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  1. I am in Morrow/Jonesboro and I have no clue what channel it comes on. Will one of you guys please tell me what channel it comes on?
  2. Michael Vick Dennis Dixon Matt Ryan I liked watching Dixon last night.
  3. Nice avatar, Death Row is bada$$! I want Snoop to take it over and take over the rap game again!

  4. I did not see this. Great post! I thought we was 11th or something.
  5. Here comes the most important part in my opinion.
  6. Not to sound dumb or anything, but what game are you all talking about? Is there some sort of practice on TV?
  7. I agree, it is put up or shut up with the next few series!
  8. Well, if you have some secret fact share them with us...
  9. I could care less if we signed him, it would not hurt...
  10. I looked, I thought this way breaking news. I guess I didn't look down far enough. Sorry.
  11. This is a big loss for the Falcons, he was a big part of the offense last year.
  12. http://jmike.blogs.atlantafalcons.com/2009...out-for-season/
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