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  1. Well those 17 tackles have been very quite... I only remember seeing him getting that sack, he must go into the pile stopping the tail back or something.
  2. Read the threads bro... I think there's like three threads on it one the first page.
  3. This thread needs to be on the top, so bump... I voted for him and our former player.
  4. I'm assuming you're stating that you want him to start over Grimes... Just because Grimes hasn't got an interception yet doesn't mean he isn't playing good. How many catches has Grimes given up this year? 2? Grimes has been shutting down his side of the field. Plus, I think Owens is hurt...
  5. I seen him get stuffed for little no no gain in the second half a few times but I agree, he deserves something good.
  6. We want Norwood out in open space, kickoffs is the best place to get open space...
  7. I boo him against the Falcons, cheer him whenever else.
  8. We already knew this, the first pass of the year will go to him.
  9. I'd rather have a ball hawk than a physical player at the cornerback position.
  10. Kicking, this is the biggest story going in. Can our kick (Bryant) get it together.
  11. I'm assuming they're not gonna let the starters play, and Grimes isn't playing.
  12. Freddie has a dangerous swing. It stinks that he got cheated right there, he'll get a hit tonight...
  13. Favre won't go in as a Falcon, he'll go in as a Packer. I think Deion will go in as a Cowboy though.
  14. Me too, I want him and Roddy on the outside and Jenks and Gonzo running across the middle.
  15. Yea, he looked alright against the 2nd team... I love Jonesboro and want him to start but he wasn't all that tonight.
  16. Biermann is the new Kerney. I hope they realize it and they give him the LDE.
  17. Well that's fine. Remember the end of last season? It's a battle between those two for the #2 CB spot. Whoever does the best tonight is gonna have an upper hand I feel.
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