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  1. They signed him just to tell them about the playbook probably. The know that it's gonna be us and them in the Super Bowl.
  2. I just gave you a negative on accident. I meant to give you a positive. You can neg me back, my bad.
  3. Haha so yall seen it? I wish I could see it again. Anybody know if I can see it on the internet?
  4. I wouldn't be against us sitting Abe for the Panthers games.
  5. I'd love to blow them out but we don't usually beat the crappy teams bad. They don't prepare for bad teams (they underestimate them) like they do for the good teams.
  6. I wish Michael Irvin and Brian Billick could do all of our games. I've seen this before but I just watched it again.
  7. I've liked Grimes forever. You'll never find a post where I bash him in any way. He's been my favorite player since the end of 2008.
  8. I want HD to be doing punts and I want Weems doing kickoffs. Weems has done nothing to lose his job and he's among the top in return stats. If it aint broke don't fix it. When he starts doing bad then we should start having this discussion. I want HD to get more passes thrown to him. His explosiveness needs to be used.
  9. When I see him drop that pass against the Bucs I couldn't believe what I seen. It was the first time I've ever seen him drop a pass.
  10. I think we all want HD to get more involved in the game. It seems like we go deep to him once a game but it always gets overthrown.
  11. I like Grimetime. I don't have a name for his area though.
  12. He's one of my favorite players and I'd love to see him do PR. Every time I see him in the game I let everyone in my house know that he's in there. I loved watching that video though. That long deep pass gave me chills. It seems like the past couple of weeks Ryan and HD could have hooked up but Ryan overthrew him.
  13. Robinson hasn't really done anything this year to impress me. We brought him into be a shutdown cornerback and he's far from that. He made one play today (pass breakup near endzone) and besides that he played better than Crisp.
  14. Did anyone see the TB coach kiss a TB player on the lips at then end of the second half? I know I did...
  15. This. He was trashing us last week wasn't he?
  16. Michael Vick (2001-2002/2002-2003). I watched them on the regular the DVD year but watched games sometimes before that. I'm currently 17 and turning 18 at the end of December.
  17. I like Weems since he's not making any mistakes and still doing a fantastic job. I'm fine with either of them doing it. I loved watching HD returning kick/punts in 2008. He made it look slick and he'd still make plays. I've always wanted Norwood doing kickoffs because you want his speed out in open space and Douglas doing punts, but Weems has done nothing to get his job taken.
  18. I live in Stockbridge, Georgia. Right here by Hudson Bridge.
  19. Weems is fine in my opinion. He won the Green Bay game for us. If it wasn't for his big return we wouldn't have had a shot.
  20. We need to bring it to everyone's attention that he's having an All Pro year. Post about him on forum so people will start to know about him. Maybe enough people will see his name and vote him into the Pro Bowl.
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