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  1. Stats lie man. Anyone who watched all year knows that he wasn't near as affective as he was in 2008. He would get little gains (2-3) and then we'd stop feeding him until late and he'd break a big one. It wasn't like that in all games but it was in most.
  2. We need Wire to play. He's gonna be needed to stop Washington. Snelling is gonna play though right?
  3. I see what you're saying but does Grimes do anything by himself or does his success come because of Robinson? Also, the past two weeks opposing teams QB's look at Grimes side first and then look away. By the way, I gave you +1.
  4. I lol'd when Coleman said "that's such a terrible comment" in the JA98 segment.
  5. I wish someone would offer me $500K for a eight months of work.
  6. Our goal is to win our games. I don't think we'll ever bench our players. Listen to all of the interviews. The goal is to win.
  7. Make sure you do the coin in the bottle thing.
  8. If either of our starting corners go down we're screwed. That one game when DRob went down and Owens started that left side got abused. If we had to play the Pats without DRob or Grimes we'll lose by a bunch.
  9. Kroy: "That just happened!" It's from Talladega Nights. Watch the video below. He says it at :19. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wacmF9_6WqU
  10. I want to hear this from a few people when we play the Saints. It's a good idea. I'm sure if a few people start more and more will jump in.
  11. He's not a starter in my opinion. He does well in a sub package (look at last year). I think we need to go after a DE with the 32nd pick.
  12. If we don't keep Peterson I'm sure our linbacking core will be Spoon/Lofton/Nic. I liked him last year and he's carried it into this year.
  13. Jenks has never gone over 100 yards? Wow.
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