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  1. Lol and they kept talking as if they thought it was Abe. I was laughing about this with my dad last night.
  2. I think we need a franchise back, just me though. That one big gain from Turner made it look like he had a good day. If you actually watched the game you know he was ineffective (again).
  3. You got my vote but the Eagles have 66% of the votes. People want to see Vick...
  4. This is the only game that's on my cable, it's on in the background but no one is watching it.
  5. Checkout RealSportsZone.com!

  6. I haven't heard anything. Any of you know if he's going to play?
  7. He got stopped last week and we burnt the opponent through the air. We never get any love so this is nothing new.
  8. Lol at the idiot who wrote this article. Grimes had two bad games and they write this. The media is quick to jump on someone when they're down but when he was playing his best this season no one was giving him any love. I hope Grimes plays a record setting game on Sunday just to shut the stupid media up.
  9. It's good to see that we're are finally getting some love.
  10. Grimes. A few weeks ago he ran a guy down that was about to take a kickoff to the house. He didn't tackle him but he pushed him out of bounds. He hustled and it showed his speed.
  11. Absolutely! Also, he did it against arguably the best D in the NFL. A star has been born.
  12. So is Freeman gonna be our opening day 1B? I haven't heard anything and I've been thinking we need an everyday 1B/LF.
  13. Lol Moss would not be our slot/3rd receiver. Him and Roddy would start and play most downs.
  14. About three weeks ago I made a comment saying "Roddy drops to many balls to be considered elite". He must have read that because I haven't seen him drop a thing since.
  15. This. Every time I hear someone say Grimes has been playing bad I think WTF.
  16. Nope. I have no problem with our elite defensive back covering wither one of those.
  17. Grimes has been lights out all year. He won't be getting bumped down. Yall need to stop saying stuff like that.
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