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  1. I lol'd when he tried to bully his way into the endzone and got stuffed.
  2. Like Colin Cowherd says, "you have to make the opposing QB uncomfortable". We need a pass rush and we'll be fine. I want to know where Abe was though.
  3. Where did you find this stat? I'm looking for a website that shows advanced stats and stuff. Where's you get this?
  4. I was too. My dad was like "they had a bunch of guys back there".
  5. Who is that for? Grimes or the entire Falcons?
  6. Lol I remember when he was that sloppy guy in pre-season who always got flagged. Now look at him. He won't get into the Pro Bowl because people vote for names that they know. He may get All Pro recognition though.
  7. It's official. Sugar Nipples/Nips is his nickname.
  8. Yea I don't know how to upload a photo to that website. I was gonna put the picture of him out jumping The Finn in the endzone last year.
  9. It ways a mess until I just cleaned it up. Do yall see any errors? I did this myself with the info on his profile on the Falcons website. I didn't do the picture though. I'm trying to figure out how to add/change the picture right now. Brent Grimes Wiki
  10. Falcons version of Jason Heyward. I hope we keep him for a long time.
  11. He doesn't deserve it. He had one big run. This shows you that these dumb "experts" just look at stats and scores. He was ineffective last week and we all know this. He had the big run when they were tired and they knew they lost.
  12. I loved beating the Saints when that one Saints player was dancing and having a good time with the fans. As soon as they missed the field goal he stopped dancing and started freaking out. This guy is an idiot.
  13. He (Rogers) seems to know his ****. I love these games that we know will be close. I can't wait to see this game!
  14. Yea he blew it for us. ******* loser. Good job by the kicker though, he had the distance.
  15. I made a thread about him a few days ago paying him homage. I think we were all worried about the kicking game coming into this season. He should be getting Pro Bowl consideration.
  16. God I hope he plays. We're gonna need him against the Packers.
  17. We need him big time. We had no pass rush against the Rams.
  18. He's really came through this year. Before the season started I was really worried about our kicking game. Props to him. He should be getting Pro Bowl consideration.
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