" days.
  8. Lol. Well that just shows he doesn't know anything about us.
  9. Stats is funny, I like him a lot and I just seen him for the first time yesterday.
  10. I was giving him a complement by calling him The Finn V2... I could care less about speed, I'd rather him make the tough 1st down catches than go deep and drop some.
  11. Him and JHey are our 3-4 hitters of the future, with Mac hitting in the 5 hole. Good God I can't wait. We'll be going on another streak really soon. I want him in Atlanta tonight!
  12. If not him then it's gonna be The Finn.
  13. I want speed on the outside (Roddy & Jonesboro) and the big possession receivers going across the middle. That's just me though.
  14. 8:45 is the play that Brooking messed up on and cost us the game.
  15. Regardless of the stats, Grimes can tackle very well. I believe all the missed tackles were during the first part of the year last year. I remember down the stretch, if I seen Grimes in the picture, he was tacking the man down.
  16. I wish I could have witnessed him play. Out of all out tail backs I didn't get to see, he's the one I know the most.
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